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Racial Conscience As A Big, Knotty Stick


Being (((Anti-Racist))) gives you a remarkably handy get-out-of-jail-free card. You can attack, defame, you can otherize, you can ruin. You can vituperatively fire a guy who is receiving chemotherapy and simultaneously virtue-signal while you can him if you are appropriately (((Anti-Racist))). It is the ultimate bludgeon and knotted, hickory bully stick.

If you want to indulge in sordid class bigotry, make sure the poor upon whom you urinate upon are first demeaned as racist. You can ridicule the poor, dumb Hookworm People with your special, sophisticated buddies and come off looking better than St Francis of Assisi in the process. And nothing is more fun to the small-minded, midget-hearted prig than the opportunity to piss on someone and get thanked for it and called a good fellow.

If you want to betray someone shamelessly in public, make sure you claim they are racist first. (((Anti-racism))) may not have washed the blood off of Lady Macbeth’s hands, but it could have been like that foamy, weird-smelling hand sanitizer goop.

(((Anti-racism))) essentially justifies any sort of skull-fvckery, libel, slander, tergiversation, ostracism, or purging that any properly credentialed SWPL wants to inflict on one of The Hookworm People. It’s the Pale Penis version of The Race Card™ and it doubles as a “Get Out of Morality Free” Card in the DC version of Monopoly.

Perhaps that is why the hollowing out of the (((Anti-Racist))) racket is the worst thing that Donald Trump’s candidacy has done to the Republican Establishment. Their own actions, chosen of their own free wills, in response to his successful primary candidacy, have revealed them to be dung beetles rather than sh!tlords. Their own actions, chosen of their own free will, have revealed the hideous, sniggering contempt they hold for the people who used to believe they were defenders and champions. So they seek refuge behind the (((Anti-Racist))) aegis. That, rather than patriotism, has become the last refuge of scoundrels.

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