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Planning for a Post-American Future

When informing someone of a death in the family, you must rip the band-aid off and say it quickly. No beating around the bush; simply say that the person is no longer living and then retreat as quickly as possible.

In that spirit, it must be said: America has died. It can no longer be described as a credible nation. When election counts mysteriously stop, then reverse after a 3:00 AM vote dump and no one will talk about it, your democracy is over.

When the Capitol police mysteriously allow rioters into the building just so that one candidate can be demonized, and censorship is the norm in social media while conventional media repeats a narrative in the same terms everywhere, you no longer exist in a “democracy” but a democracy run by a shadow coup.

The silk glove occupation of America began when unions took over American labor in the 1970s. This effectively trashed American cars and other manufacturing, so following the lead of Lee Iacocca, business began to pursue partial outsourcing: they made individual prefabricated components abroad, then bolted them together here.

Eventually this led to full-on outsourcing. Why pay for the burden of unions, entitlements, lawsuits, environmental laws, and taxes here, when you can pay a lot less overseas and reduce your business to a handful of suits talking on the phone and posting to Facebook?

This “service economy” ate America because it made our industry dependent on China. Trump saw this and would have liberated us, but that scared Wall Street, since they make a lot of their money on re-financializing existing debts and instruments, and the type of production-oriented economy that Trump wanted has no need for such things.

In addition, Chinese and other foreign agents swept into the land, buying up properties, investing in businesses, and bribing politicians. At that point, somewhere in the 1990s, it was over. Democracy entered its final stage.

When no one will investigate accusations of a dubious election, the highest police force in the land hides evidence, the tax agencies crack down on one side, the espionage agencies spy on a candidate, and government refuses to follow legitimate orders, you have a takeover from within by a cabal bent on perpetuating and increasing its own power.

People who think of power that way are incompetent. The sane way to think of power is that you use it toward some end, like making a better civilization, which in turn makes the civilization more valuable and increases your value as a leader. The insane way to view power is to visualize it as a tangible and finite thing, and to try to seize it from others and hold it, which never works because power always seeks its own level.

You can be Stalin or Hitler, but all you have done is to nail a peg into one part of the tent flapping in the wind. Now the rest flaps even harder, and you have to nail down more tent-pegs to keep the whole thing from tearing or flying away. Power of this nature becomes an ever-expanding quest.

Our government is based on this form of power, called control, which relies on changing minds by making certain behaviors taboo and punishable. They need to control minds to perpetuate a sense of legitimacy, since this keeps people from reducing their output to the minimum. That happens anyway over time because control-based societies rule through subjugation by humiliation, forcing people to accept obvious untruths and negative outcomes as legitimate goals and the best possible option. Their goal is centralized power and that requires a few “elites” who know better, a vast lumpenproletariat whose role is to obey.

Right now, America is having a grim national conversation about how we became an oligarchy run by industry with ties to Leftists and China. Consider the revelations of our new oligarchs:

In “Clarity in Trump’s Wake,” Angelo Codevilla explains, “oligarchy had long been growing within America’s republican forms” and by the first decade of the 21st century, “little but formality was left of the American republic.” After the 2020 election, he argues, the United States is clearly a “classic oligarchy.” Every honest person knows the 2020 election was rigged, adds Roger Kimball, so “welcome to the American oligarchy.”

This arrangement is part of the fundamental transformation of America by the “composite character” president David Garrow charted in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama. The nation was already a top-heavy welfare state, so the transformation came in a more fundamental way. The outgoing president selected his successor and deployed the FBI, Justice Department, and other state forces to support Hillary Clinton and attack Donald Trump.

“Trump isn’t going to be elected is he?” wondered FBI lawyer Lisa Page. “No, we’ll stop it,” countered Peter Strzok, the FBI’s counterintelligence boss. But then, as Kimball observes, Donald Trump “was elected without the permission and over the incredulous objections of the woke oligarchy that governs us.”

In other words, we have a new ideological elite based on how well you have done in Leftist-compromised education and saying the “correct” thing in public.

Education itself has substantially changed since the 1980s, back when we expected students to think. Now we expect them to know, which is a combination between memorized facts and correct opinions, creating a false “objective truth” which like science and egalitarianism must be accepted as universally and absolutely true.

In his book Bobos in Paradise, David Brooks chronicles how the new non-WASP Americans adopted this vision of work that combined ideology and profit. It seems this system has taken over both industry and academia.

Our new elite are thus politically selected eggheads not well-rounded, morally adept, and intellectually flexible people:

The rising ruling class in America is found in every major city in every region. Membership in it depends on having the right diplomas—and the right beliefs.

Both sides miss the real story of the evolution of the American class system in the last half century toward the consolidation of a national ruling class—a development which is unprecedented in U.S. history. That’s because, from the American Revolution until the late 20th century, the American elite was divided among regional oligarchies. It is only in the last generation that these regional patriciates have been absorbed into a single, increasingly homogeneous national oligarchy, with the same accent, manners, values, and educational backgrounds from Boston to Austin and San Francisco to New York and Atlanta. This is a truly epochal development.

In other words, convergence. Just as the internet offers us diversity at first but then standardizes everything as data is replicated identically and consumed across the globe, Leftism standardizes in order to centralize. Now with our central control system distributed across multiple big cities, thanks to instant communications, the power structure has centralized itself.

Where once we had hierarchy, which takes on the shape of a pyramid, we now have egalitarianism/centralization/standardization, which resembles a circle with a dot in the center for the elites.

Contrast this to the tiered hierarchy of feudalism, which still existed up through the Victorian era (described a few generations earlier, here, in Jane Austen’s time):

During the time of Austen, the value of money was very stable. The average income remained around £30 a year for nearly a century. For Austen, in order to live a life that was elegant and comfortable, with servants and money for books and amusements, an income of around 20 to 30 times that was required, or around 500 to 1,000 pounds a year (US$683 to US$1367).

In the UK at that time, British aristocracy was about 25,000 people, which was the top 1% of society at the time. They were a class of prosperous property owners. Within this number were the even richer nobles (lords, barons, and knights) numbered around 1,500. Needless to say, this was a very unequal time.

It is not possible to have the kind of wealth described by Austen and in Bridgerton through a profession. It is only possible by having enough property that you can live comfortably off the interest from that property. The primary way to get rich was to either be born rich or marry someone rich.

Historically this property had been primarily land, and the rents derived from that land. At that time, the annual income from capital was a reliable 5 percent, so you needed capital that was worth about 20 times its annual yield. So an income of 10,000 pounds would require a capital of 200,000 pounds.

Feudalism works by a simple mechanism: you take your most effective people, usually knights, inventors, leaders, thinkers, and innovators, and you give them huge swathes of land. They rent this to the peasants and derive income from that.

Unlike the modern system, this was formal in the sense that power and wealth were equated in public, instead of having a hidden relationship. Even more, power and wealth correlated to ability at something other than generating wealth; rewarding wealth-generators gets you a society of merchants and shopkeepers like the middle east!

Instead, in the modern time, we have a broken free market system heavily distorted by government intervention, specifically money paid to poor people. They run out and buy lots of disposable products, enabling a circular Ponzi scheme where government pays out money to stimulate pointless economic activity in order to tax it and borrow more to continue the cycle.

Our new elites consist of those who flatter the poor. They do this through anti-poverty and anti-racism programs, none of which achieve anything, but all of which are symbolic. They show concern, empathy, altruism, compassion, and allegiance to the poor. In our system, this is how you get ahead: having the correct pro-poor and pro-diversity opinions, much as was the case in the French Revolution and Soviet Union.

Naturally, Leftism always leads to this place. Leftism consists of one philosophy, namely egalitarianism, which states the following:

  1. Once upon a time, we lived in a golden age of nature in which all were equal and all was shared equally;
  2. The only moral good consists in working toward a new golden age in which all are equal and all is shared equally;
  3. In this pursuit, any method becomes equally moral, and in fact the more evil the method, the more good we get from equality;
  4. Working toward this golden age provides the only morality and meaning in life, which otherwise is devoid of meaningful nature, heritage, intuition, and gods.

Tyrants exploit altruistic feelings because they are beyond criticism, therefore a form of centralized power themselves.

If a politician introduces an anti-poverty program, most people take it at face value and turn to those who oppose it and say, “Why do you want poverty?” In turn, they interpret that personally and assume those people hate the poor.

Language professionals will point out that one anti-poverty program does not represent all anti-poverty efforts, and that if poverty has a cause like high costs, others may choose to fight that instead.

However, that group represents a percent of a percent of the population, so they are easily ignored.

Human herding behavior takes over. The rest want to be near the center of wealth and power, which is the social in-group created by ideology, since getting in that door means that they get easy access to the wealth of their civilization.

They also seek to avoid risk, including unpopularity, so they shun any ideas outside of the accepted in-group. This creates a spiral moving civilization further from reality and farther into its own navel-gazing solipsism.

What we are seeing in America today is a typical Crowdist take over: a clique, gang, cult, sect, or dark organization forms within society, and realizes that by mutually supporting the selfishness of its members, it can defend itself against others and bully them into supporting it. This Crowd eventually takes over and criminalizes any dissent.

People who form Crowds are by definition both individualistic and incompetent; individualism, or “me first before all else and no one can tell me that I am wrong,” appeals to those who find no meaning in life, and such people are by nature mentally disorganized and unable to distinguish themselves by creativity, productivity, or quality leadership. Consequently, they have nothing left to do but band together in a gang and overthrow their natural leaders.

The thing about our nü-elites is that they are the result of this Crowd takeover of our society, not opposition to it. They cannot be overthrown by revolution; they will simply be replaced by more like them.

We must call them what they are: a cabal. They all support each other, and legitimize their mutual selfishness, so that they can become rich and powerful. They gain power by exploiting the gullible low-IQ vote, since people take symbols at face value when those symbols make pleasant visions in their heads, not realizing that the person using the symbols intends them as manipulation and not literal policy.

Symbols refer to sensations, not reality. If someone preaches altruism, it gives us a sense of contentment because we think that we will not be attacked and made part of the out-group if we have equality and human rights. We do not realize, at first, that we are being made into a weaponized form of organized crime through popular opinion and trends.

If you look at America objectively, you see a group of merchants leading the prole vote with pleasant illusions conveyed through symbols, despite having failed to fix these problems for a century. The proles, who both rationalize any bad decisions that they make and have the attention span of a goldfish, believe what they see on their television and computer screens.

To disarm this oligarchy, then, we must move carefully. They would love for us to target “the rich,” since they have enough money to pay the penalties but their new competition does not. This is a parallel to how the COVID-19 shutdowns made Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Apple, Facebook, and Google bigger while killing off two-thirds of small businesses. All of that traffic now goes to the big guys.

Instead, we must remove their ideological justification, namely altruism. A government that taxes the 53% to provide for the 47% will always create a small nü-elite of large firms that then destroy their competition. If you take away the reason for those taxes — anti-poverty, entitlements, anti-racism, anti-sexism — then you remove the power that keeps these nü-elites in power.

You might ask yourself why the wealthy are such big fans of “tax the rich” movements and other policies enacted against them. They realize how useless the law is, and quickly work around it, while ensuring that you can never compete with them by savaging your business with those same taxes, regulations, and burdens.

Walmart and a small business pay the same rate of property tax. Since Walmart sells many more products, and buys them in bulk therefore through economies of scale has wider margins (lower costs), it can easily pay that tax, but the small business is caught in a hole of raising prices to pay the taxes, which in turn makes them less competitive, which in turn makes Walmart bigger.

(I don’t mean to pick on Walmart here. It and Costco are the closest thing to “good guys” in that list of companies. Maybe it would be better to imagine an Amazon fulfillment center located in a low-tax area, selling products to people in high-tax areas whose only other option is to buy them from highly-taxed small businesses.)

With the rise of these oligarchies, we see that Crowdism has once again seized a formerly successful society and turned it into a dump. Our future consists of a few rich people ruling over the rest of us, who will live in relative poverty, while increasing moving toward a Communist-style total state based on an ideology of equality.

That will eventually crash, leaving behind a third world nation of mixed-race people.

Our only solution now lies in recapturing America, repatriating the diversity, exiling the Leftists and other criminals, and then rebuilding from core principles that do not include democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism.

In the meantime, however, we have to acknowledge reality: America has fallen and is no longer a world leader, nor a “city on a hill” idealized by all. We are an abject lesson in what not to do instead.

This means that the environment enjoyed by your parents and grandparents, where America was a leading force perceived to be good, no longer exists. Things are about to get mean here, since we are no longer going to be as wealthy or powerful.

We are also finally seeing the effects of diversity which the American Nativists warned about long ago, namely that without a majority culture, we exist at the whims of the caprice of trends, which means that advertising is dead:

Super Bowl ads are usually planned and produced several months in advance, she noted, and striking the right tone can often feel like “a high-wire act.”

“If you are too somber, funny, or incendiary — or if you don’t strike the ‘right’ chord for the moment — the backlash can be significant,” Whitler wrote in an email. “Everything is magnified. Press – good and bad — is amplified. The risk is simply greater.”

In a diverse society, we import international politics to the national (really: nation-state) level, which means that every group is fighting for dominance, adding to the lobbyists, special interests, religious fanatics, unions, foreign powers, and corporate associations.

Each group, whether minority or majority, faces a choice: conquer or be conquered. Someone will define the standards, norms, values, behaviors, and aesthetics of society, and if it is not your group, you are conquered.

No one wants to conquered. It means to be powerless, and we all know at a gut level that if another group has power over us, they will destroy us, take our stuff, rape our women, and install themselves in our place. This is the law of nature.

Like most human endeavors once a group gains enough control of its surroundings to be able to indulge in the luxury of solipsism, altruism consists of denying the law of nature in order to engage in worship of the human. If you get a “Garden of Eden,” Moby-Dick, or Lord of the Rings vibe here, consider that hubris is the ultimate power, and also our downfall. If Satan existed, he would merely have to encourage us to persist in our folly, and watch us self-destruct.

Fake president and crisis actor Joe Biden will continue to agitate for his support group, the intersection of minorities, boxwines, soyboys, and other neurotics. He thinks he and his party can rule in perpetuity this way.

In reality, all he has done is to crush the source of his power, which makes him a big fish in a shrinking pond. He has no path to victory. All that he can do now is solidify his power as it declines.

The same, since it apparently is so infiltrated that it would not even investigate this stolen election, applies to America. It makes sense to switch our loyalty to Western Civilization, since America no longer represents a way forward.

Politically speaking, this means that we as conservatives are no longer agitating for the protection of America, but for the destruction of America so that Western Civilization can survive.

This is our post-American future.

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