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Periscope (November 16, 2018)

  • Pretty Much All of Media Now Leans Left, Study Shows

    Our media is a propaganda organ. This shows us that it does not matter whether Leftism is state-sponsored or created by freedom and free markets; the validation of herd behavior through relativism disguised as altruism is an inherent human weakness and when we give in to it, our society decays. It takes infinite forms, among them Leftism, democracy, socialism, equality, cults, gangs, feminism, trends, fads, diversity, Communism, and even neoconservatism, but each of these leads to the same place, which is an angry mob demanding that we validate human opinions instead of the demands of reality that some can see but not all can see. Equality means that the human ego comes first before reality, and this The Enlightenment™-era trope has steered us wrong for centuries. We need hierarchy, or placing the best people at the top and having them oppress the herd before it can destroy us.

  • Neo-Nazi’s attorney calls ruling dangerous for free speech

    He’s right. This ruling says that speech can cause someone else emotional distress, and therefore that they have a right to sue you for it. As we all know how the courts gradually expand this sort of thing, we’re heading to the point in the near future where if your kid calls another kid a “poopyhead,” they can run home crying, sue you, and take your house. America just had to reverse its Bill of Rights in order to protect its bourgeois snowflakes.

  • Activists Targeted

    The Left plays the martyr again: Leftist students harass Right-wingers, so Right-wingers wait around with a camera and dox them. At this point, the Leftists start crying about how they are being unfairly targeted and whine to the university they are attending about this. As the old saying goes — it was originally applied to Poles by Germans — “The Leftist cries out as he strikes you.”

  • Comcast Fires Employee Targeted Over Reported Ties to Hate Group

    Comcast, who are likened by many to the Empire from Star Wars fame, have canned a member of an Alt-Lite group. The Proud Boys have no ethnic component; one of their founders, Gavin McInnes, is married to some type of third-world woman, and many members are from other races, plus their focus seems to be “cultural libertarianism” instead of actual nationalism. If anything, these guys are typical conservacuck patriots who decided to take action instead of just throwing tomatoes at the Fox News screen when it reveals the latest outrages by the Left. Calling them a “hate group” is more than just dishonest, it’s inaccurate to the point of insanity.

  • Federal judge blasts Florida for bungled election: ‘Laughingstock of the world’

    This judge assumes that most of America is functional and therefore Florida is a standout. That view is behind the times: in fact, America is over, mainly because Leftists are doing what Florida has been doing in many different ways in many different places. What about the public funds fraud in Houston? The corruption in Detroit? The mysterious pension debacle in Chicago? We destroyed any culture we had in common, first with ethnic diversity and later with racial diversity, and people have been working the system for years. With election 2018, it finally came to the surface in a big enough way that people have simply given up on America and are arming themselves in preparation for the final command.

  • CDC: Suicide rates increasing among American workers

    Gosh, it turns out that cubicle McJob life is miserable especially when you have to go home to a ruined family life thanks to sexual liberation, a ruined community thanks to diversity, a crushing tax burden thanks to the welfare state, and screwed-up kids thanks to public education and media. Why not just kill yourself? There’s nothing to live for when your civilization is failing this hard.

  • Fury over rare white lion being auctioned off ‘to be shot by trophy hunters’

    You know, humanity, the problem is that most of you are simply arrogant pricks. You see something in the world and assume that it is there for you as an individual to use however you like. You do not think about what role it plays, or how its beauty and goodness can be maximized, only what you can cram down your gullet, whether literally or in terms of stroking your ego, looking cool to your peers, or even having something to talk about at the water cooler. Maybe if we implemented worldwide eugenics that killed off all the egotists, humanity would be worth believing in again. The remaining half-billion people would be our best anyway.

  • Florida orders first ever statewide hand-recounts as legal fights continue

    Most people have not realized it yet, but these elections ended America. Yup, 1776-2018. When this much distrust and alienation exists in a population, it is no longer a country, but a series of groups waiting for the right time to kill each other. Well, idiots, we told you that democracy destroys civilizations, that diversity would splinter us, and that Leftism is a path to solipsism, narcissism, and insanity. You “knew better,” and now you pay the price. It’s time to get ready: as you walk down the street, have a plan to kill everyone you meet, because most of them are from different tribes. Every time you kill a Leftist, an angel gets its wings.

  • Abrams prepares push for new Georgia Gov. vote

    Fat criminal diversity candidate wants to take over however she can, and is taking advantage of Leftist election stealing to argue that her election was stolen, giving her team extra time to bus in felons, homeless, the dead, etc. and then engage in their usual hobby of filling out extra ballots. The solution is physical removal of Leftists.

  • Prince William’s extraordinary intervention as he accuses Facebook of putting ‘profit before values’

    Of course it’s profits before values. I will defend Facebook on this: profits-before-values is what happens when you adopt diversity, because with diversity you can have no set of values in common (except Leftist ideology, of course).

  • Judge rules Mueller can proceed with case against Russian firm linked to alleged troll farm

    Another sneaky way around free speech. They are going to claim that Russian trolls disrupted this election, when really the Russians were one of thousands of lobbyist groups injecting their propaganda into social media. Since social media makes us money (in theory) the American lawmakers are going to blame specific groups instead of noticing that social media has way too much influence and needs to be broken up.

  • Khmer Rouge leaders to face genocide verdict for first time

    Is the world finally waking up to Communist crimes? The worst killers of the twentieth century were all Leftists, sort of like the nineteenth century and eighteenth century. Perhaps we should just make Leftism illegal and exterminate or deport all Leftists.

  • We are prepared for Britain to cancel Brexit, says EU president

    The EU wanted no Brexit, so they made the process as difficult as possible, and Britain’s A-student political types wandered right into the trap. This is why Farage bailed out: he knew that the astutely blockheaded people in charge of Britain would bungle it because they make their living by taking things at face value, not looking deeply into human motivations and thus strategies. Just exit; your economy is powerful enough that the greedy thieves at the EU will sign up with you because they have to.

  • Facebook reports a massive spike in government demands for data, including secret orders

    Most people still do not know this, but internet services were always compromised. When the cops show up and say they need information, the braggart nerds tend to tell them to sod off, so the cops return with a subpoena that allows them to seize “all relevant equipment,” effectively shutting the business down since they won’t see that equipment again — if at all — for several years. The nerds shut up quickly and hand over the data. Every time.

  • Video shows white Kansas official telling a black woman he is ‘part of the master race’

    People are getting sick of race guilt and, now that America is officially divided by our failed 2018 elections, they really do not care what the other side thinks. The Left believes that we still see them as participates in a debate. No, you ruined that, you stupid Leftists; now we simply see you as targets, and we’re looking forward to the day when we can kill you or drive you out of our country, because you have been bullying us for the better part of a century.

  • Disguised ‘illegal’ voters cost Republicans midterm victories: Trump

    We know that similar things have happened in the past, so he is most likely correct (and not alone in this assessment). This is how democracies end: no one can agree on what is true and real, and so we are all special interest groups pulling the center apart, a center that we weakened with democracy and diversity. With these elections, the USA has for all practical purposes ceased to exist.

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