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What They Really Fear

From an article on perhaps a slightly odd topic, the impetus toward Leftism emerges:

“Among women who don’t practise it, the main obstacle is the fear of being the object of remarks. The fear of being called to order, quite simply.”

Being called to order means other people pointing out that your behavior is unrealistic or lowers the quality of life. Some would say that women going braless in public does this, although others of us say simply that the sexual parts should probably be modestly covered on both sexes.

Leftists fear being attacked by the group, so they neutralize the group with the idea of “equality,” which basically means good equals bad and therefore, no one can get called out for being bad, only for committing the one sin of not being egalitarian.

This “dark organization” style theory allows a group of individualists to form a collective dedicated to enforcing individualism.

The roots of this come from our distant mammalian heritage. When you are a little rodent-like creature foraging in a world of dinosaurs, fear connects the group. You may be foraging on your own, but when another rodent alerts that predators are near, you must pay attention.

This gives power to whatever rodent sense fear first, and so the group defers to fears instead of pursuing positive goals. It may return to those goals, but its primary motivation remains fear and terror.

That in turn gives great power to false fears. If one rodent opines that the actual threat is not the dinosaurs, but inequality, all of the other rodents flock toward this symbolic reality. Instead of fearing the unknown, they can fear the known, and banish it, and then stop fearing, they think.

In the same way, Leftism redirects us to false fears. Our problem is not incompetence and unrealistic behavior, it says, but that someone somewhere has been down-ranked for doing something bad instead of good. Beat that, and we live in Utopia, they reason.

Its bigger problem arises from the false target that this creates: it stops trying to be good.

Our society is ruled by fear because instead of simply covering up and being modest, people want to be free from criticism for their bad choices. While none of us like rebukes, they create social order and an attitude of paying attention to reality, which causes us to look toward goals and not fears.

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