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Leftism specializes in the negation of reality. This allows it to inject its viral payload, which is programming toward egalitarianism, which removes social structure and replaces it with conformity that is easily manipulated by cynical leaders. As part of this, it seeks to negate or explain as “social constructs” all inherent parts of humanity.

This means that the truer something is, the more Leftism and Leftists want to destroy it.

As part of this, there has recently been a push to identify people as “transgender” or “transracial.” We fail if we take these categories seriously; the people adopting them are social suicide bombers who are there not because the category matters, but because their goal is to shatter the nature and true identifications that people have.

When there are two extremes — say, male and female — to choose from, most people choose which feels more natural. To the Leftist, however, the goal is to use this choice to negate the idea of naturalness itself. For that reason, they choose neither and proclaim themselves the opposite of what they are.

The fundamental statement of “transgender” then is not that there is a new gender, or that gender is fluid, but that gender is denied. The sex of the animal becomes arbitrary in this view, which helps Leftists remove any importance that sexual type or gender orientation have. The only reason LGBTQ+ are praised is that they help destroy normal, family-oriented sexuality.

This is the same reason that Leftist art has been praising prostitutes for centuries. The “whore with a heart of gold” does not exist because it is real, but because it tears down commonsense knowledge about prostitution.

When the Left is flinging around the term “transracial,” what they are doing is saying that race is arbitrary and therefore can be destroyed, which means destroying the racial identity of the majority. Minorities, like LGBTQ+, are used as pawns in this game.

The Leftist approach is what was once called “the California method” of dealing with conflict, which is to proclaim that it does not matter to person speaking. “Oh, I don’t care about that” translates into “I have no allegiance to my race” which then becomes what the Leftist wants: there is no social order except Leftism.

In the meantime, the labrador retriever conservatives hear “transgender” or “transracial” and fall for the trick. They attack the new race or gender identity as if it were real, which it is not. In doing so, they affirm it, and give power to the Leftist assertion that race and sex do not exist.

The only way to beat this trick is to stop focusing on the enemy and start focusing on what is sane. When the Left asserts its new weird non-reality, ignore the language. Instead nod and go about doing what you do, but instead of using language, act the role. Assert a strong identity but do not verbalize it, because then they will have something to attack.

This will bring you into conflict, but not directly, and forces the Leftist into a more defensive role. In the bigger picture, it makes sense to look at all politically correct terms as negations and realize that the entire game is to destroy what is true. The truer it is, the more they hate it. And whatever they hate is a weapon that can be used to defeat them.

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