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As a nihilist, I recognize only the order of nature. That is literal physical reality to which I must adapt if I wish to survive. Because I’m not an idiot, like the “nihilists” who are essentially fatalists who believe nothing can be done and thus throwing up their hands and caring about nothing is a legitimate course of action, I tend to prefer survival with comfort and honor over the option, which is living like a mange-ridden flea-bitten stray dog, hopeless of ever bettering itself. Because I like being alive, and recognize that life gets better the higher one aims, I am a Romanticist, including being a Nationalist.

Nationalism says that a nation is defined by its original ethnic population, e.g. Germany for Germans – those who are ethnically, culturally and linguistically German. This means if you move to Germany from Zimbabwe or China or Ireland, you’re not a German, even if you speak the language and adopt the culture, just as if you’re a German who lives according to Zimbabwean or Chinese or Irish culture, you’re not a German. Go somewhere else – the rest of the world is open to you. Nationalism is a natural phenomenon, in that it reflects evolution in serial (species advancing over others in intelligence) and parallel (species developing according to specialized rules, simultaneously and in different areas). If you flood Germany with non-Germans, you obliterate “Germanness” and the culture, language and heritage of Germany – for example.

Nationalism, however, is not a clubhouse. Because I am a nihilist, and a naturalist, I champion evolution. Most “nationalists” would like to create a clubhouse, whereby if you can claim being part German, or liking Germany, you’re OK, welcome in, and in exchange for your membership dues or swearing loyalty to us we promise to make you equal and one of the Chosen Few.

I see that kind of “nationalism” – and really, it’s patriotism and not nationalism – as being completely against evolution. If you want strong Germans, you’re going to have to kill the ones that are bad DNA, or simpler less-evolved DNA. This doesn’t happen through a simple mechanism such as loyalty to state (Communism) or earning money (Capitalism). It’s far more complex. Modern society is set up to be anti-evolution, and a clubhouse in its own right, and thus it degenerates Germans as well as others. Bottom line is: if you want a strong German nation, you’ve got to be prepared to weed out the weak Germans and drown them in swamps. By “weak” I mean possessing no distinctive balance between mental, moral and physical characteristics, thus being either mutts of differing tendencies (caste-mixing), hybrids (race-mixing) or simply one of nature’s genetic experiments that is unstable and thus, in an intelligent environment, is not allowed to breed.

I would kill most people on this planet for being the kind of useless DNA that can only survive if it has a job to go to, instructions to follow, a TV to watch and places to buy pre-prepared food. These people are both generalists, in that they have no specific abilities, and super-specialized, in that without the conveniences of modern society they are lost. They are generally well meaning, but because the judgment skills are excremental, they can be counted on in any situation to do the lowest common denominator thing, and by weight of numbers, to enforce that on others. I would kill most “white” people for being of this type, recognizing that by doing so, I would raise the overall and individual quality of “white” people, including Germans.

The idiot form of “nationalism,” like the idiot form of “nihilism,” has more in common with democracy and consumerism than with ideology. Its basic statement is that you can have it your way, no matter how stupid that way is, as long as you swear loyalty to a dogma or fit a bureaucratic set of requirements. This “nationalism,” like consumerism, breeds nations of domesticated sheep who will screw up anything they touch. As our species is about to commit ecocide, and our best mathematics suggest that a half-billion highly intelligent people could live well on earth instead of having seven billion in mostly near poverty, I see it as the moral choice to kill the inferior among us and to replace them with better people through selective breeding – not greed (capitalism) or dogma (communism).

This brings us back to my form of Nationalism: the values that determine who should survive in German society do not transfer to any other society, as those have evolved in parallel. If you mix everyone on earth together, and apply German rules to them, you will end up killing people who would be otherwise fine in their own cultures. The greatest reason of all perhaps for Nationalism is that it enables us to separate people by specialized heritage, and thus for each heritage-group to weed out the weak as they see fit.


One of the greatest screwups in history can be found in the tale of Russia. A small elite ruled over an unwieldy mass, who then rose up and overthrew the elite when, lacking competition, they degenerated into useless people. The masses, being useless and prone to making the wrong decision every time, then murdered the quality aristocrats and intellectuals along with the misguided, misinformed and degenerate. Consequently, Russia downbred itself to the point where its citizens were basically idiots, and Communism seemed like a good idea to them since, being idiots, none of them had anything and therefore they were willing to believe that killing and taking from the better people among them would somehow make them all comfortable.

Seventy-two years later they found out the truth. The society of those who could not manage the affairs of a peasant without becoming unstable and starving, instead of being a kingdom of equality, became a giant kleptocracy where the most vicious predators ruled while assuring the peasants that the future would be better. Adhering to dogma, and vigorously repeating it, became the qualifier for succeeding, and as this was linear and did not measure the quality of people or their DNA, idiots soon ruled and ran the country into the ground. As the Russian peasants had murdered those with the intelligence and willpower to actually restore the country to European status, it became and remains a destitute, ignorant, Eurasian toilet of third world proportions. Russia has utterly failed as a society.

Before you smirk, Americans and Europeans, remind yourselves that the same fate awaits you. Oh yes, it will take longer in Europe, because of the better education and higher quality of breeding of most Europeans. Yet you like morons are following the same path as America, inviting consumerism into your countries and believing that pluralism – the art of never reaching an answer – will somehow find an answer for you. What are you, retarded? The same path that America follows lies before you and, while you may have a fifty year cushion, it will catch up with you and turn Europe into America, Junior, at which point the whole world will mock you for being utter fools. European superiority is a joke. Were it true, the Scandinavians and Germans and French and Swiss would not be slowly descending into the funnel of American-style thinking. First come the thoughts; then the actions; then suddenly a crowd of idiots dependent on those thoughts and actions, and smart people, they will outvote you and outfight you – even though they are fools, there are more of them, and each casualty you inflict upon them they will view as a mortal offense, no matter how many die.

America is like Russia in that, where in Russia preaching state dogma got one ahead, in America earning money and living like a consumerist idiot gets one ahead. Being inoffensive is essential to getting ahead at work, including the stolid mindset by which one never becomes irate no matter how stupid the surrounding people, rules and situations. You are being domesticated. Your “success” is controlled by others and like the rules in Russia, is really an allegiance test. Some of you will earn great fortunes but these will not last long in your family, because your descendants will be foolish and spoiled. They have no task or role as the aristocracy had, and they lack the quality breeding the aristocracy had. Their trust funds will run out within three generations, and they’ll be idiot proles again.

In Russia, you had to repeat the lies of communism. In America, you repeat the lie that you are happy while devoting ten hours per workday to your job, commuting through ugly plastic cities, and consuming garbage food, garbage culture and garbage politics. Why is it you don’t notice? For starters, you never had a culture to begin with, since your country is pluralistic and thus can never definitively say, “We want X over Y”; pluralism is by definition saying that X and Y must coexist, even if they are diametrically opposed. Further, you’re misinformed by an endless stream of people who repeat dogmatically what they see on TV, hear on the radio, read in the newspapers or get sent by the government, not realizing that all of those media are for-profit entities with no motive toward actual truth.

While capitalism succeeded in the short term over Communism, it was mainly owing to the higher quality of the American population and its industriousness, not its motivation by greed. That lead only lasts so long, as it only has another fifty years in Europe, and then the same kind of decay sets in as happened under Communism. But how could this happen? say the Americans – we had good intentions. Good intentions don’t count in this world. Only results do. The result of setting up a “culture” based on the whim of the individual, and the insatiable lust for material wealth that empowers it, creates a civilization divided against itself in competition for resources, and because this competition is linear and not natural, it does not produce the best but the most vicious, the most narrow-minded, and the least likely to trouble themselves with existential issues.

Good work, modern humanity: you’re raising a bumper crop of sadistic idiots while slowly funneling your society into third world status. Why don’t you just nuke each other and get it over with quickly? Maybe the Chinese will reform you when they invade, because they don’t have delusions of individual grandeur and are therefore more focused on reality, more ruthless and more practical. America and Europe don’t stand a chance, and their elimination will be, quite honestly, a form of natural selection. Destroy the inferior and replace it with something that has its mind on reality and isn’t so caught up in its personal drama that it detaches from that knowledge.


But how can I say that people are bad DNA, or more specifically, that some DNA is better than others (within a national context, as this is where serial evolution can be fairly measured; comparing people across nations yields inaccurate results)? All computers are made from silicon. Some work better than others, and can process more instructions or go longer without crashing, or returning erratic results like a Macintosh. What makes computers different is a matter of design.

More advanced designs work better, but more advanced does not necessarily mean “more intricate.” It means more adapted to the task at hand, with the least amount of energy and fewest instructions devoted to non-necessary work. The same components – silicon, metals, plastic – that make a garbage computer can be re-configured to make a smoothly working and powerful one. By the same token, the software that runs on that computer can be inefficient and clumsy or sleek and streamlined, and the latter works better; both programs use the same language, and work in the same general way, but the second type has a superior design.

When we compare all people, say, all Germans, we can see that some are of better designs that others. They are made from the same material – meat, bone, brain, gut – but those whose brains are better organized will function faster, more thoroughly, and more honestly, since there is a certain mathematical advantage to selfless honesty when measured on the scale of the whole of a population. This is before we load software (education and experiences) onto them. A better design will run the software better than a poorer design. Can we compensate for a bad design with more software? No – it will always run less efficiently and less accurately.

If there are thousand places in a town for people to live, each idiot is that is allowed to exist replaces a potential non-idiot. Further, each idiot will breed, and through the silly decisions of young people, some idiots will breed with non-idiots, producing half-idiots, who will possess the wisdom of an idiot but the ability of a non-idiot, and will thus be twice as destructive as an idiot. If a town of one thousand people, of which seven hundred were idiots, was to kill all of its idiots, it would be a smaller town, but only for the next two generations. The non-idiots would breed to fill the town and while through the random mutation factor of nature some non-idiots would breed an idiot or pervert among their brood, the removal of those in turn would assure a population of higher quality.

If you like life, why not aim for its highest level? Select the best people and kill the rest – we won’t even remember them in a generation, and we certaintly won’t miss them. Through education and heroic acts and practical learning, the civilization can raise its own standards constantly, always getting better. That is a non-fearful attitude toward life, as it does not fear death or inadequacy, but focuses on what is best for the civilization as a whole even if individual lives are lost. In modern society, we live by guilt and pity, because we as individuals are divorced from any collective culture, and thus fear most for ourselves, because there is no plan in common and since we are surrounded by idiots, we are paranoiac regarding the judgment and will of others.

I like life. I like it so much I’d have no problem murdering 86% of the planet so that its best could continue forward without committing ecocide or living in a plastic hell that most do not notice because they are idiots. This is a more loving action than preservation of useless life which clots our society, and a more farsighted one as well, because it provides that each future generation is better than the last and thus no longer has to fear inadequacy. Death to the idiots!


Looking deeply into the question of television, it is clear that there are three basic problems with it:

  1. It is a passive activity, e.g. sit on butt on receive transmission without sending response.
  2. Moving images approximate the state of dreams and memory, and can be easily confused with the same.
  3. It is an inclusive activity, in that any idiot can do it just as well as a genius (no feedback from user = thoughts of a genius contribute no more or less than those of an idiot, since no one is measuring thoughts in response to programs so dumbed-down that even a genius will not have much to say about them).

Television is the loneliest way to spend your time possible, in that you return nothing to the world by watching it, and are left alone with your thoughts, which are not even your own, since you are receiving a broadcast in the same form as your interpretation would take, thus shortcircuiting the need for you to interpret it. It is like being fed from an IV line. You do not chew, and whether you like it or not, no one cares. Your only task is to absorb it, and that does not even require a brain.

Drugs are illegal, but most people like television for the same reason hardcore drug addicts like drugs: you can turn off your brain and sit, and your time is spent in a way that while not impressive is not offensive. When you’re forced back into reality, you can spend time with your friends talking about television so that you can pretend you’re back in unreality again. Some time, somewhere in the far-off and probably not real future, you will die. We can all wonder whether as you’re dying you will regret the years you spent doing nothing but absorbing the thoughts and marketing of others through your television.

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