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Why Culture Works

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People often ask me what can be done about our horrendous violent-crime statistics. While there are definitely practical things that can and should be done, I believe that the only chance of solving our crime problem is if enough people want to. More police and more courts and more prisons and better investigative techniques are fine, but the only way crime is going to go down is if all of us simply stop accepting and tolerating it in our families, our friends, and our associates. This is the lesson from other countries with far lower numbers than ours. Only this type of grassroots solution, in my opinion, will be effective. Crime is a moral problem. It can only be resolved on a moral level.

This is where conservatives, traditionalists, and deep ecologists converge. We know that our problems are internal, meaning that we no longer desire to do good, and we want to restore that in society, but this requires strong culture, which in turn requires nationalism and freedom from democracy.

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