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Selection Bias

For your reading pleasure, an alternate vision of recent history:

Societies are primarily biological, consisting of human ecosystems. This becomes complicated when societies implement anything other than a naturalistic — markets, ethnically-contiguous populations, apprenticeships, social classes, culture, religion, aristocrats — type of social order; these alternative orders are called “Systems.”

Where natural order aims at a goal in itself, mainly the success of civilization, Systems aim at a goal of themselves. This means that the System, not reality itself, determines who succeeds, and therefore who thrives. Choosing the wrong System can re-make society in the image of that System not just politically, but genetically.

During the post-Civil War years, the American states adopted a System based on Federalism, or the idea that a central government would control its population in the name of their best interests. Those who did not go along with this change found themselves cut out of power and wealth.

After World War I, the power of the System accelerated not just through government, but through an economy which had become increasingly inter-dependent. Those who opted for traditional methods of earning a living found themselves cut out of many prospects as well.

The watershed however was the Second World War. Where the first war had seemed like a quest for stability in Europe, the second round was clearly about democracy versus any other option. Even more, it showed Leftist powers in the West and Russia aligning themselves against non-Leftist powers.

After that war, the real selection occurred. People who were not good with Leftism found themselves being excluded from positions of official power in the 1950s. The result was a conservative backlash, and while it produced some successes, it could not protect the average person from exclusion from opportunity because of having the wrong politics.

The Right adapted by creating the neoconservative wing which made “socially acceptable” versions of conservative ideas, but these then neutered the Right to also be aligned against such ideologically-incorrect notions. This in turn legitimized the strategy of filtering out people who had the wrong opinions.

This led in turn to the immigration law changes of 1965, with (apparently) the consent of both parties, and except for a few flare-ups here and there, the train to Leftism has moved smoothly. The way to success is through socially popular opinions, and in the postwar West, those are exclusively Leftist, even when “conservative.”

What this means is that for nearly the past two centuries, our society has been filtering out those who do not agree with the direction upon which it embarked and which it decided was correct. This filtering means that those who do not get with the Party line and start repeating it find themselves impoverished and driven out of the cities.

It seems odd that no one questioned this rather Soviet mechanism, but it was borne of ideological warfare. The Civil War was a clash of civilizations — the Anglo-Saxon South versus the mixed-European North — disguised as an ideological disagreement. The world wars followed this pattern as well, and when people see an idea as the only path to victory, they tend to adopt it stubbornly.

At this point, the tide is turning because the ideas on which we relied for safety and success are delivering neither. The back is broken on the ideologically correct media train, our politicians and economies have failed, and people want out of a System which filters out people who do not follow the Leftist zombie-robot dogma.

If the System is abolished or otherwise reversed, the index of selection will change again to reward those who are good at achieving results, unlike the talking heads of the Barack Obama and Angela Merkel nature who are good at affirming the narrative that makes the bourgeois mind comfortable. At that point, evolution will begin to work in our favor again, instead of by removing the sane so the insane are conveniently mentally comfortable.

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