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The Hubris Of Emotional Morality

Over at Mere Orthodoxy, this interesting set of comments revealing the modern mentality inherited from Leftism:

[T]he referendum was an indicator of Britain’s degree of openness to outsiders—to people like them—and its favouring of progressive values more generally. They know that Farage’s remarks about real, ordinary, and decent people delegitimizes their place in our nation’s life, irrespective of their love for and commitment to so much about it. When I heard him make that statement, I felt angry on their behalf, and on behalf of all of the others that statement devalued.

…From the earliest age I remember, I understood myself to be English. As I grew up in a highly provincial and socially homogeneous Irish context, I felt acutely aware of being out of place, an English Protestant in an overwhelmingly Irish Catholic world and was often bullied on account of that fact…it became increasingly clear to me that my presence as an Englishman in that context would require recognition from me of the horrifying ways in which my people—the people I loved and to which I belonged—had assaulted the peoplehood of the Irish. In appreciating what it meant to be at the receiving end of the belligerence and arrogance of the English—something the Lansdowne Road football riots powerfully symbolized for me—I saw that the peoplehood I loved could be expressed in poisonous and destructive ways and that, in my enjoyment of institutions born out of the Ascendancy, I was a beneficiary of past injustices.

Growing up in a second culture, I, like my brothers, struggle to relate fully to provincial, single culture, people. I do not find it at all surprising that all of us have married or are intending to marry outside of our culture. Although I love my country, it is more of a romantic than a filial love.

Like many modern Christians, he misunderstands the religion to indicate that national borders be erased so that one world race — the tower of Babel in political form — can exist in harmony. This leads him to reject the idea of nationhood before even considering it.

What is most striking about his article is his seeming understanding of the sentiment of national/filial love for one’s country and native peoples and the need to protect that. He expresses a willful need to destroy this national sentiment because it is an affront to his emotions which he mistakenly believes to be Christian faith or the moral high ground.

This shows us the “emotional morality” of the herd: they are not concerned with results, but appearances, as a way of appeasing others. In doing so, they corrupt and sabotage every belief they claim to hold sacred, but this enables them to feel pacifistic emotions instead of trying to reverse the decline of Western Civilization.

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