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Law Of Attraction

“When you’re on my level, God just gives you free shoes.” – YouTuber Lilian Shekinah

There is an antidote to the ennui that is sucking the West into the toilet of history. It is an antidote that you take as an individual. Taking it will inure you to the pathological rot marauding the institutions of our Modern Society. It involves the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is simple. You ask for it, you get it. That can be good, bad or indifferent. And you’d probably better take control of the asking, because your brain will do it on autopilot if you don’t.

If you let it slide, you get whatever you tolerate. It will suck because the crowd will populate your universe the way algae can kill all the fish and stink up the water at your favorite pond. When others control what is in your mental and sacred space, they will use it as a porta-crapper.

You will experience internal dialogue every day of your existence. Your brain will take things in aggressively and that will shape your view of the world and your place in it. You filter those images or they fill you to the neck with toxic crowdist sludge. Take control of this stuff or you will end up like “Fat Boy” in this old Silverchair song.

So how do I establish this level of self-control and inner dominance? You control what goes in and out of your life. You build your own High-Pass Filter. You demand better. As TRS puts it; “Will to power, bruh!” Really? How?

Visualization is how you start. Imagine what right looks like. Put visions in your mind of what you want to see happen. Make them increasingly detailed. It’s not Dungeons and Dragons. It’s using your imagination to plan what your life will look like.

  1. Create your personal story board: Imagine your life as a movie or novel and lay out what you want to see happen. What type of person do you want to have kids with? Where do you want to live? How do you want to make a living? Answer these things or the world will give you those answers and they will be crowdist and sub-optimal.
  2. Plan How To Live Your Story: Build a bridge. Look at where you are now and ask yourself how you intend to get from your current state to the life in your story board.
  3. Listen Critically to Your Internal Dialogue: If it tells you negative things or drives you in a bad direction, treat it like a Nickelback song and turn that drivel off. You have discretion over what messages you accept and which ones you “Nickelback.” You need to use it. You will always hear internal dialogue.
  4. Start Yesterday: As you age, your options dwindle. John Derbyshire describes the urgency this requires well in a movie review he did of Saturday Night Fever.

    At twenty, these young men are all pretty much done, and you can practically hear the doors of opportunity clanging shut around them. Not that it is impossible for them to get somewhere in life from this point on, but now it will need more courage, determination, and luck with every passing year. This is the thing that Tony grasps at the very end of the movie: “I’m an able person. I can do these things.” (Unspoken: But I better get moving.)

  5. Do Things At The Right Pace: “Festine Lente” said the great Philosopher cum Emperor. Set a pace you can steadily move forward at. Plan your work, work your plan. Ignore the crowd. They are garbage.

So, in conclusion, you need to internally fortify yourself against the external carny house of a culture we live in. Stand on the promises you can make to yourself and keep. These are reliable. Nothing you encounter around you will be.

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