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Why the Conservative Ecosystem is Broken

Every product has an ecosystem. These consist of different companies and individuals who interact because of the product and keep it viable.

For example, with Microsoft, the interaction between PC makers, spamware suppliers, chip manufacturers, and software writers powers the interaction that the people who buy PCs have with the machines. Many people depend on the system, so the system persists.

In the conservative ecosystem, we have a bigger problem: it depends entirely on outrage dollars from those who intend to do nothing but express a moral superiority complex as the inevitable end approaches. They do not want to save Western Civilization; they want to sneer “I was right” at everyone else.

This creates a market for propaganda that encourages delusions of moral superiority and also provides not just excuses but glorification of doing nothing about the problem. The products that win focus on details, provide no course of action, and contribute empty moralization.

The current de rigueur philosophy on the Right, “Christian Nationalism,” falls under this category because it emphasizes personal religion being asserted as a national culture to replace our ethnically-derived Heritage American culture and its people.

In other words, it is the standard Leftist ideal of equality, presupposing that it does not matter who or what the warm bodies are, so long as they repeat the dogma of the system. It is simply Christian egalitarianism instead of socialist egalitarianism.

Naturally, since they share a root, it will quickly collapse back into regular egalitarianism and reinvent the drive toward socialism again. Note: none of these people have campaigned against the socialist programs like free healthcare, public education, social security, and welfare that are making our people into intersex sheep with the agency of a day-old donut.

While it is good and healthy to have religion — atheism is an assertion of individualism against the void, and agnosticism is the scientific view — religion cannot be a substitute for culture or the ethnic group.

By adopting religion in lieu of culture, conservatives have failed to conserve much of anything, since they are fighting over religious rules which are negative, in that they try to stop behaviors, and backward-looking, in that they reflect conflicts of the past, not the future.

Culture requires a single ethnic group. When that fails, ideology and commerce (including the odious speculation) take over. This is the secret to civilization decline: when the war of the have-nots on the haves becomes intense enough to require religion, the civilization has entered a death cycle.

The conservative ecosystem rewards those who tell simple lies that enable armchair rage-venting and push us away from actual activism, i.e. organizing for permanent change to civilization. They focus on individual spheres of influence precisely to keep us from organizing.

In the last days of democracy, we are surrounded by cults. Republicans replace civilization with religion; national socialists replace ethnicity with race; Leftists of course replace reality with a jihad-crusade for equality.

None of these people intend to achieve anything. They just want to look righteous, cool, and tragic as they lose. Then they hope Jesus will take them to a promised land, although any sane gods will see them as wimps and consign their souls to recombination.

For me, there is only one issue: end the destruction of the West, cut out the dead, keep the living, and then nurture it into greatness. Nothing else matters. This is not just idealistic but intensely realistic, because being a king in a failing society is worse than being a peasant in a thriving one.

No one can think outside of their immediate personal goals which they have detached from natural order, future, history, and the divine. They ignore this website because they fear it because it alone — of all the conservative-sphere — talks about these vital issues.

A conservative ecosystem based on the idea that not only can we win, but we should, and that by the patterns of history we are due for a win, would be much more functional and less profitable than what we have now.

Even worse in their eyes, it would require people to stop posing, give up on organized religion saving us, and focus on the real-world practical steps we need to take to get ourselves out of this abyss of misery and loss so that we can restore ourselves, grow, and let the good times roll again.

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