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  • EU restricts visas for non-cooperation on migration

    Europe wails about Trump — Europe hates strong American leaders, and loves weenies like Carter and Obama — but they recognize that his methods work. Instead of treating ourselves as the bank and parent for all of humanity, we can represent our own self-interest, and force other countries to respect our needs. In this case, if your country does not take back illegal immigrants, the EU will stop issuing you visas, much like Trump just cucked Mexico into enforcing immigration law at its smaller southern border instead of allowing the problem to move toward our large and mostly wild border.

  • Bundesbank slashes German growth forecasts on industry’s plight

    America served as the cash cow of the world, absorbing its losses into government debt required to sustain this giving but self-destructive economy. We bought from all over, sold less of our own product, and then made up the gap with entitlements and subsidies. Under Trumpism, this idea has been rejected in favor of the fair playing field, with any who do not conform to the new reality finding their economies savaged when the US weaponizes its economic dominance. This has led to a reckoning in the globalist system which finds that it cannot sustain itself, and now the markets will re-adjust their valuations. This means that fewer Chinese and European products will sell at nice fat high prices, a global recession is coming, and only those countries which are self-sufficient will ride it out well. When Trump is done, the American economy will be stronger and the rest of the world will obey it, instead of the other way around. In the meantime, the European social safety net — their early socialist style entitlements states — are going to collapse as Europe struggles to afford defense and the need to upgrade its infrastructure and technology.

  • Local county clerk won’t give licenses to undocumented immigrants, no matter what law says

    This kind of resistance to Leftist control gives conservatives hope for the future. The Left has power because our system is to some degree centralized, so wherever Leftists make the population panic enough to vote for “safe” Leftist candidates, the Leftists then make broad rules to enforce their demographic engineering of America. When people with local power fight back, this causes a collapse of the system and forces people to look at issues instead of blithely voting for the Left because no rules means better sales figures.

  • Valedictorian says her microphone was cut after she mentioned Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice

    Leftists love to politicize everything. This alienates the docile middle class that funds these things, so people are trying to avoid what happened to the NFL, which is that one of the last areas that was safe from politics and religion became infested by it. It is slowly dawning on the slumbering white middle class voter that under diversity, they will not be able to have anything that is not politicized. This is the nature of ideology; it is a religion of the one correct way to do what nature should do but for some reason does not. Leftists see only one good thing in the world, and that is the path to Utopia through equality, so naturally they oppose everything else and use every situation as an opportunity to evangelize their religion. There will be nowhere you can go without some minority or special interest group person lecturing you about how you are wrong, how your heritage is bad, and how you should bow down and give them control because they were “victimized.” Diversity does not work because it cannot work because it is inherently paradoxical; groups do not co-exist, they compete, and since Leftism is based on guilt for the unequal patterns of nature, those of us who are not suffering will always be made to feel guilty — and taxed before being destroyed — so that other feel better. Those others, who are as witless as they are strident, will never stop to think about what they are destroying.

  • A West Point cadet was sentenced to 21 years in prison for raping a sleeping classmate. Now, he’s free to return to school.

    In the 1960s, we began the shift from “rape” to “sexual assault.” Rape required that the victim fight back; sexual assault required only that consent was missing. Apparently it did not dawn on people that in their egalitarian zeal they had forgotten that consent cannot be documented. The legal system is gradually beginning to walk back from that point. A West Point cadet was convicted of sexual assault, but this was reversed because several people were sleeping in the room and none were woken by the objections of the supposed victim. This looks more like a case of mistaken or regretted consent than lacking consent, and this court decision will reverberate through the system as people reflect on the injustice of convicting or exonerating people based on the “he said, she said” which is inherent to the consent dogma.

  • Gay couple beaten after refusing to kiss on London bus

    The Clash of Civilizations is real; people do not share the same values. Diverse UK is starting to find out that not everyone likes homosexuality and that there is no compromise or standard which can please everyone. That realization rejects the very premise behind diversity, pluralism, because it shows that we cannot craft universal standards that fit everyone. Now comes the great fragmentation, in which our formerly orderly nation-states break up into city-states and other localities, each with its own standards. If you are too stupid to learn the lessons of history, as voters in a democracy clearly are, history will then apply those standards to you without mercy.

  • Manitoba man jailed after judge says ‘justified’ self-defence went too far, killing home intruder

    Only an egalitarian society could invent such insane justifications. A man breaks into a house and attacks the occupant, who promptly counter-attacks, gains control of the knife, and kills the intruder. Nanny state judges say he went too far, since he could have simply driven the man out of his house and then called 911 and had a cup of tea. In reality, when you know you have a mortal enemy, you kill them. This is common sense. Our laws are in denial of reality.

  • Romanian crowd breaks into WWI graveyard, storming past police, Hungarians

    Diversity works nowhere. Even among European groups, differences cause clashes. We either accept this obvious truth or continue our habit of grinding down nature in order to make it fit into our human vision of what is “correct,” a notion which is based on the human solipsism that has us believe that everyone else is just like us, mainly to make us feel better about being us. When we assert universal rules, we are viewing the world from the perspective of a god, and this makes us feel powerful; in that moment, everyone and everything seems a facet of our personality, and we feel not just immortal, but omnipotent. This is a dangerous mental delusion which needs to be bred out of the human species.

  • Google’s latest search algorithm change hurts web traffic for Daily Mail and others

    Google has too much power. Simple algorithm changes wreck businesses, so people tailor their content to fit what Google wants, which creates an unaccountable shadow government that then censors the internet. It draws power-hungry people to it, and they they enforce their special interest ideologies through it. Perhaps the internet is like a country of its own, but if so, it needs to get serious about who rules it.

  • Putin stands by China, criticises U.S., in trade, Huawei disputes

    As if we all learned nothing from the Cold War, Russia and China have allied and are trying to “counterbalance” American power. This will not help them because they are painfully doomed by their own lack of stability, which means that they will gain power, terrorize the world, and then collapse, again. In reality, the third world — including Russia and China — have been living off of Western prosperity and the delusional nature of Western democracy which has us refuse to enforce our self-interest at the expense of anyone with less than us. Now that this order has failed, and we are acting for ourselves again, the third world is finding themselves cut out and in an advanced stage of collapse. Putin most likely already has a retirement cottage in Switzerland and offshore bank account ready for the day when his people, suddenly finding themselves twice as starving and inconsequential, turn on him, hoping that the next role of the dice will bring the tyrant that they need.

  • Russian disinformation on YouTube draws ads, lacks warning labels: researchers

    We are going to find out eventually that the whole “Russian collusion” was a for-profit venture. In Russia, the line between government and private business is less clearly defined than we think it is in America, and these internet agencies have essentially been funding themselves by selling clickbait. Not surprisingly, controversy sells, so the clickbait has focused on stirring divisions and enmity through selective use of facts and hyperbole. The end result of turning the internet over to the general public has been a total loss of information. “Linkrot” is real as sites go down and are forgotten, steamrolled over by social media and Wikipedia, and as these third parties remove content for being controversial, even more is lost. It turns out that the internet cannot survive consumerism or politics.

  • Denmark Moves to the Left as Nationalists Suffer Deep Losses

    In Germany and Denmark, dissatisfaction with the existing party has translated into wins for the far-Left instead of the far-Right. This tells us that we live in a Leftist time: only Leftism ideas are seen as safe in these civilized countries, so great is the fear of conflict. They do not want another WW2, and they realize that if nationalists get in there and start telling the truth, there will be conflict. Migrants and foreigners will have to be repatriated. Entitlements systems will come crashing down. Countries will arm themselves and prepare for Chinese invasion. All of these things scare the good, docile, and stupid middle class voters who are more concerned with their businesses, retirement funds, and reputation than the results of their choices. Most likely, they have a mental disconnect that their votes matter at all, and so they vote for the socially correct option and then shrug and flail when things turn out badly. Surely, it could not be their doing. This is why you should not entrust leadership to the middle class, who vote for stability at the expense of reality, or the proles, who will always sell their vote for whoever promises “free” stuff and consider themselves the smartest monkeys in the room for having done so. No one is equal. We have to admit that humans, even nice smart ones, come in castes, and that the fools (proles) and “wise fools” (middle classes) make terrible decisions for decades then hope for one election to fix it all. Democracy is our doom.

  • ‘Dramatic’ rise in African migrants arriving at US border

    People respond to signals. When all those Democrats go out there and social status signal about how they accept all immigrants and everyone is equal, the rest of the world shrugs and figures it will go the place of insane people with too much money and take some of it. Once they get there, they resent the majority for having succeeded where the immigrants failed, so their thoughts turn to conquest. Diversity always ends badly, but corrupt people always favor it because it gives them more power and someone else will have to clean up the mess.

  • The Handmaid’s Tale isn’t completely fiction. Forced pregnancy happened under the Khmer Rouge

    As usual, whatever the Left accuses us of doing is what they actually do. It is oddly honest; they are saying that if they were in power, they would do these things, and they assume that we are in power because Leftists always feel powerless because they are mentally disorganized. You have to possess a disordered mind in order to think “equality” is not a contradiction of reality.

  • TSA allowing illegal migrants to fly without proper documents

    Every day, the swamp (deep state) reveals more of its hand. When most of your government are Leftists, and people who want the State to be powerful are generally Leftists, they are going to do whatever advances Leftism with whatever power they have. The only solution is a generalized removal of Leftists. Whether boats to Venezuela or helicopter rides to the Gulf of Mexico is probably an academic question at this point.

  • Protests against McDonald’s refusal to open in Israeli settlements

    Corporations hope to avoid offending anyone by adopting a generalized Leftist view since they associate Leftism with accepting everyone, which generally translates to “the customer is always right.” That only works for a little while, sort of like the 1930s-1990s golden age of consumerism, before there are too many groups to please everyone, at which point corporations become forced into further radicalization. That in turn accelerates the breakup of society.

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