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Leftists Hate White Americans

Leftists hate White Americans. White Leftists hate White Americans and fear their precarious state of being that which they hate. So what does the White Leftist attempt to do? Take control and brand themselves as different White People. According to the DNC Chairmarxist from Idaho, who is running for the national DNC Chairmanship, she is here to dictate what White people are permitted to say.

No, I kid you not. This is what the DNC Chairmarxist from Idaho, Sally Boynton Brown; has to say for herself.

“My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt,” Brown said during a DNC candidate forum. “My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, ‘oh, no, I’m not prejudice; I’m a Democrat; I’m accepting,’” Brown bellowed during the forum, which was hosted by MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

So guess what happens? People believe the dishonest DNC CHairperson and start assumming they can help her out and take matters into their own hands. You get garbage like this.

And also, this. Which then escalates to “jokes” about people’s children. This then escalates into physical violence against people. Which, in turn; is predictably excused on ideological and “moral” grounds.

This will eventually escalate into assassination. This will happen for several reasons.

  1. People who disagree with certain opinions held by a spectrum of Conservative, Traditionalist White people feel morally entitled to silence and stifle these opinions. This eventually becomes a self-imposed moral mandate to do so by any means necessary.
  2. People who want those opinions gone are becoming increasingly shrill and desperate in their attacks. The escalation stages have gone from:
    1. Insulting and berating anyone who dares to suggest these people are correct.
    2. “Jokes” about people’s family members.
    3. Direct verbal confrontations with people’s family members for the sake of personal harassment.
    4. Physical violence targeted at these people intended to intimidate them into silence.
  3. People such as Lauren Duca and Chrystelyn Karazin offer passive-aggressive cheerleading for each new step of violence. People on airplanes who get screamed at by nut-jobs have it coming for dressing provocatively.1 Ten year old kids can be accused of being future school shooters by “Comedy” writers and it’s totally cool because everyone is “just kidding.” People can be punched in the street and they deserve it because they disagree with a popular YouTuber while sounding “arrogant and smug.”2
  4. So obviously, the next step is the assassination attempt. At which point the passive-agressive maggots who cheerlead and excuse every step in the escalation progression then silently disappear. No responsibility or culpability is assumed when cute little Knockout Games get turned into, you know, violence-violence.

So I’ll lay this post down a marker. These people who hate the messages of certain individuals and use that as a justification to cheer for escalating harassment against them in public propitiate two consequences that Lauren, Christelyn and all the rest are not going to like.

  1. Someone who is a couple of root beers short of a crate will feel justified in publicly murdering some of the people getting abused by these Leftist demonstrators. For those reading this whose beliefs are to the left; remember what a joyride you thought it was when the weirdo wounded Gabby Giffords.
  2. Someone or a whole bunch of someones who are collectively a good gallon short of a keg are going to decide that the only lives that matter are the lives of people represented by the group most willing to send the other guy straight to the morgue. This is how Rawanda-Burundi turned into Rawanda-Burundi – one cute little “joke” at a time.

That won’t bother the Left. As long as the ones getting the machete are non-Leftist white people.

1 — I wonder if Lauren Duca believes the same about women getting diversity-raped in Sweden and Germany.

2 — No racial stereotyping intended there. No Siree, Bob.

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