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When The Tower of Babel Becomes The Eye Of Sauron

The confusion that stopped completion of the Tower of Babel is apparently also blocking the Mexican border wall. Where the Biblical story reveals language confusion due to differing tongues, the current impediment is the opposite: we speak the same (but nebulous) language on the surface, now called Pidgin, but mean different things by it because we do not have a culture in common, thus lack a common set of meanings to symbols.

Of course American English is a bit more advanced where one guy noticed the War on Color implying that by speaking pidgin we remove all “color,” essentially speaking in the acceptable greyish terms a herd would enjoy. No more renegades, pirates, secret stashes, or surprises.

Nowadays everybody use the pidgin version of “racist” so you can’t say you are white. It is therefore simply “racist” to build that Wall and they should cease and desist.

But how did racism become a thing?

Apparently it all started with Obama transforming America. According to Steve Sailer he (Obama) may have been a little cautious in his first term, but at the start of the second term he put pedal to the metal.  The Great Awokening started in 2012 when The New York Times articles using the term “racism” in any context they could find, sky-rocketed quite graphically, effectively pidginizing it. Of course Obama remained in his bunker quite pleased that private enterprise has assumed his mantle.

America has always been fairly proud of their “small” government and large private sector promoting the idea that private initiative will always be more effective than public enterprise. So Obama did not intend to transform America via its public sector, but indeed using the private sector. He may have picked it up from the way Mandela played private business in South Africa, or perhaps how the 68ers used rock ‘n roll and movies to win over the population where government propaganda failed.

However, the use of private enterprise (for government purposes) may already have started during the first Gulf War when CNN became a de-facto intelligence service. This was followed up during the second Gulf War with Blackwater Mercenaries replacing politically sensitive American “boots on the ground” in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Then in May 18, 2012 Facebook went live. This meant that Facebook replaced the DARPA lifelog program. Ex-President Obama now had multiple private enterprises working on his behalf — in advance of his term ending — to transform America by enforcing pidgin language for the eternal benefit of the democrat party.

These private enterprises became the all-seeing Eye of Sauron for the “private” Obama to react to and direct the anti-Trump putsch with impunity from his Washington basement. It is clear from the Mueller Investigation that a coup was and still is in progress against Trump from a group of people currently lodged in CNN, CIA, FBI, and Facebook (among others). However, what is also clear is the pidgin language used by Mueller in his recent press statement where he actually aided to the impeachment fervor aimed at Trump. That Trump did not “collude” or “obstruct” has no meaning.

That pidgin is really dangerous and unsafe is totally missed by the general public. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states as follows:

A theory developed by Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf that states that the structure of a language determines or greatly influences the modes of thought and behavior characteristic of the culture in which it is spoken.

What this means is that the language you speak influences your physical behavior. In terms of a society it was clearly important enough for the famous Francis Fukuyama to have said the key to assimilation is English.

Clearly migrants do not speak English but if we want different results such as fewer migrants, we will have to stop the Pidgin. And in addition, recently some words of advice from Francis were given to South Africa on how to get out of the Mandela Basement and it may well be of some value for Americans wanting to get rid of the “private” Obama and his all-seeing eyes.

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