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Understanding the Managerial-Administrative State

Our greatest problem on the Right at the moment mirrors the problem of Western Civilization: we have forgotten what we are.

Very few Right-wingers can even describe conservatism as a philosophy. They know vaguely that it means keeping tradition and values.

Such things are easily subverted.

When you give it a philosophical analysis, conservatism indicates the overlap between natural selection and the scientific method. We like keeping the stuff that works, and testing new ideas in the small before adopting them.

The Left on the other hand offers an argumentum ad novitatem coupled with a begging-the-question tactic. They tell us that we need “new” things, and if we thus accept that such things are good, they use that to argue that these are better than what has worked for generations.

In reality, very little is new, but everything gradually improves. To test a new method of irrigation or fertilizer, you try it on one field and observe it for a few seasons. You keep an eye on it for decades or centuries.

Conservatives point out that the past is not really past. Every thing or event that exists has a cause, and that cause may be remote in time or location. Similar actions beget similar consequences.

In every human society ever attempted, bureaucracy has emerged at some point. This is the managerial-administrative state: an organization designed to keep society together by minimizing problems and doling out solutions.

Conservatives always oppose this. They point out that we cannot do better than nature, and that trying to control outcomes through bureaucracies will fail, producing expensive but mediocre results.

A managerial-administrative state views itself as a loco parentis guardian of its citizens, so it takes whatever wealth it can seize, divides it up equally, and doles it out, with extra for those who are suffering.

To most humans, this seems like a good idea. After all, none of us wants to suffer, and having a safety net makes us feel like we will not suffer. It both builds up our egos and inflames our fear to think about such things, since we get an ego boost for righteous pride in defending the suffering, and we focus on the fear of being someone who is suffering.

In the long term, however, it makes us into dependents on the state to regulate our suffering. Not surprisingly, it begins making us suffer when it wants us to do something, then delivers relief when we obey.

The same is true of every toxic relationship — families, friends, corporate culture, church groups, rock bands — formed around personalities instead of mutual pursuit of a goal. Without a goal, the group consumes itself.

The managerial-administrative state views itself as a good shepherd. It wants to keep the majority from complaining, while moving them slowly toward a mental frame that is easier for the state to manipulate.

It starts with “in your best interests,” namely the usual scapegoating and banning of drunk driving, smoking, and risky sex. Then the focus moves to “for your protection,” and finally to “for our protection as your protectors.”

What has the managerial-administrative state decided?

  • Overpopulation: there are too many people and they will consume all the resources available, so instead of limiting immigration, we must all eat bugs and live in 400 sq ft Hong Kong style apartments. This is justified under “climate change,” in fact a result of heat islands from the worldwide majority living in urbanized environments.
  • Globalism: as society becomes more bureaucratic, a percentage of everything must be taken in taxes and regulatory costs, which creates the same death spiral that wiped out the Soviets, but this can be alleviated with a steady flow of cheap labor, so immigration must become mandatory, which also helps those in the State keep power because sexual, religious, and ethnic minorities always vote against majority interests. Globalism means worldwide democracy, which won the last two world wars, using the third world as a lower class to keep prices low and supply high, therefore avoiding Revolution.
  • Permissiveness: in order to avoid conflict, all individuals must be accepted and this must be violently enforced, because that way the obvious fracture lines of a fragmenting society will become less visible. The globalists use transsexualism and homosexuality as test issues to force this on every society.
  • Standardization: a chaotic society composed of grey race individuals without culture passes along no social capital, or known successful methods of doing things, so instead we get standardized, pre-fabricated objects and universal procedures so that we do not need culture or intergenerational wisdom.
  • Sexualism: in a sexually liberated society, people form fewer life-long bonds and instead get together simply to breed, then leave those children to the state, and go back to working and paying taxes so that government can give out free money and borrow more based on that “growth.”
  • Egophrenia: a powerful state works by making its citizens neurotic and constantly in a reactive mindset so that they are unfocused, distracted, and unable to have goals, which makes them malleable and easy to direct and control.
  • Centralization: to achieve unity, make everyone do the same thing at the same time in such a way that their mental state is unified, both in order to avoid Revolution and to motivate them. This requires central control, or a Ghenghis Khan, Darius, or Mehmed styled commanding authority.

If you have read this site for some time, you recognize the symptoms of Control.

That term refers to the practice of using external methods to enforce uniformity in order to regulate human inner mental states. Its goal is to replace biology and nature with the authority of human intention.

Control always works by regulating method in order to exclude any behavior which does not further Control by encouraging any mental state other than fear, emptiness, and a competitive rage at others who might have more.

This way, the Crowd regulates itself, and can be commanded as a fungible resource, which is what seems sensible to people whose personality types lead to Control. They want to have all the power in order to regulate their own mental state.

We call them narcissists, but more accurately they are solipsists, or those who exist in a world comprised entirely of themselves. This viewpoint coexists with fatalism, or the belief that life itself is so bad that there is not any point in striving for good (we might call this “spiritual heat-death”).

To such a person, external reality is not a place where good can happen, but a bad thing which must be subjugated, dominated, eradicated, and replaced with little tidy rows of uniform objects like in a factory or on a ledger.

Control requires that the subject fight back and then be beaten down. Power is only recognizable in its exercise to such people, who reject self-control and inner satisfaction for using the external fact of their power to fill the void within.

It is the pathology of the human who lacks the innate goodness and skills necessary to be king, but wants to be a king anyway, and therefore is willing to give the right to be king for a day to others — individualism — so that he can have it.

Like all Devil’s Bargains it has a nasty catch. When everyone else has freedom to be in total command of their own lives via individualism, the bad predominate over the good, and this rules the Crowd, to which the individual must then adhere.

This creates a constant rage prompted by a sense of victimhood that in the eyes of the solipsist, justifies retaliation, making “any means necessary” to achieve personal power excused and validated.

If you wonder why solipsists are possessed of an unquenchable rage and impulse to control and destroy, this explains the pathology.

A managerial-administrative state, by its use of Control, fosters this pathology in those that serve under it.

All modern states use the same method of Control — regulate ascent to power and wealth by compliance — which enforces uniformity of method and therefore, a kind of primitive social order.

The nature of systems is to create one path to power, and that is through the system.

Consequently the system filters out anyone but true believers who, because they are solipsists, have the same rage for power and domination that obsesses their leaders.

These people will do whatever is necessary to stay in power. If they had to destroy the world so they could live in a luxury condo on a mountaintop with nuclear power and bioengineered food, they would do it in a heartbeat.

To them, it is better to have global liberal democracy where everyone eats bugs and lives in closets than to possibly lose out on power, or their chance to gain it.

To them, having us eat bugs is a rational decision. There are too many people, yet the system requires constant immigration, so the only solution is to limit the amount that normal people have, with exceptions for the people in the system.

WW1 and WW2 were wars for democracy. When the Soviet Union collapsed, only democracy remained, and that allowed it to go further toward its final state. It kept free markets because they beat the Soviets.

It will not stop until it has covered the Earth in concrete and we have twenty billion people living in closets and eating bugs, voting for more free stuff from government, while only government workers live well.

It will not stop, until we stop it.

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