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Let us distill things a little bit, but try to do so without losing important parts of the whole.

You are living on a rounded rock hurtling through space, entirely dependent on its sun and other planets, which at any minute may be eliminated by other celestial objects.

Fortunately, your species has mastered the rudiments of technology — when you have intergalatic travel, then you will be “advanced” — and has separated itself from the stress of the immediate struggle for survival.

Unfortunately, this has not translated into what it promised, which was lives of leisure where people pursued non-commercial ends like art, culture, learning and social generosity. Instead, everyone works constant and retreats from society into sealed-off homes and bars.

People live in a type of existential fug where they fear death so much that they have discarded any issue which touches on it or its significance, including religion, purpose, meaning, joy, self-fulfillment and love. They have replaced these with plastic surrogates.

The planet is the in the grip of two economic systems. The first, which we might call the people-based system, demands that every person be employed and paid regardless of performance. It tends to fail and leave behind impoverished, aimless societies. The other, which we might call product-based, rewards those who create or produce things that other people want, but in the process changes the goal from “vital things” to “things people desire.”

As with so many things, there appear to be no answers to this dilemma, because in the way people think, concepts take precedence over reality. If someone supports the people-based system, there is no altering it with other methods because then the symbol loses its purity, and to preserve that purity, the borders of the symbol must be made to exist in reality. Most people on earth spend most of their time upholding the purity of symbols.

Let us consider socialism: we subsidize those who are below average, at the expense of those above average, so that we maintain pacifism, or the idea that no conflict is needed within or without of a civilization. The result is that those who are less competent experience the same benefits as the competent, to a net disadvantage to the competent. The future under this regime: reign of the incompetent.

But let us swing over to the other side. Raw capitalism rewards those who provide the products that are most popular. Not that dissimilar to voting, is it? The herd triumphs here: the mediocre product, which pleases those who are least competent, wins out over the finer. This, too, is a dead end:

The big box American beers fail by being perfect products: essentially alcohol-added beer-flavored soda, they please the 90% who are unthinking about what they consume other than noticing that “other people are doing it,” therefore are susceptible to advertising. Then there are about ten thousand IPAs who are unique and well-crafted according to what the committee of people who decide what is important in their profession agree is important, but have one-dimensional taste at a cost higher than that is worth. In the middle is a dwindling number of beers that are drinkable, affordable and for lack of a better term “pleasant” or flavorful enough in an order of flavors that communicates a pleasant drinking experience.

…The tragedy of the American beer aisle reminds me of what happened to heavy metal: we are suffering from abundance, but worse, the A-students are now running the game instead of the C-students. To be an A-student, you have to distill the process of learning into a linear activity that involves many small details which are not correlated; to be a C-student, you get the “gist” and then bullshit your way from there. The C-students understand life; the A-students understand how to appear competent to a group of people, which is to say they are masters of the surface, and of no depth. Metal and beer are now made by A-students. The A-student MBAs make the big box American beers by cutting costs to what their polls say are the concerns of 90% of their audience, like politicians or dealers in drugs not yet synthesized. The A-student art students make hipster IPAs that are unique and in themselves, by the standards of the arty beer community, “unique” but they have not assembled the flavors into a single whole; again, it is a list of detail.

…Society is its own worst enemy. People are blockheads who insist, in order to justify their own cleverness, that they can do better by subdividing every task and then agreeing on what the parts should be, thus forgetting the whole because it reminds them of higher meaning, like the untouchable wisdom of nature or the possibility of gods or even the chance that all is totally meaningless and “random” in the universe. They then formalize these parts through education, certification and industry committee, and because they all agree and people keep buying them, insist they have achieved victory. Instead what they have done is import Soviet-level conditions into the American capitalist model of plenty. They can do this because the human blockhead is the only thing that is universal among humans.

The libertarian ideal of capitalism over all else will not work, nor will its opposite, which denies capitalism in order to have equality. In both cases, an economic system — a means to an end — has become an end in itself. And being mechanistic by nature, and thoughtless, this system runs itself to self-destruction by achieving total dominance and then forcing a collision between the ideals of that system and reality, which is a more comprehensive order.

Democracy does not work. With the fall of the US Constitution sometime in the 1860s and fully in the 2010s, it has become clear that the document designed to limit democracy from becoming mob rule has instead enabled that process to happen. Democracy fails because people have no direct responsibility for their votes, so they act selfishly and then blame an intangible — “the voters” or the politicians in general — for the failure of their own leadership.

Even more, we must acknowledge that biology is destiny. Most people, on the order of all but one percent of the population, cannot figure out the complex issues of leadership, and in fact will be crazed. The worst offenders are the clever or smart but not brilliant who hang out from 115 to 135 on the IQ scale, and tend to vote with their damaged self-confidence and in light of theories designed to prove their own cleverness.

The idea that democracy could be limited to the intelligent is also nonsense. Democracy corrupts people. You cast a vote, but face no real consequences for that choice, whether it is good or bad. Further, to get a vote to happen, issues have to be simplified and sweetened to make them memorable, which distorts meaning and corrupts expectations. Finally, the act of voting is itself an abandonment of the idea of finding the right answer, just like throwing a decision to a committee is. Democracy makes people mentally and morally lazy in any dose.

This puts at an ugly point: all methods known to us are failure-prone. To a Traditionalist, modernity is the time after we decided to stop doing what has worked for all of history, and instead to rely on conjectural untested methods for their emotional value and thus popularity. In other words, all of the methods we have now are failure prone, but there are other methods.

However, because those contradict the fundamental assumption of our time — equality — which is also the most popular notion in human history, we do not consider them.

This leads us to the Fermi Paradox. Enrico Fermi, a physicist, postulated that if aliens existed, they would have the time and technology to travel the universe. In that case, a paradox occurs because we have seen nothing of them.

A number of explanations have been advanced. One is that they, knowing we are in a more primitive state, are hiding. Another is that they control us, or have otherwise blinded us to their presence (the They Live theory, to which all anti-Semites and anti-whites should switch immediately). Some insist they simply do not exist.

I advance a simpler idea: all advanced civilizations, up until this point, have destroyed themselves by exactly the same method. Like ancient Rome and Greece, they failed to hold together toward a purpose, became egalitarian, and this led them down a path of increasing degrees of equality-based actions to which no one could say NO.

As a result, these societies enter a death spiral of pursuing unrealistic ideological dreams and then being unable to mentally accept the reason for the failure of these pursuits, resulting in pathological application of failed policy until the civilization self-destructs and ends up as a subsistence, third-world style society.

Leftism is just our version of this egalitarian delusion. In this view, it is not just another political option, but a death trap, a mirage or illusion that ensnares the unwary. Think of it as a Venus Flytrap, luring in musca domestica with the promise of possible food, then gradually encasing him in a grave he does not recognize until it is too late.

There are other traps in life, too. Addiction, perversity, gambling, and obesity all come to mind as common human failings and yet, when tested on lab animals, the same behaviors emerge. These are the one category of universal behaviors, which is a tendency to engage in illusory thinking for short-term reward. Leftism formalizes these as moral good.

When the founding assumption of your society is based on a lie, nothing you do can succeed. As soon as the egalitarian insanity takes over, good people stop participating and generally self-destruct because they see the futility of even trying to have a sane and normal life. This eliminates them, and leaves only greedy morons and parasites, which is why great empires are followed by mud huts and rain dances.

This is where the alt right leaves behind the mainstream right. It realizes that we are not just fighting for our countries, and not just for civilization, but for our species. If we do not conquer our inner impulse toward illusion, it will conquer us, and we will become another silent star while another species, somewhere in the vast heavens, will take our place. We are expendable.

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