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After the “Peace Dividend,” The Competence Crisis Rises

The 1990s dawned full of promise. Communism, which had held the world hostage for decades with its incompetent and pointless terror, was finally failing. The world we were promised during WW1 in which democracy controlled the world and all problems were settled by money and law seemed at hand.

This was the “New World Order” introduced by George H.W. Bush, who thought the dream of the early 1900s for world federalism had finally arrived. Instead of wars, we would have a justice system and live in a Star Trek style future of plenty.

People talked about the “peace dividend,” the usual moron voter assumption being that without military expenditures, we had plenty of money. It turns out that the military budget was not what was draining us, but the social expenditures budget for 1930s and 1960s anti-poverty and anti-racism programs.

Without the Communists to serve as a threat that kept us on our feet, we lapsed into our narcissism and blew all the money on the great promise of diversity. We thought that by making more warm bodies serve our political system, we would “win”… at something.

Now we have a competence crisis. Everyone sane has dropped out, and the affirmative action racial neoptism babies have taken over. Had the Communists planned our destruction, they could not have done it more thoroughly.

The West can no longer build its open weapons and products without third world help. It can no longer keep its population up without importing millions of warm bodies. It can no longer lead itself, seeming to the world like a senile dementia patient in a diaper and bib.

Democracy has as always run itself into oblivion. When it has obvious and immediate threats, it can respond, but when those are gone, it lapses into narcissism and pursues symbolic victories that translate to a dystopian reality.

The West will not rise again until we rid ourselves of democracy and its philosophical root, equality.

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