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The Sound of Nationalism

Strange, don’t you think, how the concept of Nationalism has become so frowned upon in these times? What is Nationalism, anyway?

I shall leave the mundane path of modern thinking, here, and leap off into the bushes of the unmodern past. Let’s see what we can find…

Before feelings of natural belonging, gratitude and reverence were abandoned, people had a space in their hearts for Love of Country. Along with Love of The Almighty, and Love of Family. Love of Tribe, Clan, Kingdom, Land…

This Love gave rise, not to wars, but to pride. Not the kind of personal pridefulness we know today, as ego, but to a feeling of belonging, not just to the present, but to the past, both near and distant. In the compost of our ancestors, beneath our feet, and the life that sprang, new and abundant, from the remains of what was.

Nobody analysed this feeling of belonging. Nobody judged it. It was common to all, and so passed unnoticed, while nurturing and giving strength to the present.

The leftist mind has no concept of this. To the leftist, everything is about people. People are the only thing they are aware of, but even in that there is distortion of truth: the term “people” really refers only to themselves. And distilling that down to its essence, the conviction arises that anything that self does not value, has no value. Thus it may be summarily dispensed with.

But Nationalism is not about people. It may include them, but it is not about them.

It is about The Land itself. The mountains, lakes, trees, grasses, animals, birds, and the compost of what went before, back into the mists of antiquity.

This Love of Country is entirely missing from the leftist mindset. It can not be explained to them, or given relevance, let alone reverence. It may be reborn in certain individuals, but it can never be described. The heart either swells with this thing, or it does not.

I am a Nationalist. I could be no other way. I love the land. I love the spirit of what preceded me. I love The Almighty, and I love Life. I may have abandoned the desecrated remains of my own land, but it lives in my heart, as it once was, and what it may one day become again. I carry it with me.

Nationalist music can evoke the most astonishingly powerful feelings within me.
The kind of music that depends upon many dedicated people, cooperating to produce an anthem to their homeland. Gratitude and reverence for this incomparable thing. Translated into eye-prickling, spine-tingling glory…

I give you these two examples. Turn it up and relish!

I Vow To Thee, My Country

Highland Cathedral

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