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Follow The Leader… Straight Into Oblivion


Anyone remember the old America? The one full of future promise and potential? The innocent, generous place that just tried to do the right thing?

You know that you are in trouble when every generation gripes about a golden age. When you filter out the usual fools and malcontents, you see that good people are saying this, too, which means they are probably all right. Then you see a cascade of lowered quality of life over the generations.

1970s America bounced back as best it could from the utter Leftist chaos of the 1960s. It was far from perfect, but not as far as what we have now. Unfortunately, the seeds of the bomb had been planted a generation before: the United States and Europe were going to devote themselves to “diversity,” or a mixed-race society, in order to avoid the horrors of those evil conservative Nationalists from WWII.

While The Holocaust™ appalls me, it pales before the killings of the Left in Russia, China, France and everywhere else they have been. We hear a lot about The Holocaust™ not because the victims were Jewish, but because the perpetrators were not Leftist. It is a means of distracting from the long list of Leftist murders.

But since the adoption of this diversity problem, life in America has been in free-fall. First, it requires a whole lot of government to force different populations together, including its most odious tool, affirmative action which in application (not theory) penalizes companies for hiring white people. Next, because diversity means that none of the ethnic groups involved has anything approximating control over its future or even a culture of its own, we seem to have constant race riots.

What happened in Los Angeles in 1992 set the stage. A member of a privileged group, Rodney King, was driving drunk and possibly on a cocktail of drugs, as he had in the past when not beating his wives or committing crimes. Getting a call about a possible African-American driver on sherm was not an unusual occurrence back then, and the cops knew the drill: subdue at all costs, before the suspect mutilates himself or harms bystanders, as is common when people flip out on PCP.

However, that gritty truth — that Rodney King was a disaster as an individual and that was more determinative of his treatment than his racial category — did not fit the Leftist Narrative, which states that in order to force diversity, the majority must be seen as bad and wallow in guilt, then hand over the cash. We are never allowed to look into the behavior of the “victim.”

Now we have two more dead African-American men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Both seem to have been troubled individuals engaged in troubling non-legal activity, which fits a pattern we see with Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin who inspired riots over the last few years. Let us take a look at Alton Sterling, who was a sex offender who sold bootleg CDs:

His cousin Krystal says he was a “people person,” which is why he figured selling CDs on the street was a useful way around the fact that he couldn’t get work in the formal labor market, thanks to a conviction for having sex with a minor when he was a 19-year-old himself. His customers—neighbors, really—seemed to genuinely enjoy him; they called him “Big A.” And he was good at his work. As one woman told The Washington Post, “That’s the most legit bootleg man in Baton Rouge.”

…Both Sterling and Castile were armed.

And now we hear we hear a bit about Castile:

Minnesota court records online show Castile had some misdemeanor violations, mainly related to driving.

Notice the weasel word “mainly.” What other misdemeanors are in that record, and why are those not the focus, since the driving misdemeanors are apparently so commonplace?

In both cases, we have a police confrontation where the police are a bit nervous, owing to several factors: (1) the higher danger to police in stopping African-Americans in cars, (2) the currently politicized situation, and (3) the generalized danger to police, since an officer is killed every 61 hours in the USA (a trend that is accelerating).

The point to take away from this is not “cops are bad” or “African-Americans are bad”; it is that diversity is bad because it pits groups against another. Minorities become dependent on the majority, which creates a frenemy relationship where the majority is both tasked with providing handouts and responsible for any problems that arise, since in Narrative theory the majority is “in control,” even though under diversity no group — in theory — is in control.

Much as happened in Ferguson and Baltimore, we now have violent riots with looting, much as happened in Los Angeles. But violent riots and looting break out after anti-Trump protests as well, which indicates a deeper discontent than about the shootings themselves. This is a conflict between groups, a clash of civilizations, a deep-seated resentment caused by diversity itself.

Further counter-Narrative facts: The officer who shot Philandro Castile was Jeronimo Yanez, who is likely of Amerind extraction. Police shoot more white guys than black guys, but minority deaths get more coverage.

But then, we seem addicted to The Narrative. As the Minnesota Governor explains:

“Would this have happened if the driver and the passengers were white? I don’t think it would have,” Dayton told reporters on Thursday. “This kind of racism exists and it’s incumbent on all of us to vow and ensure that it doesn’t continue to happen.”

He has almost none of the facts that will determine the truth of the statement he made. He did not speak to convey truth; he is conveying political symbols designed to make the audience like him.

Every society has its founding myth. With the advent of diversity, that myth can no longer persist, and is replaced by the myth of diversity, much as under Leftism all culture and origins are replaced with Leftism. This is what ideology does: it explains away reality and replaces it with comforting political symbols.

The American voters, like voters in the EU, cannot resist the steady Leftward surge created by political symbols. If you want to make people like you, you must be accepting to everyone, and inclusive of everyone. For that reason, all political symbols are inherently egalitarian, and egalitarianism is the theory of Leftism.

Like any civilization in a death spiral, societies in the modern West are playing a game of “follow the leader”: someone states the Narrative, and makes it seem plausible, which both flatters the voters and plays into their hope for conflict resolution through pacifism instead of having one part win enough influence to exert its will on others. People are sheep and sheep follow the leader right over a cliff, always believing themselves to be free.

As long as Americans insist on this pretentious approach of flattering each other with pleasant illusions, the shootings will continue. Either that or, as happened in Baltimore, fewer people will become police officers.

This shows us a situation which is inherently unstable and cannot endure. It conflicts with our apparent desire to look good to our friends and neighbors, as if showing off new clothes or a new iGadget. But as long as we indulge this pretense over reality, we will continue to achieve the same bad results, year after year.

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