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A Film About Otherness: Gayniggers From Outer Space (1992)

Gay Niggers From Outer Space from Njurmännen on Vimeo.

Like many good things, this film is an enigma wrapped in an illusion hidden in an ambiguity. Gayniggers From Outer Space is in theory about black people from space; it comes to us from Denmark, where as in most of Europe, the term Americans refer to “the n-word” is not as demonized, since there is no history of black slavery.

However, this film is not about black people. It uses black people as a symbol for the Other, but what is most outsider about these space Africans is that they are flagrantly, flamingly and obsessively homosexual. Their mission is to cure planet Earth of the plague of women that restrains men from their true homosexual selves.

Indeed, that is very outside of our modern comfrot zone. And yet, it makes sense: only those who are total outsiders can see what we struggle with. And what that is, is conflicting self-interest.

You are what you are. That simple phrase reveals so much, yet remains inscrutable. If you are a gay African spaceman, you will want to eliminate women and set men free… to be gay spacemen. If you are a woman, you may have a different perspective.

That is the paradox this movie presents us with. It is not about Africans, or gays, but about Otherness, and how in modern society, we are surrounded by Otherness, and what we secretly desire is to exterminate the Otherness and exist with our own. This movie unveils our psychology, to our great discomfort. A+

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