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Should Conservatives Question The Dogma Of Capitalism And Free Speech?

From my observations while attempting to maintain a non-biased and honest perspective, conservatives fall more on the side the “open society” than the Left does. That is, conservatives support free speech and open debate, tolerance of other lifestyles and an overall willingness to live and let live.

The idea of “live and let live” is, of course, a fallacy. Every system, including capitalism, has its meeting of dawn for the last time. This is the way of the world. If you tolerate your enemies, they end you. Philosophers call live-and-let-live thinking pluralism, meaning the idea that we can agree to disagree, even if ultimately we must make a choice.

In the latter teens of twenty-first century America, censorship has become a rampant success due to Big Tech and their around-the-clock workings against Western-based right-wingers. This is not new; this is not surprising. And it pains me a great deal to witness conservative-minded folk continue to preach the Gospel of Freedom, despite the fact it is not a real, tangible thing. Everything has its restrictions. To say otherwise is to suggest anarchy or even communism. Both systems fail (same for libertarianism) due to the fact they relay on the population being “good people” to one another. This is delusional and dangerous thinking. So, where do right-wingers go from here?

There are a variety of options. We could essentially continue down this path of absolutism, in terms of capitalism, and give the potential risk of rising monopolies who’ll then, in return, be influenced by Big Daddy and leftist politics, or we could attempt to garner as many freedoms as possible until we are strong enough to enforce conservatism through the means of government. Either way, each is a risk and owns a diverse set of factors that give way to a negative outcome or positive outcome.


It has been said we are in the late stages of capitalism where everything becomes more about greed and less about human compassion and charity toward your neighbor. This seems painstakingly obvious to myself. Capitalism is a great idea because it gives way to a hierarchy: the best man for the job. That avoids forced Marxist ideals in both universities and the workforce. Many will not benefit, of course, but that is life.

What happens if a company like Google is allowed to thrive in this competition? They are now the most influential search engine and impact the lives of Americans daily. They are a force to be admired for their strength and empire. But what happens when they become a monopoly and go against the average American due to their own set of politics, preferences, etc? As already seen with YouTube, they’ve stomped out Alex Jones amongst the many other big bad online personalities which either challenge the system, or play their role in influencing folks toward a more right-winged worldview.

The question I’m raising here is this: what happens to conservatives, and how do they respond, when the last stages of capitalism take root and manifest into the ultimate evil of greed? That question seems to be asked by little-to-no conservatives because of their dogmatic belief system.

Free Speech

Free speech does not exist. It literally cannot be measured with empirical evidence. You cannot literally say whatever you want without consequence either by government, society or both. It isn’t complex. So how do right-wingers address this issue? When communist (Marxist, feminist, AntiFa, Black Lives Matter, etc.) are given a platform and spew their anti-conservative rhetoric, then infect the population which then, in return, stomp out the speech of others, or silence them online or kick them off college campuses, how do right-wingers typically respond? More speech, not less speech!

This is a poetic sentiment, but not a logical one. Human nature exposes this as a fraud. This slogan alone suggests that humans are intelligent enough to reason with one another about how to operate the force of the State and come together under the banner of being an American. It’s a utopia-esque belief and that is why it will fail. It may rise to meet the brink of success and pull through, but that will only go so far. It’ll be a temporary victory. History tells of this far too many times and America is no exception; ironically, many Americans on the right are shamefully arrogant enough to believe they are above history, human nature and the wrath of God when they allow liberalism to infest their society due to their libertarian “live and let live” mentality.

The question I’m raising here is this: what happens to conservatives, and how do they respond, when so much speech has been granted to their political adversary who, in return, utilizes the mob to literally stomp out their access to speech themselves? I do not foresee many conservatives (especially the popular well-known ones) asking this question because they still hold steadfast to the dogma which is, ironically enough, killing their mojo.


The live-and-let-live right-wingers perhaps had it right at a time back way when. Does that mean it is still something to adhere to in contemporary America? One must ask themselves what’s the risk? A possible communist uprising? That is a possibility.

It has been written that conservatives are losers. I’d have to agree. They fail at grasping what it means to hold to the manifestation of “live and let live” because they found themselves letting go of the controls of society (a.k.a. government) and, in all their naïve innocence, have handed them over to the group who wishes well to dance on their graves.

The path to hell is truly paved with good intentions.

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