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Watching a Red Wave Break on the Shores of Demographics

It may be the worst feeling, watching democracy destroy your civilization while you can do nothing and most people seem to celebrate it. In a dying society, you can either accept the decline or deny it and go on to have a vapid but at least relatively unobstructed life.

However, that time has come to an end, because it seems that the people who are living these normie inertia lives are constantly paranoid. They fear any opinion other than theirs because they know that only people who are neutered and controlled by the ideology can keep the illusion that it is real.

For that reason Election 2022 provoked a lot of tension. If there was a Red Wave, things were going to change and this threatens those who base their identity on their ideology being “good” when in fact it usually achieves “bad” and leaves a mess for others to clear up.

But the Red Wave broke on the shores of demographics. Looking at the NBC exit polls tells us the story:

In a White people election, you would have had a Red Wave. With every other group except American Indians, you get a Blue Wave. Then we ask why two-fifths of White people voted for the incompetent incumbents and we see that this depends on other demographic factors, starting with age:

Luckily they break that down for us even further:

Whites over thirty years of age voted for the Red Wave. The young ones — the people who have relatively recently come out of those Drag Queen Story Hour elementary schools, privilege-critical high schools, and struggle sessions colleges funded by government grants — responded to the Biden student loan forgiveness and other propaganda.

Then comes the stunner: the people voting Leftist are the ones receiving the government benefits because they are below a comfortable middle class income. These are the people dependent on the system. No wonder Democrats want to crash the economy, start a world war, and impoverish everyone.

In other words, now we are seeing the crisis of the 1960s — diversity (immigration, affirmative action, civil rights) and socialism (entitlements, centrally controlled economy) — having had over a half-century to eat away at what WASP America produced. Now it is minority rule:

Whoever gets to a plurality wins because they become the swing vote, so someone else will form an unofficial coalition with them, boosting their issues to the top in the process.

The Republicans are never going to win an election again. True, more minorities voted for Republicans this time around, and more women did, but we can all see the writing on the wall: what worked in 90% White America will no longer work. The new audience is OK with the third-world plan.

A few key takeaways:

  • Symbolic issues like abortion did not work (as predicted. Most people see taking away things that they already have as bad, and most young people want sexual liberation because they hope for the promise and have not yet seen the sad reality. To Christians, abortion is a large emotional issue, but not to swing voters. On the other hand, it galvanizes the Left and brings them out in droves, in addition to their normal dead, non compos mentis, drunk, and illegal alien voters.
  • Pandering to minorities did not work. The non-Whites who are coming over are a tiny group, even smaller than the quarter of Jews who vote Republican. These came over because they have seen enough of the world to notice that conservative policies work and Leftist policies destroy.
  • Freedom does not resonate hard as an issue. Most people now have grown up in an environment where having the “wrong” opinions gets your life destroyed. They are familiar with this. They fear that too much freedom will cause further fragmentation of our fragile unity.
  • Function works, but simply being on the winning team does not. While certainly irregularities are rife in the Pennsylvania election, Mehmet Oz was not likable and had a history of being perceived as a scam artist. This causes Republicans to stop voting.
  • Non-White candidates did not do so well. Like me, most Republicans do not want to vote for the diversity takeover, nor do they trust affirmative action candidates. We want historical America, starting in the 1980s and rolling backward, which means that pioneer Western European stock, not hwites (Southern, Irish, Eastern, and Mediterranean Europeans) or outright diversity. Our brand is Western European; our success occurred under these people. Voters of many different races recognize this.
  • Big Government continues to win because people are hurting and afraid of losing benefits. No conservative has ever articulated the idea that if we go to a barebones government, the cost of living will fall and all these benefits will be unneeded. Almost none of them dare to go to even the Newt Gingrich level of radically cutting services, but in reality, all entitlements are socialism based on wealth transfer from the succeeding to the failing and therefore wreck civilization.
  • Dissatisfaction alone does not motivate voters; they need to see something better in tangible form. Stopping immigration is a big issue because people can see immediate effects. Ending the debt spending might also be one, since inflation is gutting us. What was the Republican plan to fix this? It is intangible if not absent.
  • Ideology is ringing hollow, which is why the Democrats who were big on signaling and low on results did not do so well:

    Ms Abrams, who narrowly lost to Republican Brian Kemp four years ago, will finish well behind him this time. Mr O’Rourke lost his race to Republican Governor Greg Abbott by a larger margin than he lost to Senator Ted Cruz.

    People who have tangible plans to improve things turned out better, even when that was staying the course, as in the case with Hochul and Abbott. If you want to remove something, have some idea of what replaces it and why it benefits people. Voters look locally, starting with their checkbooks, then their streets, then neighborhoods, and only after that city and state. People pay attention to the last things that shocked them or inspired them, and most of these are everyday details not big picture stuff.

  • RINOs had their day. Ron DeSantis ended any hope he had of taking the presidency because he was OK allying with the NeverTrump style people who want to go back to lapdog Republicanism where no one challenges the status quo. People want fighters on the national stage, and this means fighting the culture war starting with ending the bleeding wound of immigration, globalism, and diversity, all of which are the same thing: the slow conversion of the West into the third world in order to make humanity “equal.”
  • Stagnation has set in. Democrats held the line with some vote fraud, but had no big win. Democrats did not inspire joy-joy feelings in the population, although they could count on the diversity vote. Republicans catered to the wrong audience, having believed what their enemies say about them and consequently believing that Christianity is the core of conservatism. It turns out that making stuff work — trains run on time, economy functioning, foreign policy not insane — matters more than symbolism.
  • Ukraine featured in the forefront of the minds of many. No one wants WW3; the proxy war the West is fighting against Russia looks to be fighting this war to a stalemate. Republicans signaled hard on ending war, but most Americans do not want Russia-China nearer to Europe. Our proxy war is popular and those who attempt to be pro-Russia out of some misguided apprehension that Russia is “traditionalist” are the Useful Idiots of a new generation, and this drove away a number of conservatives and swing voters.
  • DR3 or accusing the Left of being “the real racists” does not work. Most Americans realize that everyone is racist and most people dislike diversity. Defending diversity in any way joins with the Left. Those who are skeptical of the “diversity is our strength” mantra will win; those who try to make diversity work will lose.

In the meantime, our voters have also become cognizant of two salient facts:

  1. Leftists must be viewed as a cult. Even without central command, they all push for the same stuff in an attempt to be popular among their group, and nothing energizes them more than the thought of smashing down the Right and tearing apart the civilization it creates. They are pathological, and they cooperate across the public-private barrier to create a nexus between media, deep state, and mega-corporations. Explicit anti-Leftism is needed more than an attempt at bipartisan compromise.
  2. Vote fraud can be expected as the norm in any area with highly diverse populations. Not only are these areas Leftist on the whole, but they have less law and order and less competence because there is no shared culture, since diversity abolishes culture and replaces it with permissiveness. We can no longer expect honest, functional elections in these areas.

The Left wants you to lose faith. Realists say that voting is just one step in the process, and some of these steps must occur simultaneously. When we are feared outside of the voting box, we are taken seriously in the polls and tallies.

When we develop a culture of self-reliance and rewarding the good, this gives people an option to the socialist “everybody wins, but only a little” that is symbolically important to Leftists but loses its lustre over time. Culture beats ideology. Conservatives need to unite on something more than Jesus and capitalism.

We face destroyers. They want you to have no belief that good can come about so you let them continue wrecking everything. When they are sitting in the ashes, they will not even notice because their inner lives are dysfunctional like those of people in third world nations. They will just jockey for power incessantly.

The far-Right also wants to lose faith. “We won’t get out of this by voting” seems tough and decisive so lots of people embrace it, but the fact is that we will not get to the next stage until we have exhausted this one, even if we invent culture, arm ourselves, and prepare for secession on the side.

This is why the Dissident Right exists. We recognize that everything coming from the root of equality is toxic and must be destroyed, and that the only way to present this is honest and straightforward: we offer you a barebones society with lower costs, more meaning, and less constant neurotic blather produced by politics.

Instead of dicking around with compromise with the Left like the mainstream Right does, or trying to make a version of the Left like the remains of the Alt-Right are with “Christian Nationalism” and neo-Nazism, we go for the root. We must end equality and establish homogeneity & hierarchy.

That opinion may be the one remaining controversial political view and as such, it has power. It is what all of them fear. Their fear is what created their ideologies in the first place, so when they experience fear despite the ideology, it loses its grip even as they double down.

For Republicans to win any elections, they are going to have to run on a platform of making things better by systematically and quickly destroying everything the Left has done. We are here to transform America, and when that works, we move on even further into Right-wing living.

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