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Society is sick, as we have corrupted everything. Health doesn’t matter anymore; what used to come naturally and organic through way of life is gone.

Examples include bread, water, fish – the building blocks of human civilization. These three items contain all the macronutrients you need, and the sustainability (water) that keeps bodies mobile. We’ve disconnected ourselves from the sources of these building blocks, and as such, termites and cockroaches pick at the foundation.

Drive down the street in your hometown. Take careful note – while being careful during your own driving, of course – of what others around you are doing. I was taught to drive defensively; to act as if the people driving around me were all morons or, worse, actively pursuing an accident with my vehicle. Sadly, I’ve found this to be not far from the truth.

What do you observe? Cell phones, coffee cups, bickering, laughing. Barely anyone focusing on the road itself; the task at hand. Where is this person going? There is a neat little device called a directional in all vehicles, and yet, it collects dust. It’s not nearly as exciting as the touchscreen navigation. Interesting irony in that. Certainly not as interesting as streaming whatever Pandora thinks is good to listen to from my cell phone into my car’s speakers.

I have a wonderful 2 year old daughter. She loves music. She loves to draw, too. She will sing along to just about anything. And yet, when she saw a black and white video recently, on YouTube, of Dean Martin singing “Volare”, she was mesmerized. It seemed to capture her attention better than any Disney studio executive could ever imagine. Maybe she needs to hear more classical music, or at a minimum, focus on something without so many camera angle swaps and flashing lights per minute. She’s still young, we have time to ensure she doesn’t get too caught up in the world of bright screens, which hides the now supposedly dull world of sticks, holes, yards, outdoors, slides, and fresh air.

Peanut allergies. High fructose corn syrup. Bright screens in our faces at all times, at all hours. Lack of sleep and too much caffeine for an ironically lazy populace. Mercury in our fish, too much fluoride and chemicals in our water, very little healthy to buy on the grocery store shelves, and no time to simply relax.

Society is sick. All sick organisms go one of two ways: cured, or dead. I’d love to be part of the cure. I don’t have a lot of hope that there are enough people to want to be part of the cure, such that this group could affect the organism like a reverse-virus; killing the sick part of the organism and creating something new and better in its place. Time will tell.

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