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The Death Of Urbanization And Humanism

Overpopulation in China. Image (c) Daily Fail.

Overpopulation in China. Image (c) Daily Fail.

Humans exist in parallel, both as individuals and as groups. At an individual level, we seek existential fulfillment, or the sense that our lives are meaningful enough that death can be ignored, at least for a few moments. As groups we seek stability and the power to exist together without suffocating each other.

Since our media is corrupt, only tabloids provide some degree of accuracy, mainly because of their willingness to step outside of the sandbox created for “safe topics” by the media elites.

Looking at these pictures, what we see is not conformity-for-itself, but individualism living to conformity. The ultimate statement of individualism is “I want my share,” instead of the attitude of independence which is “I will make enough for myself.” Individualists are inherently collectivists, and they create societies like we see in these photos.

The group level reveals an inner bleakness however, and this is the result of the domination of the soul by individualism, which results in social conformity at the level of the group, but at the level of the individual, nothing but selfish decisions which turn out poorly — and for which the individualists blame the rest of us, presumably for the sin of not going along with what they desire.

A lone individualist — err, Leftist — discovers that the grand plans of mice and humans aft gang aglee. In particular, her dream of individualism in the country has crashed and burned:

Despite local MP Rishi Sunak’s promise to make the Dales a kind of northern Silicon Valley, it takes me longer to load and send this column than it does to write it, so slow is the broadband.

It’s the loneliness that gets to me. I go for weeks without talking to a soul. The countryside is so difficult that to survive it you need a family, a husband, pots of money, and high stone walls.

There is this idea that we need to preserve a rural way of life, that it’s our heritage, a refuge: instead, it’s a throwback, it’s sexist and cruel.

Perfectly reflects how the modern city-dweller wants to move to the country and replicate the city with its diversity and fast internet. Her other statements about cruel treatment of farm animals, lack of tofu at the grocery store and the inability to find expensive-ish cosmetics in the country only serve to paint her as an ignorant and self-satisfied urbanite. She can’t help but portray herself as more moral and educated than those who surround her.

Rural life highlights the fact that your modern urban life is a sham! It must be the countryside’s fault! Because in her mind, surely she is not at fault. Damn those pesky consequences. At least in the city all of her friends would tell her how fabulous her rubbish life is and how wonderful she is for making such “brave” decisions about her life.

These are the same dysfunction: people have a vision in their minds — defended by the process of living in cities anonymously itself, and the philosophy of humanism — that what they want should be considered right, and that no one can deny it to them. This ignores the fact that most people are delusional most of the time, as Liz Jones’ experience shows us.

The grim fact is that we need something greater than ourselves to live for. We need nature, God and truth. Without those, we simply fall back into the void of our own projection and drama, and then what that fails, we need someone to blame, like Liz Jones, a neurotic Leftist who is quoted above.

Humans find beauty by living for something more than the self. Get caught up in the beauty! — whether of the supernatural, the natural or those ideals which transcend our individual fears and desires — and suddenly life has meaning. Without it, we are all neurotics wandering through the dystopian city, begging for a clue.

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