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The Fear Of A White Rediscovery Of Confidence

A quick note: I have been out in the world today running numerous errands. One thing that strikes me immediately is that I am seeing far more white faces than usual. There are some Asians, but the large crowds of Hispanic, African and mixed-blood people are gone. It has not been this balanced in favor of Caucasians since the last government shutdown.

The explanation I offer is this. Much of this world lives in fear of the day whitey gets his balls back, because at that point, the benefits are going to get cut off, especially affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws, at which point people no longer have government as the big bully older friend who will beat up on anyone who refuses you anything. Humans operate by prison ethics and it is nonsense to insist we are “more civilized” than that. For years, non-whites have had government as their gang, and it would beat up anyone who dared to interfere choose their own kind for friends, neighbors, associates and spouses — if those people were white.

Now with Trump rising and kicking in ideological doors across America, Brexit causing the EU to destabilize and fragment from within, and far-right movements rising in an arc across the East and West, the beneficiaries are trembling. The free checks and protections might end, after all, and if whitey is self-confident and strong again, people can no longer commit crimes, provoke or just fall below social standards and then expect to be accepted. Instead, they are going to have to toe the line. Oddly, the stench of fear has been blown away by a fresh wind of hope, and not only among white people, but all of those who want social order to return.

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