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Osiris Akkebala on Individualism

From his daily missive:

The Sin Of selfish Individuality is the guiding principle now guiding Black Afrikan people who no longer is with the Divine mind that is of the Divine Dark Eternal Everlasting Infinite Universe, the one Eternal element that consists of Divine Therminal HydroMagnetic Strings Of Myriads Of Energy Infinitum.

From Such a Godly Universe flows out from are living physical objects that become the physical Universe all being under the guiding Divine principle of Universal Collective Connectivity, implying that all things are in and of the power and Godliness of the Eternal Everlasting Infinite Universe, Dark Dynamic Electromagnetic waves of unimaginable infinite powerful Dark Energy that have no boundaries that begin nor ends, it’s Godly Divine Intelligent presence, just a continuation of Godly Presence invoking the principle of connectivity, verifying in the Universe all things divine are connected.

There is no greater sin than selfish individuality, it breeds competition from which spring envy, jealousy, ego selfishness, which verify the spirit of profanity, the opposite to Divinity.

To be Divine is to be Godly and being Godily have you living life in Harmony, Orderly, and well Balance in the decisions you make while living.

Being Profane is opposite to being Divine, your ways and action, mind and spirit performance, all is that of disorder, stirring up disharmony, causing an action to be out of balance with the principle and Law of the Universe.

[Ea]ch is God Domain, in and of which It is the Divine Essence, verifying Its Omnipresence, Omnipotent, Omnesence, Level of Divinity that extends into Infinity, a Level of Divine where there are no acts of selfish Individuality which is the Sin of that Racist Prejudice Luciferian Human Being.

Today, The Once Black Universal Divine Beings Live below the level of our Divinity we now enwrap ourselves in the sin of selfish individuality and live today a profane type of living devolvement.

The Deity Of Divinity is Body, Soul, And Spirit, master that three-element of Oneness, and you will have no wonder about what God is and to what extent your Divinity resides to be on the physical level.

There is where the temptation that have you be in violation of the God Principle, Connectivity and being in compliance with the Universal Law of Collective Preservation, is to be our living objective!!!

Abide By The Nature Of Collective Universal Connectiveness And Be Not Persuaded By The Luciferian Doctrine Of Spiritual Selfish Individuality, It Has You To Be In Violation Of The Universal God Principle, Divine Collective Spirituality. Attitudinal Behavioral Expression Is The Display of our Spirituality, Beloved.

You either live for the natural, logical, and divine or you live for humans, whether your own Ego or that of the Crowd.

If you love the whole of the world with all of your heart, you leave none for the human drama.

Naturally, this bothers people who scapegoat the world for their problems. Such is the psychology of egalitarians. They want the world to be guilty so that they are innocent and can pursue the addictive infinite morass of the self.

Such people, in their slow moving panic and lack of center, consume societies whole.

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