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Why White Ethnostates Are Inevitable

To the Left, everything was going along swimmingly until suddenly these difficult people like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump showed up to wreck it. To observers with more of a time-scale, the bigger picture reveals that this resentment has been building for two decades.

We barely got through the Cold War before the Left, enraged that Soviet Communism had failed so hard, took over our institutions in the 1990s. The people who were infants after the second world war and teenagers in the 1960s now ruled our societies.

They promptly adopted a plan to get right back on course, which for them means of course that all paths lead to Communism (“a Communist is just a Democrat in a hurry”). Consequently, they doubled down on the concept of equality through civil rights, which means state-enforced equality in private affairs, using “victim groups” like minorities, women, and homosexuals to force us to accept it, since no one wants to be seen as kicking an underdog in a time of intense public image like a democracy.

They formulated this plan back in the 1930s and indoctrinated a generation of “intellectuals” (generally: aimless noveau riche of Italian, Irish, or Jewish heritage) to push Western Civilization toward Full Communism, based on their outrage over the Great Depression.

In the 1960s, all of those intellectuals — born before the Great War (WW1) — raised their kids born after the triumph of democracy, freedom, and anti-racism in WW2 to follow a radical Leftist ideology camouflaged as conventional American conservatism, the “God, guns, and apple pie” image being grafted onto the idea that we were the good guys because we were egalitarian and the bad guys were not.

Those kids promptly turned that around on their parents, who were both outraged and delighted. They were outraged because this stole power from them, but delighted because the 1960s kids carried forth the 1930s ideology.

The Me Generation, in turn, hated its parents for manipulating it into this place and its children for not carrying on the torch. They tried to make Generation X into the new hippies, but we were into apathy and escape from the corporate and bureaucratic nightmare that 1980s America had become.

Say what you want about Generation X, but we were not fools; we saw that our civilization had decided to lift a gun to its temple and fire, and that we were only the blood that spilled out into the dust and faded away. We knew we were doomed from the outset.

After all, you do not get to the point where your society endorses crypto-Communism unless something has already gone very wrong. We can point to it going wrong during The Enlightenment™, but probably we are still living out the consequences of the failure of Rome and Athens.

We are now waiting for a moment when our current system reaches visible total failure so that we can move on. It has the first mover advantage, in that by being formed of rebellion against an existing functional system, it could claim itself as morally superior by adopting altruism, compassion, fairness, and generosity as its cover story, co-opting those in the process to redefine them in its own terms, which means that none of this horde of disorganized humans knows how to critique it, because it seems as if doing so is attacking the poor, discriminated against, weak, powerless, and innocent.

What eludes us can be described through the basic formula: every effect has one cause, but every cause has many potential effects. That means when you look at some object or event in our world, by the very nature of time, it has one cause that created it; action A led to result B. When someone proposes action B, we have no idea what it will lead to unless we have historical precedent. Leftism is action B; it has made itself seem like the only form of kindness, compassion, etc., but in reality, those things take other forms, which we know because they pre-existed action B. In other words, we can criticize Leftism without attacking the mantle it adopts to justify itself, but that remains unknown to most people until we see the effect of cause B, namely a civilization so utterly destroyed that we can all safely conclude that action B was a total disaster. Naturally, the smarter among us have seen this coming for centuries, but the herd takes a long time to catch up.

The future holds what Guillaume Faye called “a convergence of catastrophes”: overpopulation, urbanization, low reproduction, pollution, political instability, race war, hostile foreign competitors for superpower status, and our own large internal herd of conflicting special interests including parasitic/predatory Leftists all will detonate at once. Its biggest effect will be a loss of value to our civilization: when you can manage a first-world society, it is valuable, but when you are an over-rated third-world society pretending to be first world, people are less impressed. Currently, the United States and European Union still rule the world through having the most powerful economies and military, but those are only of limited value in an age of automation and guerrilla/terrorist warfare.

This tragedy provides a toehold for those of us who want radical change both forward and backward. We want to un-do the disaster of Leftism/Enlightenment™ and also avoid the pitfall of the past, which was not having a goal as a civilization. We now know that we need to get off this planet and explore space because one errant asteroid could eliminate not only our own species but all of the life-forms that we find familiar and treasure.

It will end what we know as liberal democracy:

Liberal democracy is made up of two constituent parts: liberalism and democracy. Liberalism, traditionally, means support for limited government, individual rights, private property, and freedom of speech and association. Democracy denotes “government by consent of the governed” or some form of majority rule. The liberal democratic nation-state combines these two elements: A distinct “people” govern themselves, but this popular government is limited by individual rights.

It must be added here that liberalism also includes civil rights, or the mandate for government to interfere in all private affairs to ensure that we buy from, sell to, rent to, hire, and live near people of other special interest (racial, political, ethnic, religious, social class) groups. In fact, if we summarize liberalism, it consists of the idea of abolishing distinctions between people and having an adversarial system — where we all fight it out, starting from nothing — instead.

All of these things have failed.

  • Civil Rights. Intended to protect citizens from discrimination, these committed the ages-old fallacy of simply discriminating against the former dominant group, inverting positions in a coming race war, and invited government into all areas of commerce and private life, creating the conditions for tyranny.
  • Entitlements. These socialist programs were designed to erase class distinctions, but instead they simply limited social mobility, keeping the middle class on a treadmill with no escape while only the super-rich benefited. Socialism usually benefits the super-rich in this way because they can afford the taxes and no one else can, purging the middle classes and below much as a fever or chemotherapy kill an infection by making the body inhospitable to life.
  • Environmentalism. People will be driving Priuses to repair their Energy Star appliances in a world without a breathable atmosphere, in which forests have been replaced by parks and lawns and the only creatures are sparrows, squirrels, cockroaches, and rats.
  • Sexual liberation. In theory, it makes women independent; in reality, it makes them alone, since men are not going to stick around for long-term dating or marriage when the deck is stacked against them.
  • Unions. Another socialist idea, unions seek to reward all workers instead of rewarding the good, kicking out the bad, and doing nothing in particular for those who are in the middle. This has raised the cost of manufacturing to the point where we make too little of what we need.
  • Bureaucracy. Modern government relies on rules, regulations, courts, and masses of bureaucrats to enforce it. This delays everything, makes daily life more tedious, raises costs, and makes people less able to act independently, slowing innovation.
  • Diversity. In theory, bringing together all these different groups would result in a feast of cultures, but in reality it creates a monoculture based on the lowest standard denominator and also turns each culture into a special interest group which must either dominate the others or be ruled by them, which in turn causes endless infighting that deprives society of energy it needs to address actual problems.

No system can survive this amount of failure. We have been in the first stage for some time where the cutting-edge thinkers back away from any support of the ideas behind this system like equality and individualism. The next stage is underway, and involves mass defection from faith in the system.

After that, following the Soviet experience, we will see increasingly larger demonstrations against the system at the same time ordinary people move from the “this is better than our options” to “we need to escape before the flush” positions.

Eventually, the system will collapse and evaporate in a cloud of debt, crime, corruption, and disorder.

What happens after that may prove more interesting (collapses are not really all that exciting, unless terror and boredom are appealing). The vast majority of people will want the smallest change possible, but now that will seem risky, since the whole thing just failed.

As a result, people will be open to refuting the root of our modern system: equality. Without equality as a mental concept and precedent guiding the entire civilization, we will turn to a model of exceptionality, or rewarding the good and ignoring the rest.

This will compete with the usual tendency of fallen societies, which is to produce warlords who rule through wealth and violence. These however destroy industry because they create immensely corrupt substructures, and as we have seen from Latin America, business cannot thrive when a third of every transaction goes to the mordida.

Consequently, we are going to head toward tribalism, or one ethnic group per nation united under a strong culture that expresses itself in parallel in science, philosophy, business, the arts, religion, and daily life. That allows each group to choose its champions.

This means ethnic fragmentation will become inevitable. It will first be racial; diversity fails no matter how nice or smart the constituent groups are, so we will be sending away the Very Alien groups like Africans, Asians, and Semites.

Next, however, it will be time to form a culture, and that can only happen when a tribe has ancestral roots. As a result, the regional groups of Europe — Southern, Eastern, and Western — will separate.

Dummies among us will try to make this happen through balkanization, or division into local communities, but this proves dysfunctional for having a first world society, so it will quickly be rolled back. Since Anglo-Saxon America was the last functional model, that will likely persist.

This will not be absolute. A Polish guy who looks Western European, acts Western European, and understands our core aesthetics, preferences, and values will stick around; this is different however than “political culture” like “he supports our Constitution, Jesus, and free markets!”

Instead, this standard recognizes that there are Western European remnants across the South and East. An Italian with blue eyes and blonde hair will find it easy to stay, as will a Spaniard who looks German, or even a dark-haired and dark-eyed Southern German. However, the majority of these groups will be repatriated, which makes sense since their home countries need the economic boost of a population with new skills and experience in a competitive environment.

Division of this nature already exists, and repatriation will be made necessary by what we might call the game theory rule of diversity: in a diverse state, each group is given incentive to wage war against the others, forming alliances only to defeat a third party. If you are a minority, you have to either be conquered or conqueror. That is, you either reject your past and identity so that you can embrace the political culture of your host nation, or you accept who you are under the skin and you act for the interests of your group. This applies to many types of special interest groups, including political (MADD, NAMBLA, NORML), racial/ethnic, religious, sexual identity, and lifestyle (survivalists, urbanists). This is why nationalism has historically been ethnic and not racial: racial bonds are not enough to organically unite a group, and therefore race becomes a kind of ideology, and ideology has a habit of redefining every other issue to become a subset of the central theme of the ideology (like “equality”) which then renders the response to those issues unrealistic.

Egalitarianism always attacks the exceptional in order to promote the unexceptional. That is what Leftists mean by “equality,” something conservatives have never quite grokked. That means that whatever group is losing will be favored, which destroys winners and reduces everyone to the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately, that target shifts every year, since if you reduce an average to fifty percent, per the standard distribution, some will drop below that in the next iteration, meaning that the lowest common denominator will then be forty percent, and so on.

The only way to escape this involves separating an ethnic population, like the American Nativist standard of ethnic Western Europeans in America, and then applying a rewards system to raise up the best while simultaneously removing or enslaving those who exhibit traits contrary to the cultural ideal. This naturally creates a caste system where you have some born leaders, a number of solid people to follow, and then a vast mass of people whose opinions can be ignored and who need to be told what to do constantly. As automation and natural selection reduce this group in number, the average abilities of people in society will rise, as will moral character, avoiding much of the constant vandalism, littering, pollution, crime, graft, petty interpersonal behavior, incompetence, and stupidity that are commonplace today.

White ethnostates are inevitable. However, the plural is essential; there will not be a “white ethnostate,” but instead many ethnostates for different groups of white people. We will even begin to call them by their original name, “nations.”

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