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Who Is Still Active?

After the Alt Right rose and fell, many logged off or found that keeping a blog was too much work. As a result, there has been a generational shift among writers on the Right. Lots of the old guard are out there reading and not writing.

However, many carry on, some with a renewed sense of purpose, since with the death of the Alt Right trend the actual Alt Right — which was always there — can take center stage. Now we are talking about the difficult ideas instead of the woo.

I went through my bookmarks and looked to see who is still publishing from my original list. Undoubtedly, I am missing many resources, but I threw together a list of those who are still active from my original list, in addition to the links list on the site:

As you can see, this mixes mainstream and underground sources because I tend to read both with about the same level of intensity. There’s some good stuff in there, and proof that the Alt Right and Dissident Right is carrying on strong, although perhaps with a different mix of voices than before.

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