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President Blutarsky Will Eat The Peach Mints

In the classic comedy Animal House, Blutarsky asked the eternal question. “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” We then read in the end credits of the movie that he goes on to be elected to the US Senate. It was over when Blutarsky said it was over.

That was Hollywood, but we’ve all probably met some guy with a touch of The Blutarsky Magic. Blutarsky is essentially a non-intellectual oaf who gets by with his stupidity because of his audacity and personal charisma. Behold the mighty power of Dunning-Kruger and never underestimate the unintellectual person.

So what would be the opposite of Blutarsky? It would be the intellectual drone. The maundering bureaucrat who could tell you exactly which sub-codicil of the relevant CLIN was persuant to the most unimpressive matter imaginable. This person would be empoisoned instead of animated. They would have no sense of daring, but could only be motivated by fear and hate. The darker side to the power of Dunning-Kruger would fill them with a toxic loathing and resentment for the people who don’t even try to live as deep thinkers, but who still just find that way to muddle on through to the top in life.

These brilliant copysetters and scribes of unimaginative rote are infuriated when some Blutarsky just says “Eat Me” and drives The Deathmobile through all of their carefully hijacked narratives and institutions. When confronted and then confounded by some guy like Blutarsky who never plays by any of their rules and then still gets to elected to The US Senate, the mediocrity monkeys get driven into a turd-chucking frenzy.

This sets the stage for Congressman Jarrod Nadler’s beetle-like crawl towards the impeachment of President Blu…Oops, President Donald Trump. So if Congressman Nadler was the rotiferous Dean Wormer, the cast of our post-modern Animal House was strikingly incomplete. We’ve got Blutarsky combing it over in The White House, and we’ve got our Wormer crawling about his schlub-like, overrated existence in the ironically-named House of Representatives. Until Dean Nadler called his Constitutional Law Experts to overawe us with their vastly futile minds; we just didn’t have our Doug Neidermeyer yet.

Enter Dr. Pamela Karlan. According to The Urban Dictionary, the Professor had truly found her moment.

A person of higher seniority than you who has contempt for you and who willfully goes out of his/her way to make your life miserable.

Pamela Karlan went above and beyond yesterday. She hath yea, verily ascended to The Archetype of The Piss-Biting Shrew. Her testimony did not bring legal expertise to bear on the deep and solemn issue of whether to impeach President Blutarsky. It popped a suppurating pustual of post-menopausal nuerosis deeply analogous the current state of the Amerikan Empire. Rather than the cute, little cat pictures from Zuckerface, what we got yesterday was the yowl of the pointless, spoiled bitch kitty.

Nadler may have assumed that bringing Pamela Karlan to speak was a stroke of brilliance but she was the nail in the coffin of impeachment. She, even more than the two men, is the epitome of the contempt the left has for the American people. Her arrogance, her oh-so-planned but unwise and cruel joke about President Trump’s son as her punchline should be all anyone needs to hear to understand exactly who these people are. These are not the people who should be entrusted with the education of our young people. They are not teaching them to think; they are teaching them to capitulate unthinkingly to their progressive will. If their students resist, they are pilloried, made outcasts on their campuses.

So just how awful was this credential-bearing cretin? This bad

Karlan reportedly was considered for a Supreme Court appointment by Barack Obama, but rejected as too radical. She also was reported to be on Hillary Clinton’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees. Karlan came across as an obsessive Trump-hater. She testified that on one occasion, she was walking down a sidewalk and came to a Trump hotel. She said that she crossed the street so she wouldn’t have to pass in front of the Trump property. That’s some objective “expert” witness!
But Karlan’s worst moment came when she dragged the Trumps’ 13-year-old son Barron into a prepared joke…

So we learned yesterday that The Donald can’t make Barron into a Baron. If the young man is your average Amerikan 13-year-old, Melania should worry more about whether he’s able to survive Algebra II/Trig in a couple of years. To quote Coach Mora. “PLAYOFFS!?” Thank you, Enlightened One! As we say in fly-over regions not yet run through by the coruscating brilliance of Stanford Law. “Bless your heart, Dr. Karlan.”

So this is how Donald Trump will remain President for four more years. We know the Dems have to impeach him or face The Box Wine Maenads of the mid-life crisis bureaucracy. The Dems know they have to do it or else face the wrath. They know that we know that they know they have to. And we all know what ended up happening with “Norton” in that old comedy skit with Eddie Murphy as Ralph Kramden.

Literaly nothing that Pamela Karlan had to say had a bearing on anything that will happen in the next two months. She was nothing but a hollow woman. Like her day job, she was just there to fill a seat and bear a credential. If her teaching mirrors her testimony, then the three credit hours she bestows will make a far bigger difference in her students’ legal career than any particular “wisdom” she may offer up during one her lectures. That unbearable whiteness and unbearable lightness of being part of the Left Wing Psuedo-Intelligensia makes her hate Donald Trump the way The Turks despise The Kurds.

There is an apt story of two guys doing a radio broadcast of an old New York Yankees game. One guy described how shortstop Tony Kubek could handle any grounder, cover the widest range, and make all the throws a great shortstop had to make. His partner had obviously grown bored with the maundering and remarked. “Yeah, he could field an agitated horse-fly.” At that point, the broadcast partner could simply drop the mic. It was all said and done.

Donald Trump is that guy. While the increasingly neurotic and incoherent professional bureaucracy babbles on, The Donald just says and does. Only what needs to be said and done. He is Blutarsky and he lives. The success of someone like that utterly obliterates the existence narrative of people who can only operate within the framework of some managerial paradigm. Blutarsky is an angel of death to these people. That’s why sixty-three million Amerikans voted for him. His unspoken campaign motto was “Eat me.” The Box Wine Maenads are too self-unaware of their fallen and pathetic state not to at least try and oblige.

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