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Why Does The Left Always Win?


W.M. Briggs asks why the Right is in constant retreat in the face of those we could easily defeat:

Why does the Left always win? Easiest answer in the world! They fight. They shoot to kill. They hang traitors. They do not retreat unless faced with overwhelming forces. They say “The hell with the rules.”

…Instead of fighting, we surrender apologetically when pushed, and as we fade we mouth words about accompanying people on their “spiritual journey” or “My Constitution guarantees free speech.”

He captures the basics. The following might be a useful expansion on his diagnosis without changing his prescription:

  • The Left is unreasonable. The Right strives for an orderly, polite and morally good society. For that reason, they tend to think that other people are inclined toward being reasonable as well. The Left on the other hand views civilization as its enemy because the Left aspires to replace civilization because it views civilization without Leftism as the antithesis of good. Rightists will try to appeal to Leftists’ better natures, make compromises and keep order, which only strengthens the Left by legitimizing them and giving them a healthier society to parasitize.

  • The Left is unrealistic. The Right cares about the consequences of its actions; the Left cares about the ideological appearance and social popularity of its actions, and this concern displaces any cares about consequences in reality. This liberates Leftists from the additional burden of knowing anything about what they are doing. Their one mode of thought is to say something that other people like to hear, and then using the power of the group, to force it to be implemented.

  • The Left appeals to monkey dynamics. Leftists ideas are more socially correct than Rightist ideas, because the ideal of the Left is equality and the Right favors hierarchy, and social situations value only universal inclusion so that the members of that social group can feel stable because there is no tension, competition or conflict. This is an illusion but one that humans can no more resist than magpies can turn away from shiny objects. The idea of everyone being included and having a share makes humans have warm happy feelings inside — this is actually their brains turning off and their bodies preparing for animal death, as if recognizing the triumph of a predator — and so they will choose it every time. This is why any social group which is not policed by a hierarchy will drift Leftward.

  • The Left recognizes no distinction between war and peace. Rightists will never understand that for the Leftist, ideology is all. It is how they socialize, organize their thinking, justify any self-esteem they have, and find other people. It is their reason for existing. Often it is the only thing that makes them feel good besides drugs, drink and sex. Since the high does not last, they pursue it compulsively. Since it must be right for them to feel good, any dissent or non-conformity is viewed as competition and rigorously pursued so the Leftist can feel good again. Therefore, the Leftist is always at war, and has no patriotism or loyalty to heritage because Leftism is organized in benefit of the individual and rejects any larger organization system, with an exception made for the herd because a crowd enforces individual rights by removing accountability.

  • Leftists base their self-image on total victory, not decency. Rightists like to think that they are appreciated for their strong, sober, wise and measured moral presence. Leftists have no such illusion. They know that people respect that which they fear, and that which gives them handouts, and they achieve this by installing a struggle toward ultimate victory. This forces everyone in the group into conformity and justifies lavish lifestyles for those sacrificing their time to the war effort.

In the future, if humanity survives, volumes will be written about the psychology of Leftism. It is an individualistic genre that manifests through collectivism because collectives are built around the idea of every individual having an equal part and reward. This creates a semi-suicidal mentality because life can only be lived through external factors, denying the inner parts of the human psychology, which creates robotic, zombie-like ideological warriors for whom life is misery and the only respite is found through destroying enemies.

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