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Flag Day


Today is Flag Day in the United States of America, where we honor the American flag.

But I cannot.

The United States was built on a single principle: that by limiting democracy, we might be able to ensure that the competent rule over the rest. Instead, over time and erosion by entropy, what we have is mob rule — a state to which all democracies occur — as this country heads into third-world status through the importation of third-world people and the dumbing-down of its citizens, marginalizing the intelligent and burdening them with excess labor.

Western civilization is not its governments. These governments have failed, and the US and EU are both obsolete and problematic.

We need a different way. Perhaps instead of trying to shape mediocre people into good ones through endless rules which are quickly circumvented, we should choose our best people to rule over the rest.

No one is equal.

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