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The Isolation And Sadness Of Broken Families


Politics is a means to an ends, but culture and the genetic health of a people can be used to influence politics as well. The “war on the family” is real, and now that we have had a few generations to suffer, we can see how negative its effects are. One of my favorite novelists, Candida Crewe, writes about the isolation of the single mother:

Take the time one of my sons was having a sleepover with a friend, but was persuaded to go into the city centre at 10.30pm on a Saturday. The two 13-year-olds were found by police in a doorway, cold and chatting.

Asleep in bed, I thought my child was safe and sound – until I was rudely awakened by a hammering on the front door at 1am.

My heart nearly beat out of my chest when I opened it to find two police officers. They were very kind, reassuring me he wasn’t in trouble, but they felt ‘the city centre isn’t a great place for two young boys on a Saturday night’. I felt worried and alone, cross and helpless. My instinct was to ring his father, but I didn’t want to wake him. What would be the point?

Crewe writes this piece in defense of her lifestyle, as we all do: rationalizing what is, in order to survive it and still feel good about ourselves. But from the center of her piece, comes an honest plea. She wishes to no longer be alone. The family unit always beats the individual because the family is a center where the individual is an atom.

Feminists pushed a hardline mode of thought which said “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” But this sidestepped the issue. A woman needs a family like a fish needs an ocean (the same, incidentally, is true of men). We all need family, community, civilization, self-determination and pride, but Leftism is opposed to those because they compete with its need for Total Control.

Without a family, people are alone in facing the problems of the world. They have no one to trust, and no one to be close by, and they are forced into a cycle of compromise as biological limits constrain their ability to have children. Even when they do eventually find a partner, trust is limited and alienation below the surface of every interaction.

But feminists insist women should have careers. How well is that going? Not very well except where Big Government steps in:

Study after study has shown bias persists at every point of the employment process. So the start-up decided to try and do something about it. It masked women’s voices to sound like men’s and vice versa during online interviews to see if interviewers would like them better. It was inspired to do the experiment because it was seeing some alarming data. is a platform that allows people to practice technical interviewing anonymously and, hopefully, get a job in the process. After amassing data from thousands of technical interviews, the company noticed a troubling trend, writes founder Aline Lerner in a blog post: “Men were getting advanced to the next round 1.4 times more often than women. Interviewee technical score wasn’t faring that well either — men on the platform had an average technical score of 3 out of 4, as compared to a 2.5 out of 4 for women.

This study is quite interesting. It removes the appearance of femininity, which gives women a level playing field. And yet their answers were not satisfying, because as men they were less desired than other men. I will submit a radical but commonsense thesis here: women do not want to be in jobs, least of all mastering nerdy and anal-retentive genres like computer coding. They crave organic connection to people, which is why every good human resources department in the universe is run by women, and every terrible one by men (unless they are homosexual, at which point they are halfway to female in terms of performance).

In our mania for equality, we deny the differences between people. Race, class, caste, sex, ethnicity and family all make a huge difference, but to say that offends our fundamental sense of ideological purity and thus the goodness of ourselves. But if we get over that pretense, we can see more of reality as it is, and realize that shifting focus from jobs (which are jails) to family will not just be better for women, but for men and children as well.

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