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Nine Missed Meals From Curing COVID

We have the cure for infection. It sits right on the table in front of us. It is obvious, if anyone has the courage to reach for that elixir. It might have a few side effects worthy of a ridiculous pharmaceutical commercial but here goes.

In 1906, Alfred Henry Lewis stated, “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.” Since then, his observation has been echoed by people as disparate as Robert Heinlein and Leon Trotsky. The key here is that, unlike all other commodities, food is the one essential that cannot be postponed. If there were a shortage of, say, shoes, we could make do for months or even years. A shortage of gasoline would be worse, but we could survive it, through mass transport or even walking, if necessary.

Now all of that sounds really Alt-Right and extreme. Extremely extreme. It sounds hard and mean. However, it is no longer difficult. Not anymore. It is easy. The capable, diligent, and intelligent can shut the leviathan down tomorrow. You do not have to be mean or offensive. I doubt that the snooze button is a product of White Supremacy.

Even as we speak, The Cope Convoy trucks on towards Ottawa, Canada. The Working Man is going to show The Soy Management Suite a thing or two.

Truck drivers in Canada are protesting vaccine mandates on their industry with a massive convoy that may break a world records. “It’s 70 km long,” Benjamin Dichter, spokesman for the Freedom Convoy 2022, told the Toronto Sun. “I have seen footage from an airplane. It’s impressive.” The Freedom Convoy left from Vancouver for Ottawa on Sunday to protest the federal government’s vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers, which took effect on Jan. 15. The Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates that roughly 15% of truckers in the country are not fully vaccinated, or about 16,000 truck drivers.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has predictably decried the truckers as radicals and grease-stained troglodytes. Acceptable Canadians won’t accept any freight from truckers who have only had three of the mandatory fourteen vaccination shots. The unvaccinated Canadian trucker joins an untouchable untercaste and needs to bow down and get shot up. Science be damned. We discuss religious heresy here.

This arrogant and blind dedication to the new faith leads the woke to sleepwalk. Evil Canadian Vax Denialists could ruin things in Ottawa. They do not need to drive their trucks. They do not need to honk their horns. They could end Post-Modern Canada in a month-and-a-half. Just put the trucks in Park. Stop burning the diesel. They could each do their part to prevent Global Warming. From the couch. Expending no effort whatsoever.

We can take a concept from Newtonian Physics and treat it like a Platonic Form. Expanding the Work-Energy Theory without loss of generality gives us a common cultural aphorism that people of European ancestry just get without having to grok too hard. “You get out of it, what you put into it.” TANSTAAFL.

The expression conveys the idea that things appearing free always have some cost paid by somebody, or that nothing in life is truly free.

The Ottawa Truckers just need to let Karen ship her own COVID shots to every Rite-Aid box in Toronto. Let her restock every fuel pump and grocery store as well. They are not good enough. They have not had all fourteen booster shots. You do not really want those people touching your Cobb Salad. Fine. Just do what Prime Minister Justine says. To the letter.

Tune out. Chill out. Fvck off. Let the smart people handle it. What is the worst thing that could happen? A Joe Biden Administration in The Cold, White North?

This, like the Work-Energy Theorem can be extended without loss of generality. The Great Resignation is the cure for pandemic. This becomes particularly necessary when the pandemic is more ideological rather than epidemiological. If Health Care is a control structure, rather than a public service, then other necessary social functions can also provide political advantage. Let The Managerial State go manage. It is harder to optimize without any labor input.

When things like White Guilt and The Protestant Work Ethic become algorithmic mind-fvcks, a truism of democracy becomes hideously clear. Any code of honor that you hold can and will be used against you in a democracy. Stop burdening yourself with honor around the normies. You do not have to rage against the machine. Just lounge against it. Let smart people drive all the trucks. Soon you will be nine missed meals away from the end of the pandemic.

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