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Breaking The Golden Straight-Jacket


In voting to invoke (((The BREXIT))) Great Britain has broken the chains and wraps of the golden straight-jacket. They have panicked the electronic herd. The true, blue, diaspora sent the iniquitous orc tribes of Londinistan as well as the niggling Kobold Scots to the woodshed for a right and proper hiding. The have decapitated their Cuckservative PM – thereby telling the establishment Tories to go bugger the very horses they have stolen. Bully for Old John Bull.

To understand the evil of such globalizing organizations as the EU is to understand the worldview and goals of people like Thomas Friedman. Thomas Friedman is important and smart. He is SARCASM so smart and important that he writes for the (((Gnu Yawk Times.))) SARCASM He wasn’t always a joke. At one point, in the Mid-00’s, he was perspicacious and honest in his diabolism. Thomas Friedman, you see was the champion of Globalization. He wrote a manual for enslaving the masses entitled The Lexus and The Olive Tree.

In this particular satanic text, Friedman set forth the economic mechanism by which globalism would succeed where Genghis Khan came up a few horses and arrows short. The mechanism of tyranny is economic and consists of two key components. There is the golden straight-jacket and the electronic herd. The golden straight-jacket is a set of constraining rules that forces a society to behave in a way that the Davos Man finds pleasing and amenable. The electronic herd is a large consortium of investors that can flood a country with hot cash or short them leading to an economic drought. To take the money of the electronic herd is to sign up for all the constraints and humiliations of the golden straight-jacket. An addiction to the OxyContin cash flow of from the electronic herd enslaves a nation and confines them to the golden straight-jacket.

Great Britain broke free. Like Christ dispelling the demons who called themselves Legion, they have sent the pigs of the electronic herd over the cliff of their own delusional arrogance. With the golden straight-jacket broken and the electronic herd swept to sea, men of true virtue will realize the emptiness of the threats and the deceit contained in the promises from organizations such as the UN, the EU and all other such organizations. The international capital may gleam like gold, but the impact of taking on the organic cultures of nations is forever Faustian.

So Morgan Stanley warns us about a possible Brexit (((contagion.))) Oh, please don’t throw us in that briar-patch. Morgan Stanley tells us why we should be very scared…

In the event of a Brexit, its implications would reach well beyond the UK to the rest of Europe. Some countries look more exposed than others, but the overall impact would be negative for growth, negative for the euro, and negative for European equity markets.

So do tell us, Morgan Stanley, what is your economic outlook for the TEXIT? Or let’s have another go from the SNP. Socialism sure would look funny in a kilt. Wouldn’t it just break your heart if the EU were to take a dirt nap?

‘The EU cannot survive. It is too undemocratic, corruption is too high, the Eurocrats’ ambition is too much, there is too much money in the gravy train. ‘It makes ordinary people raving mad.

And that, is what happens when empires fall. They no longer represent the needs of their people. They only represent the corrupt and puerile whims of a debauched and cynical elite. It’s amazing how much Modern Amerika is similar to the EU.

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