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First-Generation Bio-Leninism

Today is Wednesday, so let’s spread callous and irresponsible conspiracy theories. Let’s make them even more callous and even less freighted with even the hint of responsible ratiocination than the conspiracy theories I would traffic in on other days of the week that just happen to end in “Y”.

We will begin assuming the planted axiom of Bio-Leninism. Like seeks like, game knows game, and crapping in the corner of a room will bring in all the flies; while chasing out the high-minded thinkers and aesthetes. Bio-Leninism is the ideological equivalent of driving that putrid pile in the corner and leveraging its sewage-like quantities to chase out the people that would lay stupid ideological schemes to nines.

The first step in instituting Bio-Leninism is to demand equality of outcome and status for those thoroughly unworthy of either. If you get the same doing less or doing more, then two things happen to those who aim high. They change or they leave. They can change by aiming lower. It’s simple, incentive-based math. If I can be considered just as strong for benching two plates six times as I would be if I knocked out twelve, then there is a strong, logical argument in favor of slacking instead of giving myself a sore set of pecs.

There is a non-logical, deontological argument in favor of ignoring the perverse incentive and still banging the bench. If you believe you can really level up and channel Thor, get after it. However, you will find it way easier to climb that hill around like-minded friends. If the average of your five best friends is 12 reps, at two plates, on a flat bench; then you will eventually muscle that bar twelve times. If the average is only six, doing 12 reps will be seen as an aggressive and unpleasant thing and will make you less well liked. Eventually, the economic incentives in play will make the originally determined person change to fit the lower ability of the peer group or leave.

So what if somebody were at their absolute physical limit after three wheezing, creaky, uncoordinated reps with two plates on the bar? We’ll assume initial goodwill here and say “But they really, really tried.” OK. That happens. You can sometimes only become what your DNA says you can become.

Where does the conspiracy come in? It comes in when the three-rep individual decides that equality dictates that they get all the same PUA-cred and street respect that gets afforded to the baddest Silverback Gorilla in the gym. Life doesn’t work that way, but the Bio-Leninist believes that an artificial construct called “Society” can do that for them. Thus we get the demands for equality.

Let’s say everyone gives the demanded lip-service and talks about how manly Wimpy Wilfred looks when he wrestles unsuccessfully with the free weights. Let’s say they all want him to feel good. OK, fair enough. Wimp Lives Matter you hatefully, hating haters.

But then things start going on behind the scenes. When the hot-looking lady upstairs needs the furniture moved, she “accidentally” forgets to call Wilfred. The Co-Rec Softball League just “inadvertently” puts someone else in the role of the slugging first baseman in the 4-Hole of the batting order. People mouth the pieties, Wilfred still doesn’t “git some” very often when he chills out at the club.

At that point, Wilfred places restrictions on the gym. If Larry The Lunktard only gets the same thirty minutes of bench time that Wilfred can withstand, then we’ll get equality closer to The Zero. Like maybe both Lunktard and Wilfred can only get three reps. But Larry is a little more sly than his blatantly stereotypically hortatory name would suggest.

Larry goes to Home Depot, buys two Homer Buckets, and does Farmer’s Walks all over his yard with one full bucket of water in each hand. He unjustly gets even more Yuge. Wilfred can see from 50 yards away that he will never measure up. We then have to confiscate all Homer Buckets and have the HOA monitor Larry. It’s for his own good. We have to make him aware of his Roidhead Privelege.

Wilfred, as long as society goes along with this idiocy will win. Larry takes the chill pill instead of the Thermoblaster. That, or he just stomps off out of exasperation. Looks like Wilfred is your new community Strongman. He’ll try really, really hard. So what’s the conspiracy theory here? Wimp Lives Matter.

This entire allegory represents what is happening in Amerika’s cities. You’ve got all these stores along Store Street. Some are meticulously stocked and lovingly maintained small businesses. Others are Walmart. You’ve got culinary choices along Restaurant Row. There’s CrapDonald’s and there is Homemade Italian or Sal’s Gourmet Steak.

Let’s say Antifa/BLM goes through Store Street and Restaurant Row both. They go through both like The Grim Reaper with a flaming scythe. Every business is rendered equally dysfunctional. All physical capital and inventory are hasta la vista, baby! Who gains from this enough to financially support Black Lives Matter? Obviously Walmart and they know exactly what they are buying here.

Now that’s totally crazy. Walmart and CrapDonalds got torched just like the rest. Yet no, it’s not equal. The obvious scale issues can be somewhat offset by insurance payments and a clever Go Fund Me Account. Maybe Sal’s Gourmet Steak and CrapDonalds can both eventually get it up and running again. But they probably both won’t.

Over a long enough time t; CrapDonalds will keep rebuilding, keep finding more chumps to pony up franchise fees, keep using leverage and scale to pay cheaper insurance for similar risk. The more often BLM or Antifa burn things down, the more all the stores tend to be Walmart and CrapDonalds. Business survival, in the BLM world; becomes an inverse IQ test. People just don’t put their souls into something that will just go up in flames anyway.

By having BLM burn all these small businesses down, the mega-corporations that can rebuild pennies on the dollar, and have no emotional investment in last month’s ruins; will always win. If those pesky entrepreneurs get too competitive, they’ll just have BLM over next month like the lawn service poisoning all the weeds.

This is the corporate version of Bio-Leninism. This is why the businesses you have left have headquarters a few thousand miles away. This is why the CEOs running these junkshops will never support your kid’s Little League or AYSO Team, but will dutifully fork over Danegeld to BLM. You got to look at what helps the bottom line.

In Bio-Leninism, the useful businesses and genuinely alert and imaginative people will be incentivized out. It will leave you a bunch of stores like Walmart and leaders like DeBlassio. They all promise to try really, really hard. Equality dictates that you shouldn’t object to the difference in ability level. Eventually, the incentive structure of Bio-Leninism will guarantee that the only people you have left are the ones that try really, really hard.

It could easily be theorized that Bio-Leninism is designed to hand all the levers of power over to People like Mayor Jacob Frey. It could be argued that BLM exists to eliminate any uniquely capable or interesting commercial establishments that make life harder on Walmart and CrapDonalds. They and Antifa are the crap that large, bland, incapable and amoral corporations every so often leave stinking in the corner of the room. Our major corporations use these groups to drive out the good and bring over all the flies. But that would be crazy and a total conspiracy theory. By all means, convince me that I am wrong.

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