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Removing The Parasites And Their Justifications

A commenter writes:

Universal Education.
Human rights.
Women’s rights.
Gay rights.

All these things are entirely destructive, and none of them can be criticized.
Their removal, over time, would go a long way towards the restoration of a functional civilization.

Most people view the task of restoring civilization as this long and burdensome road to some new and ambiguous system, forgetting (apparently) that we had a more functional society as little as eighty years ago, and we can return to it by ceasing to do the stupid stuff we have made mandatory since then.

When one understands Crowdism as a pathology and not a political philosophy, it becomes clear that most people are unnecessary and therefore parasitic. They cannot achieve civilization on their own nor will they support it if given power. This is why in the past, we put them in lower castes and ignored their opinions entirely.

Our society still does the same thing, incidentally, but instead of picking good people to lead us, we choose people who are good at making themselves rich using government and the vast population of useless people as consumers. These are naturally manipulative, corrupt and reality-denying obliviots like Barack 0bama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and François Hollande.

Through equality, and the vote to legitimize parasitism as equal to contribution and therefore to justify both government power and all these great “free” benefits programs, societies destroy themselves. Equality is the opposite of quality, and without quality, you get third-world levels of social function, and eventually third-world people show up to displace you since you are not doing any better than they are, but have more wealth.

A healthy future can begin for us by simply removing the many justifications of the parasites and the laws that support them, including the list above. If that were done, society would naturally head toward an equilibrium where quality rose above the quantity-obsessed herd.

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