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What can we expect if Joe Biden becomes President? Michael Anton summarizes:

More of all the trends, policies, and practices that revolutionized American life in the 1960s, that enrich the ruling class and its foot soldiers at middle America’s expense, erode our natural and constitutionally guaranteed rights and liberties, degrade our culture and its people, and dishonor our heritage and history. The war on those who self-identify as Americans, and only as Americans, who love their country despite its flaws—who are certain in their bones that its strengths and glories vastly outweigh its historic and present shortcomings—waged by those who hate America and Americans, who want to destroy the former and crush the latter, will go on.

Anarcho-tyranny” will perhaps be the most defining characteristic of the next Democrat administration:

[T]he combination of oppressive government power against the innocent and the lawabiding and, simultaneously, a grotesque paralysis of the ability or the will to use that power to carry out basic public duties such as protection of public safety.

The fractious Left-liberal coalition is divided on important issues about foreign policy, environmentalism, economics, and healthcare. To gloss over those divisions, everyone left of center tries to focus on their common enemies — for the last four years, opposition to Donald Trump was the glue that kept together all the squabbling factions. A Democrat President will need something (or somebody) new, and whatever it is will face the might of America’s sprawling surveillance state, judicial overreach, and militarized police. Meanwhile, rioters, looters, antifa, and Black Lives Matter will be handled with kid gloves, even more than they are now.

After last summer’s riots, I listed specifics for readers hoping to be better prepared for the fire next time. I recommend them even more highly now.

  1. Buy guns.

    The last time gun rights came before the Supreme Court was District of Columbia v. Heller in 2008. The ruling was on the side of gun rights by a single vote. It is not paranoia to fear the loss of your rights. British citizens enjoyed gun rights until shortly after World War One, and now have some of the strictest gun laws in the world. France is not far behind, with anti-gun laws so tough that after the Charlie Hebdo shootings, the leftist press wondered how the terrorists got their weapons. Chilean citizens lost their right to private gun ownership during their brief Marxist experiment in the 1970s.

    It could get harder and harder to buy weapons, so buy them while you can. Support the National Rifle Association (NRA) or similar groups, such as Gun Owners of America (GOA). They fight legal battles and put pressure on politicians to protect the Second Amendment; they need your help.

  2. Home school your children, and support home schooling groups.

    Much like gun rights, the right to teach your own children could disappear; it has already happened in many European countries. Even in the US, homeschooling used to be much more regulated and restricted than it is today. That changed because of the hard work of advocacy groups, largely backed by religious interests. Homeschooling will increasingly become attractive not just to religious parents, but whites generally.

    Public school, already poisonous, will get worse. The treatment of white students in overwhelmingly Hispanic and black schools will become more and more nightmarish. Some districts have forbidden schools to suspend blacks “disproportionately” to their percentage of the school — with predictable results. Directives from a Democrat-controlled Department of Education to teach “white privilege,” the evils of Christopher Columbus, and the tyranny of national borders will make this worse.

    Rearing honorable white children will increasingly mean homeschooling them, regardless of religious beliefs. The government will not like that. As public schools deteriorate, the government will try to hide failure by making alternatives disappear. You can further encourage homeschooling by supporting such groups as the Home School Legal Defense Association.

  3. Leave the cities.

    Rural America is white, conservative America. Antifa are not found in farming communities. Red States will also do more to protect your rights to bear arms and educate your own children. With working from home becoming so common, it is easier to head for greener pastures.

  4. Get to know your neighbors.

    There is power in numbers, and if the government won’t help you in a crisis, you will need friends. The atomization of society hurts us. Unsure where to start? Go to church.

  5. Don’t despair.

    Whites in America and around the world have work to do. Go to the gym, read a book, learn a skill, make a friend, join a club. So long as whites exist, we are worth fighting for.

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