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The Managerial Elite only knows one paradigm. They manage things. They so endeavor from the top down. They locate “Top” in an assumptive, solipsistic, and relativistic fashion. Wherever they happen to stand is “Top.” Those located elsewhere find themselves managed and will obey.

Management as defined by those trained only to manage works on a basis of voluntary compliance. The people under the parlance of management have to accept the Managerial Elite and their relativisitic and self-dealing definition of “Top.” The Managerial Elite justifies their definition of “Top” based upon a set of what they tell us are meritocratic credentials. These credentials consist of degrees, licenses, organizational rank, and postion. These four sets of credentials then signify that these individuals should dictate and not stand open to question.

Since a Managerial Society has no natural hierarchy, the hierarchy stands contrived, signalled, and accepted based on an extrinsic and artificial definition of merit. The degrees, licenses, ranks and positions are to the Managerial Elite what the garish, ornate hats are to a band of Shriners. As long as everyone agrees to accept the credentials, the managerial society maunders on like a quaint, old-fashioned Shriner Parade to nowhere.

This obviously works until it does not. Absent the consent of those people, the entire paradigm fails. When the management paradigm fails, a competition ensues. The competition involves an argument of what exactly constititues merit. Do the licenses and degrees signify power, or unearned privelege? Do they signify competence, or dumb luck? Competition then allows the bystanders to learn.

Famous UCLA Basketball Coach, John Wooden, offers insight as to what the observers may learn. “Competition,” He opined. “Does not build character. It reveals it.”

Tucker Carlson recalls an old insight from the 1960s about what shows clearly when Liberals are forced to compete.

Scratch a liberal and you’ll find a fascist. Today on Twitter, an Obama DHS official called Juliette Kayyem called for violence against the truckers. “Slash their tires,” she demanded, but don’t stop there. “Cancel their insurance, suspend their driver’s licenses, prohibit any future regulatory certification for truckers, etc. Have we learned nothing? Fellow members of the ruling class? These things fester when there are no consequences.”

Everyone who coins this old aphorism, Tucker included, says this like it is a bad thing. For the average Leftist, it certainly smacks of hypocrisy. The menopausal Obama-Karen quoted above would swear up and down she went into public service for the people. She went from Cat Lady to Cat Fancier out of a sense of fear and self-preservation. Fascism comes naturally to those afraid of reduction to a brutal state of nature.

The Obama Toady never entered public service for all of the people. Like Cat Fancier, she got into public service to serve a smaller subset of people that she considered her kind. All it required was for a bunch of unshaven, shabbily dressed truck drivers to scratch The Cat Lady a bit. When stuff got real, she got real. Competition, even a few hundred miles away, and outside of her own country, revealed her character.

She went into public service so that the public could serve her. So did most of the rest of her cohorts in The Amerikan version of The Managerial Elite. The Covid-19 policies, The Global Warming policies, The War on Certain Drugs, and The Ukranian Front of that war we have always been fighting against Eurasia all serve one purpose. That purpose has very little to do with anything that benefits an average, non-elite Amerikan peon.

All of these policies drive towards optimizing the material gain of an entire class of sludge-grey drones like Lefty-Frump Juliette Kayyem. If she had been less obviously architypical in her ignorance and hatred, I could say the same things in a similar post featuring some other midwit of an overcredentialed moral midget.

What Juliette Kayyem fails to see above her pigeonholed, street level reality is that everyone else will channel pure, uncut reality as well. She will not be the only fascist. If she is not the most capable and aggressive fascist, then she will not be the one who manages either the gas chambers or the ovens. Those who manage the ovens determine which people are ovenable.

Another detail she overlooks involves how lucky she continues to remain. When these truckers are still honking around town, this implies that they are still open to talking with The Managerial Elite in charge up north. The real fascism starts occurring about 45 days after the truckers just drive on home and put their feet up on the couch.

This will occur once Justin Trudeau has issued his emergency decree, and started revoking licenses, insurance, and permission for these people to work. Once the truckers have accpted that they are not worthy of the honor of delivering grocieries to any Trader Joe’s in Toronto, then the countdown to nine missed meals begins. Then Justin Trudeau, Juliette Kayyem, and all of the rest of these beautiful people will find out how well they manage in a state of competitive, desperate, and motivated fascism.

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