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What To Do When A Natural Selection Event (NSE) Happens

In News of the Moron, another story — following up on the ill-mannered brat who jumped a fence to get beat up by a gorilla — of humans ignoring reality:

There are “No Swimming” signs at the lagoon, and no one else was in the water at the time of the attack besides the child, Demings said.

This body of water is not for recreational swimming, “likely for that very reason,” Demings said. “This is Florida and it’s not uncommon for alligators to be in bodies of water.”

What we are seeing here is the convergence of two things: first, as mob rule intensifies, people are shedding any notion of personal responsibility, which includes responsibility to reality; second, the nanny state has covered every square inch of North America with warning signs and so people are starting to disregard them. As Hunter S. Thompson opined, “In a closed society where everyone is guilty, the only crime is getting caught,” and in a society where rules, fines, cops, cameras, and other intrusive control are common, people are itching to violate those rules.

For years we have treated the flash flood of idiots in the West as a ha-ha funny joke. Now, we see the consequences: these idiots will demand that someone else eradicate nature because of their own lack of ability to perceive that there are threats around them. In any sane system, meaning one other than a democracy, we would allow Natural Selection Events (NSEs) to occur and welcome them as strengthening our tribe.

When an NSE happens near you, the first thing to do is to stop the great pity train. The hive winds itself up by weeping in groups because herds do everything in a group; people of the herd do not feel comfortable unless they are surrounded by other people at all times. When the weeping is done, the Angry Statements will begin. Then the politicians will get involved. Soon all alligators will be dead so that idiots feel safe.

You can interrupt the pity train by both denying your own participation, and telling people “this sort of thing just happens, that’s why there are warning signs.” Steamroller any idiot who is getting weepy and do your best to smash down all commemorative activities, vigils, colored lights on national capitals, Facebook photo-changing and so on. It is all just the herd getting good and emotional so it can coil and strike.

The Crowd will do its best to lie about the situation and to edit history so that the individual appears innocent. Do not let it happen; you cannot afford to waffle. Shout loudly and clearly “He was in the water!” because that crucial fact is exactly what the Crowdists will attempt to delete from memory. Everyone knows that if the kid was in the water, the parents are idiots and this was a natural selection event. But if we can get him out of the water in our minds, we can argue that the cruel gator snatched him from where he should have been “safe”; eventually the story will mutate into the idea that he was sitting in the living room playing on an iPad when the mean racist gator just swooped in and took him.

Darwin is our friend and natural selection is how we maintain strength. Generally, it is pretty hard to get an NSE invoked on you in this society. Those who manage to do it anyway are those we can doubly stand to lose. It is not state-sponsored eugenics or any other nonsense of that sort to say that we should not be protecting these people from the consequences of their actions. Or that we should celebrate their deaths as one less parasitic weakling among us.

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