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  • Amid protests for democracy, Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities strive to be heard

    Everywhere it is tried, diversity fails. In Hong Kong, diversity merely fans the flames of the riots and provides other groups to whine about their self-interest, fragmenting any drive toward an actual solution. The whole setup is so stupid that you have to wonder about human claims toward higher intelligence. Do we become dumb in groups, or does it require exceptionally brilliant stupidity to inspire a group?

  • Most of 39 UK truck victims were likely from Vietnam: priest

    If we end diversity, there will be zero Vietnamese in the UK, and therefore, there will be zero people trying to sneak in with the hope of fading into the background. If we accept zero immigrants, zero people will die on flimsy boats trying to make landfall at dusk. On the other hand, once we accept any diversity, the world wants to come here for the easy money and more functional social systems, and will promptly enact a “tragedy of the commons” where everyone takes a bit until suddenly, there is nothing left except perplexed human frowns.

  • Foreign population in Japan breaks record with 2.82 million

    If we cannot admit that diversity is destroying us, maybe we can see an example in a foreign country. The West does not understand this, but WW2 was an anti-diversity war. The Japanese were tired of Korean immigration; Germany was tired of Poles; Italy already saw the Mediterranean swell that would replace its own indigenous ethnic population. When that war was lost, through a combination of being outnumbered and overconfident, Japan tried to limit the foreign population. But no! Under individualism, if someone wants to move to the nicer place, they should be able to, so goes the theory, so in comes the “tragedy of the commons” diversity herd to eat up Japan like locusts, interbreed with its population, and leave the same Caucasian-Asian-African mix that we find everywhere else. Humans are pathological, like yeast.

  • Gun Owners: Here’s Why You Should Think Twice Before Posting Pictures of Your Firearms on Social Media

    In a democracy, whoever controls the media has the power because most people have the self-determination of yeast and so react to whatever they see as if it is absolute and complete truth, which means that they exist in a two-dimensional world where categories are absolute and not simply one view of an issue in a descriptive and not fundamental sense. This shows how over time, human herds lose sight of their shared goals and instead focus on finding a shared reality that makes everyone feel comfortable, at which point they have stepped on one of the hidden landmines of evolution and are guiding themselves toward extermination. Somehow, the people who control the regular media found a way to shift their support to social media, at which point media became dependent on them; in my view, it is the audience who pay attention to the ads that matter, and both social media and regular media in the post-2000 years have cultivated an audience of credulous, neurotic, and obsessive people who check in regularly. Now social media does what the Leftist audience wants it to do, mainly hurt anyone who is not Leftist and try to bully them into joining the Golden Herd of “woke” people who want to take over and use the power of government and conformity to “fix” nature by making it equal. It is as if lotteries, tent revivals, multi-level marketing, and other Utopian scams were not enough, and now humanity has to roll the dice for suicide or heaven on Earth (the latter being paradoxical by definition).

  • Professor says grading, good grammar are examples of white supremacy

    Diversity is a form of egalitarianism, or the idea that we need to make all people equal. True to the common term for it, egalitarianism is “liberalism,” or a relaxing of standards so that an internal hierarchy does not exist based on behavior and abilities. That way, we can all be “equal.” Now academia notices that our grammatical rules and factual standards are in fact not equal; that is, they favor some over others. This means that they must be abolished so that we achieve the symbolic victory of equality at the small, small expense of destroying quality in our educational system. Equality (“quantity”) and quality are opposites, as it turns out.

  • Democrats see weak spots in their own 2020 prospects

    Leftism peaked with Barack Obama. It got everything it wanted with the black president and socialized medicine, even if that was not in its ideal “single payer” form as they desired, because those things fundamentally transformed and wrecked America. Minority-majority rule is inbound, three-quarters of the budget goes to socialist-style entitlements programs, and politically correct language has become the norm. This presents the Left with a crisis, because they either realize that they have nowhere else to go except full socialism, or keep repeating talking points from the last few elections. The “safe” candidates do the latter, but the increasingly Hart-Cellerized Leftist constituency does not want safe old white people to rule it, but angry young minorities. So who do they pick? Conventional wisdom is that whoever is in the middle — voters are most of all afraid of “rocking the boat,” which is why they voted Leftist during the postwar years — will be safest, but with the rise of Farage and Trump, the most iconoclastic, clearest, and strongest voices win. That means that the Democrats need a non-white raving socialist, which means that if they decide that they want to win (this is not certain; the Left benefits from Republican presidents, because it allows them to take credit for those Republican policies when their effects are felt a decade later) they will have to pick someone personable, minority, female (in a nod to their box wine single white women supporters), and as Socialist as possible: Harris.

  • Stephen Miller pushback: ‘Permanent bureaucracy a mortal threat to America’

    Are we ruled by democracy or bureaucracy? Or, as William S. Burroughs argues, are they one and the same? The idea behind bureaucracy is that you line people up, subject them to a standard process, and let through the ones who conform obediently to your control agenda. It presents the opposite to having intelligent people at every level choosing other good people and promoting them. We now have a System that controls what it was in theory created to protect, and wants to socially engineer and fundamentally transform that system for its own ends. By the textbook, that is tyranny.

  • Noise Pollution Hurts Wildlife, But States Have Trouble Turning Down the Volume

    “The literature has shown that noise fundamentally changes behavior, distributions and reproductive success [for wildlife],” said Jesse Barber, who runs the Sensory Ecology Lab at Boise State University. “We can now clearly say that noise is a pollutant, but that takes some time to work its way into policy.”

    Here we see the problem of equality: since everyone starts at zero, they must offer up themselves as financial propositions in order to rise above the average of wealth, power, and status. This means that we cannot tell people “no” when they want to engage in economically-productive activity, even if it makes noise and pollutes. We will have to separate humanity from nature, and leave half of the Earth in its unmolested natural state, which means excluding humans from it entirely and doing all of our economic activity in the half that remains. If we are really smart, we will get away from urbanization and instead stick everyone in suburbs, where they can have lawns and little tree clusters that allow wildlife some space. We could get the big cars off the road and put everyone in golf carts. Even more, we could use farm-to-market foods and local production to eliminate massive transportation. This would create a “cellular economy,” or one where every area produces its own goods, and in this autonomous state, nature would stand a chance.

  • University racism study criticised for including anti-white harassment

    When the Right thinks of equality, they interpret it to mean “treat everyone the same.” However, the Left means “revenge against those who rise above the average.” For that reason, the Left finds it shocking that anyone could consider that, in societies with many racial and ethnic groups, the white ethnic group might be discriminated against, not because they believe such discrimination cannot happen, but because they believe that it is good.

  • Angela Merkel ally placed under police guard after far-right death threat ending ‘Heil Hitler’

    Very few understand the Buddhist concept of the “middle path.” To most, it means that you take two extremes and average them to form a compromise. In actuality, it means that extremes reflect an avoidance of some central truth that is more nuanced, and you aim for that instead of regarding the extremes at all. We do not need Hitler, nor the Merkel idiocy which has proved him right on some crucial issues. Nor do we need a battle between Nazi apologists and anti-Nazi fanatics, both of whom miss the point. We need a sensible way of living, and for that, we need sensible government and rules. Diversity and democracy are obviously dead, but so is Hitler.

  • How to Mainstream Neo-Nazis: A Lesson from Ukraine’s New Government

    According to these nitwits, “White Baby: The Future Of Our Race” is a white supremacist slogan. The bigger point is that mainstreaming neo-Nazis is the only way to deal with them. Bring them in, accept their useful ideas, and deny the silliness, and soon they will come closer to seeing it your way. Alienate them, isolate them, and exclude them, and you validate the worst parts of their worldview.

  • The boomer generation is becoming one of haves and have-nots

    The Boomers were the first to grow up under a Total System. You either found a niche created by laws — a bureaucratic specialization, a state-mandated role like speech therapist, a discipline of law or economics to master, the right credentials as a coder — and got rich, or you found yourself an outsider of the system and remained poor. Those who conformed, went to school and memorized all the right stuff, had the right political opinions and behaviors got ahead, and everyone else had a job and retired with social security that they are finding is generous but still cannot buy what they need. Every generation will face this fate: conform or starve. This is why our ancestors distrusted Total Systems and the ideology, no matter how well-intended, that they need to sustain and advance themselves.

  • High prices drove US home sales down 2.2% in September

    Basic economics remains a mystery to most, but unlike in other fields, in economics the basic rules still apply even in complex situations. If you raise the cost of something, you raise the price; that price stays high until demand drops. We are bringing more people into the country everyday and ruining more neighborhoods with diversity, so the remaining ones get more expensive because of demand, and then the costs go up because those “nice” and “wealthy” neighborhoods pay all the property taxes, which means that people are including the sum of those property taxes over the years in their sale prices. As usual, the voters seem befuddled in that they believe “free” money exists and that they can take it out of “the wealthy” without seeing that cost trickle down to them. Where do we vote to disenfranchise the obviously malignantly incompetent voters?

  • German officials present plan to combat anti-Semitic violence, far-right extremism

    Dying empires always take the same tack: make it illegal to mention that the empire is dying, especially that its individual policies — like diversity — are not just total failures, but totally destructive. The new plan to fight extremism involves lots of censorship and monitoring. This backfires because it proves everything that the extremists say about current government, namely that it is an unstable regime which depends on some kind of diversity to stay in power. Luckily, this will backfire as the Germans start arresting Scientologists, home schoolers, flat Earthers, and Pentacostals again.

  • Proposed law would make the ‘b-word’ illegal in Mass.

    We have reached complete immaturity when we are using terms like “the b-word” (or “the r-word” and “the n-word”). Our society is so unstable that we have focused on feelings instead of reality, and this has turned us into bloated pretentious little blobs that wave flat hands while nodding round heads and choose symbolic victories over addressing real problems. So you make it illegal to use a word… people will invent another, and, since you have proven to them that their enmity toward you is legitimate and real, will double down on their hatred. Accelerationism wins in this case.

  • BC Human Rights Tribunal rules in favour of female estheticians who refused to wax male genitalia

    Transsexuals have proven that the Left uses equality more as a means of smashing anyone above them than for any practical purpose. People with male genitals going to female studios to demand service are abusing the role chosen by those people, and are enjoying the power trip of forcing those others to serve them in a degraded manner. Even Soviet Annex West Canada has figured this much out.

  • Charge dropped against man arrested after speaking Spanish

    This case demonstrates how pretense gets in the way of fact. The guy in this case was actually guilty of re-entering the United States after being deported, but was noticed because he was speaking Spanish in Maine. To make a symbolic point, people objected to this as “racial profiling,” even though language does not correspond to race, and the plain fact that people speaking a foreign language are most likely foreign, and those speaking Spanish are often illegal. Like falling Rome, we have entered a time when pretense and preening social status signaling have taken over from any concern for results in reality, which means that we have made ourselves incompetent by pursuing ideology as a substitute for the real world.

  • Youth suicide rates are on the rise in the U.S.

    People would rather die than deal with the hypocrisy of adulthood, where you go off to do non-essential work for the simply fact of a paycheck to pay the taxes to fund all the useless people out there. Adulthood is a dead end, and this has only gotten worse over the last thirty years, essentially driving everyone with a functional brain into poverty and ensuring that they reproduce less. This delights the Left, which would love a nation of mental incompetents to continue fooling with its promise of “free” stuff.

  • Turkey replaces four more pro-Kurdish mayors as crackdown widens

    The headlines do not tell you this, but Turkey is working to end minority-majority rule in its territories, knowing that this power will only be used to thwart the needs of the majority. What they are doing is no different from the US replacing the Black and Hispanic mayors of its major cities, noting correctly that they act for their group against the needs of the nation as a whole. Diversity does not work, and worldwide, people are seeing this. By ending American protection for the Kurds, Trump has allowed us to see how diversity is unstable and going away.

  • African migrant women earn more than male peers in Europe: UN study

    The anatomy of wealth transfer:

    On average, working respondents were sending back just under one-third of their European income, representing 85% of their total incomes in Africa and over 90% in real terms.

    As far as why women earn more, Africa is generally speaking comprised of matriarchies, where women work steady jobs and men do whatever until they are needed to hunt or fight. If the West adopts a UBI, we will go down the same path.

  • A mother’s warning: If you have white teen sons, listen up …

    Mother discovers that, tired of being last in the affirmative action system, young white men are gravitating toward far-Right ideology. She wants us to believe that shadowy “extremists” are reaching out to youth and perverting them — remember, “corrupting the morals of minors” was the charge used to murder Socrates — when in fact, people are coming to these conclusions on their own and are tired of nagging nannies like this neurotic box wine mother telling them what to think. She is the cause of the problem she bemoans, a condition which seems common in democracy. Diversity creates racism. Egalitarianism creates elitism. Freedom creates tyranny. All of these things consist of denying reality and imposing a human order in its place, forgetting that this human order then becomes self-serving and therefore, maximizes its power at the expense of those it purports to rule.

  • U.S. air pollution is worsening after improving for years

    How could that be? We keep adding people to the country, and we get more pollution? Math is hard.

  • Danish study: “Muslims need to leave Denmark”

    People react to what they see, and not the cause. If they studied society comprehensively, they would realize that diversity itself is a threat to their society, as is their janteloven Potemkin Utopia. Society works when it is comprised of ethnically similar people and rewards the good while punishing the bad; it fails when it incorporates random people, equates good and bad, and rewards the obedient. Humans however always visualize the latter as better because it creates the appearance of unity through acceptance, instead of creating the cause of unity, which is people working together toward a common goal. You know your society is dying when it cannot achieve real unity and pursues the illusion instead.

  • Excluded students are being driven to knife crime because they have ‘nowhere to go’, MPs warn

    Britain was once a source of strength and wisdom, but now it leads the world in generating paradoxical idiocy. Under the egalitarian idea, people are all the same, and therefore if they act badly, it is not because something went wrong and they have a problem, but because society did not make things right for them. In this mode of thinking, troubled children are troubled because of their environment, and so we have to keep them in school where they can torment the normal kids so that we can “correct” their inner badness at the expense of those with inner goodness. The old way — arresting them and sending them to work camps — worked better because it separated the bad from the good and let the good thrive. Our negative egalitarian society seeks only to improve the bad, and in doing so, it removes the last vestiges of good from within itself.

  • British Jews prefer no-deal Brexit over Corbyn-led government – survey

    I thought Jews were all terrible The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (a satirical document that accurately describes the behavior of minority groups as they agitate for power under diversity out of fear of being oppressed by the majority, in effect oppressing the majority) gassable untermenschen who voted Leftist compulsively? No, dear hearts; Jews are traders from the middle east who always do what is popular because that is how you make money, and if you do not have goyisch kopf you recognize that the way to succeed is by flattering your customers that their illusions are in fact true. They will support Leftism as a social gambit, meaning that it allows them personally to get ahead, while in private not wanting it to go “too far.” Like American conservatives, they like a government that is ineffective, and so they support moderate Leftists but rear back from true-blue pinks like Corbyn. One might think they would learn from what happened in the Soviet Union and realize that moderate Leftists, given power, quickly become extremists, and then Jews end up in camps. Then again, if they have not figured out that diversity will be a death sentence both for them and the majority, they are clearly thinking socially and not realistically.

  • Woman’s struggle with squeegee kids ends with gunfire in Baltimore

    You know that your society has fallen when all the news articles are in code. “Squeegee kids” are minority youth who surround cars at intersections, demanding money to clean the windshield while often stealing from the car or threatening the occupants to extort money, phones, and valuables. We are going to see more incidents of people drawing guns, and they will only face real justice if they do not encounter a minority-majority court or jury, because if they do, they will get convicted of assault or murder despite having simply defended themselves against violent, entitled parasites.

  • Healthcare algorithm used across America has dramatic racial biases

    Algorithms are wrecking diversity by noticing differences without basing them in assumptions derived from the race of the people involved. If your emotionless algorithm finds that certain groups have greater chances of certain outcomes, it is not bias, but statistical reality. This threatens the notion that we are all equal and bleed red equally.

  • The dangerous junk science of craniometry is making a comeback

    Our Leftist overlords came up with a solution to noticing differences decades ago. They simply called it all junk science and filed it in a box labeled “do not open until 2019.” Now, it seems, the data-driven approach is finding out that much of that old wisdom was in fact true, and science has been bleat-repeating lies at us for decades. Clearly, this is not the sign of a healthy society, but one that is dying in a cloud of vanishing illusions.

  • British Columbia Supreme Court rejects class action suit over foreign buyers tax

    Chinese buyers try the “disparate impact” argument: “All the people paying this tax are Chinese!” The court sensibly points out that it is not a tax on being Chinese, but on not having Canadian citizenship. The walls protecting diversity keep tumbling down, in this case mainly because Chinese buyers drove up the cost of housing to the point where the Canadian population could not afford it. No fools, those Chinese, they recognize that the People’s Republic of China is an unstable paper tiger and they want investments in the West that they can sell quickly if they are forced to flee in the night as socialist instability accelerates. History repeats itself, and even if the official ideology says otherwise, people are more cautious with their own money even while swearing up and down in public that they would never even consider doing such a thing.

  • Scary vision of all-out war between China and the US

    Not surprisingly, the bloated, entitled, and affirmative action driven Rainbow Army will fare poorly against impoverished, committed, and highly-disciplined foreign troops who are willing to take the risk of personal loss. Dying empires always come to rely on mercenaries because their people no longer see the point in fighting for a failing regime, and will simply preserve themselves. Now we see the high cost of diversity. Amazing that no one saw this coming, or at least, that those who did were universally disregarded, demonized, and excluded.

  • Boris Johnson wants to build a bridge connecting the UK as Brexit threatens its unity

    The UK still struggles with diversity. The English, Welsh, Irish, Northern Irish, Scots, and Cornish are separate groups. Under the old aristocratic order, this was accepted and so each area was treated as mostly autonomous; under democracy, the areas are merging, which is causing a massive backlash. This would end better under a model of “ethnic statehood” in which each state was a participant in an Empire, sort of like Britain used to be, with hard borders between them.

  • Supreme Court rejects case of Christian teen forced to write Islamic conversion prayer

    Student forced to write out Islamic prayer in class correctly recognizes this as Leftist propaganda designed to force universal acceptance, which is another term for “destruction of majority culture.” The voters, asleep at the switch as usual, fail to ask the vital question: why does this busywork constitute a school assignment at all? Teach skills, not propaganda and Left-facts.

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