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Pipe Meditations (November 6, 2019)

Slotting oneself on the political spectrum proves more difficult than people think. First because most people measure it incorrectly, and second because it rarely applies in the strict categorical ways that people want it to.

For those who view politics as a clash of philosophies, it is clear that you have two groups, the egalitarians and what we might call the naturalists or organicists. You measure these philosophies by their core, not their methods.

Egalitarians want a society where everyone is equal; for them, method and goal are the same: make people equal. The fact that equality does not apply to human beings seems not to bother them, nor the idea of making apples and oranges comparisons between different sexes, races, social classes, and ethnic groups.

Naturalists want to stick with what works. They tend to be more able to influence the world around them, and therefore are more aware of how risky it is to undertake any action. They favor doing as little as possible, and if you do, doing what is known to work.

Now, every idiot on the internet will tell you that the latter has a downside: “But what if there is a better method?” You can shut these idiots down by pointing out that you try the new method in a tiny area, with everything else as the control group.

Egalitarians, on the other hand, want to rush in to any new method so long as they can use it to increase or justify “equality.” This leads to you gambling your entire society on one throw of the dice, but they hide behind how long it takes to see the results of any given action.

And what about methods? Nothing much to report: any philosophy will use whatever methods it needs to, but naturalists prefer to avoid certain methods on principle, like anything sudden, dramatic, or irreversible. They know how fragile life is and how risky an attempt can be.

Naturalists tend to be realists. We do not care how much other people “like” or “want” something; if it works, it works. If it works better, we like it over what came before, but cautiously. We know that usually methods do not change, only become gradually refined over the years.

This means that while the egalitarians might decide they want more power for the sake of power, naturalists shy away from such things. In our view power is like gasoline: something you want to keep an eye on, and keep away from the general public and open flame if you can.

The political spectrum confuses us in the present time because it is divided between two groups of egalitarians. Both sides want to enforce equality by different methods; the Left wants to use socialism and the law, and the Right wants to use the economy and religion.

These miss the point, which is that egalitarianism is wholly a human construct not found in nature, which means that it is a fantasy like unicorns or fairies. It has no relevance to reality. Adopting it then is like inducing a mental illness in yourself.

At the end of the day, you are either with the equality people and have made yourself insane, or you are with nature and want to simply adapt. You realize this means having a functional civilization. You might even see discovery of the gods as a type of wisdom that makes itself accessible to the adept.

Most people exist in little solipsistic bubbles where they think only about what they want right now and how they want to be seen by others. These people are functionally useless and our ancestors enslaved them. We should heed that ancient wisdom.

The rest of us want to get past our bubbles and see the world for what it is so that we might appreciate its awe-inspiring beauty, complexity, and wisdom. Transcendental experience of this nature is the opposite of what propels the desire for individualism.

The more I look at politics, the more I want to simply break away and get together people who focus on civilization and personal health. Naturally, they would exclude egalitarianism just as they would exclude schizophrenia, pedophilia, obesity, promiscuity, sadism, and neurosis. Crazy is useless and destructive.

Anyway, the big point is that we need to focus on what we want to create and not what we hate. The world is full of bad news for people who like to feel bad because they want an excuse for non-performance. We want to rise above all of this and then go on a path of our own.

No, we do not know where that path leads, but we know where it starts, and that we must escape the brainwashing of the present era in order to get there. And we will, if we stop worrying about the failure of today and start looking for a failure-free tomorrow.

  • China’s economy struggles as consumers cut back on spending

    China could get regime change. It can force its people to obey negative rules, like not speaking in support of Hong Kong or the USA, but it cannot force them to spend their money. If they stop spending, the economy crashes. If the economy crashes, and political instability hits, the People’s Republic of China (PBUH) goes away. The Chinese people might get their chance to have a saner government which does not intend to use them as a means toward world conquest. If you combine Genghis Khan and Josef Stalin, you get the approach that China currently has, and this will end poorly for all involved (including those who simply cannot flee fast enough).

  • From Lawn Mowers To Rock Concerts, Our ‘Deafening World’ Is Hurting Our Ears

    If anything dooms humanity, it will be our cleverness, or an intelligence which is short-sighted but so pleased with itself that it becomes Dunning-Kruger arrogant. We thought we were so smart with our internal combustion engines and computers, and those kept delivering new possibilities. Except now, they no longer are; cars are as standard as can openers and computers get slightly more powerful each year — software bloats to match, mainly because almost all of it is designed by committee and implemented by clueless IT grads and H-1Bs — but there are no real breakthroughs. Our last big invention was Twitter; what next? Now that our momentum has slowed, we are finally giving a voice to the externalized and socialized effects of these technologies, namely that we are all breathing poisoned air in the deafening roar of constant engines. Wait until people notice that ecocide, mutation, and existential misery also threaten to become imminent, and that solidly clean, powerful modern society feeling that technology gives will go away. We are still monkeys living in caves, but now we just have better fires and cave drawings.

  • Sleep Divorce Is a Thing—and It’s on the Rise

    People made fun of older generations for sleeping in separate beds. It was such a symbol, you see, of how disunited they were. Or was it? It turns out that common sense trumps symbols; people sleep better apart, and unless they cannot arrange other times for (ahem) intimacy, the common sense approach means healthier lives and happier marriages.

  • Sleep experts: daylight saving time has long-term brain effects

    Speaking of sleep, it turns out that the ultimate symbol of human arrogance creates negative side effects. We got so clever that we redefined time in order to fit our shopping schedules, as if in defiance of the change and seasons and passage of years. We won, we thought, but we forgot that actions have consequences, and those beget further actions, like stumbling around for the next month in a fog because we cannot get enough sleep with our clever redefining of the solar schedule.

  • Why 300,000 Texans Want to Secede

    The Left believes in ideological unity. That is, we agree on the same method (equality) and use it also as our goal, and then we are all acting in unison which sort of resembles unity. However, our inner drive does not conform, because what motivates us is not unity but our individual understanding of where we fit in the larger order, something that the Left denies. As a consequence, as soon as Leftism takes over, people start fragmenting because they want to be with people like them on an inner level and ideological unison is no longer convincing.

  • Remains of Hybrid Neanderthal-sapiens Population Found in Israel

    First confirmation of backflow from Europe is found: apparently, this group went to Europe, bred with Neanderthals, and then wandered back toward Africa through Israel. As I have been saying for a couple decades, modern Africans are not the original human group, but the result of humanity exploring and then converging on Africa. This is proven by the high diversity in Africa and the fact that Africans are the most diverse of the four root races. This implies admixture over time from groups coming back into Africa, and suggests that whatever original group evolved in Africa likely evolved in parallel with other human groups, and is represented in but not represented by present-day Africans.

  • Missing Migrants Project tracks incidents involving migrants, including refugees and asylum-seekers, who have died or gone missing

    We could prevent all of these deaths by ending all immigration, legal and illegal both, so that people know that there is no point in trying to come here. Instead, we have created a lottery. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones whose boat does not sink or who does not get raped by the people smugglers or you will avoid dying in a refrigerated truck. If you win that lottery, you get free benefits and entitlements from bloated, insane, neurotic, inbred, and collapsing first world nations!

  • Antisemitic hate crimes in Sweden rise by 53% to all-time record high

    Hate crimes against Jews — there are 20,000 in Sweden — keep rising, but the media fails to mention that most of this crime is by Muslim immigrants, who hate Jews. What do you do when the diversity hates each other? Probably nothing, since it is an insoluble problem with diversity. You either recognize that diversity has failed and send everyone foreign, including all Jews and Muslims, home, or you give up and get used to terror and hate crimes as “part and parcel” of living in such an exciting diverse place.

  • King County prosecutors asked to prepare I-976 lawsuit

    Bloated, fatuous government taxes people for car registration to the point of absurdity. Voters revolt and cap the fees at a reasonable amount. Following the Brexit-stalling playlist, authorities file suit. It does not matter how you vote, citizen; the System needs its money, and you exist merely as a cash cow for it to squeeze so that it can keep increasing equality.

  • GOP, Mike Tellez sue over Doña Ana County absentee ballots

    Leftists are counting ballots without names on them. In these tight races, every absentee ballot — from the senile, dead, non-existent, or simply blank names — must be including in the tally for the Left to continue its takeover.

  • A Michigan Man Underpaid His Property Taxes By $8.41. The County Seized His Property, Sold It—and Kept the Profits.

    To government, we are not lives, but cases. We are little cases that government uses to further its agenda, most of which seems to be the hiring of obese people at six-figure salaries to sort paperwork. Government raises taxes so that it can take your stuff, either by you directly paying it or when they decide to ruin your life. Who is in charge here, the voters? Apparently not, because they have watched this happen for seventy-five years without blinking.

  • Outrage grows over Hitler masks on sale in Prague

    Is it impermissible to make fun of anything on Halloween? Just wear a dress or Pikachu costume underneath your Hitler™ face mask.

  • Child Suicides at Highest Rate Ever in Japan

    Adulthood is a fraud. Children know that they have a few years to be alive, then they get sucked into soul-destroying jobs to repetitively do pointless and inconsequential things so that they have enough money to pay taxes, with some left over for housing. They can marry a reformed thot, have some children who hate them, and then pay for the divorce. In the end, after they retire at age seventy, they get a few years of shufflepuck in a government facility before socialized medicine manages to kill them. Basically, anything they do before age eighteen will be more important, meaningful, and fun than everything that they do afterwards.

  • Rainbow Wave 2.0: Nearly 100 LGBTQ candidates claim victory in Tuesday’s elections

    Anything to replace the majority, and the slumbering voters apparently react well to the media blitz and vote as the television tells them to.

  • ‘Alarming’ Chinese meddling at UK universities exposed in report

    China introduces its own version of political correctness, where you either say nice things about the glorious People’s Party or you have your career destroyed and end up living in a caravan and washing dishes at the local McD’s.

  • France and China back ‘irreversible’ Paris climate pact, sign deals worth $15bn

    The clever West knows how to negotiate and do what is appropriate within the System, but no one seems to ever question if this stuff is actually a good idea, or just socially popular and politically correct, i.e. consistent with the Leftist narrative that their takeover is a good idea and will lead to equality Utopia.

  • British backpacker allegedly strangled by man she met on Tinder, New Zealand court told

    Casual sex can kill you. Do we want people to feel “safe” while doing destructive things?

  • German manufacturing stuck in recession, factory job losses accelerate: PMI

    Globalism worked by taking money from the USA for Chinese products, then having the Chinese buy European products, and finally, having the Europeans and Chinese buy up property in the USA. This was the brilliant system that the Clintons worked out. It eventually ran out of steam, after which point Trump came along and abolished it. Now Germany has to find a new market and is realizing that it is surrounded by countries that are destitute or shortly will be.

  • Vladimir Putin calls for ‘reliable’ Russian version of Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is known for being Leftist propaganda where a small cabal of ShareBlue-funded editors reject anything that accidentally affirms non-Leftist ideas. It aggressively drives out outsiders and focuses on hiding its agenda, yet many use it as their primary research source because it is brainless and easy to link. Putin points out the obvious, which is that “free” media is just as manipulative as the fake news, and needs to be rejected if anyone is to actually learning anything.

  • 2 Wake County neighborhood covenants technically ban all races other than Caucasians

    Civil rights law makes this illegal, but we have to ask: why are white communities illegal? We have “freedom,” or did that simply get swallowed up by those 1860s laws which mandated government interference in all private matters in order to ensure “equality,” reversing the natural rights agenda of the original Constitution?

  • Joe Biden Brags At CFR Meeting About Withholding Aid To Ukraine To Force Firing Of Prosecutor

    Reminder: Joe Biden asked for quid-pro-quo and it was not an issue until Trump did it, arguably for the more noble goal of eliminating American causes of corruption in Ukraine.

  • Minneapolis man charged with falsifying 13 absentee ballots ahead of 2018 election

    Leftist campaigns hire lots of helpers who, as it turns out, are busy filling out fake absentee ballots to swing elections toward the Left. They caught one; how many did they miss?

  • Vatican, Jews criticize Italy’s right for snubbing anti-Semitism committee

    Anti-Semitism committees are pointless; we know that diversity does not work, and therefore no group but the founding ethnic group should be in any nation. Jews belong in Israel where they are the founding ethnic group.

  • Too much screen time changes children’s brains, study from Cincinnati Children’s finds

    Now imagine what exposure to political correctness, constant egalitarian propaganda, and endless commercial messages can do. Have we made ourselves into straight-up fools with our lifestyles? It would not surprise anyone, considering that no one can think anymore.

  • Those People We Tried to Cancel? They’re All Hanging Out Together

    Advanced Leftists at The New York Times figures out that deplatforming conservatives accelerates the Myspace effect. Basically, you drive away enough people with dissident voices so that you end up with an echo chamber, then everyone of interest leaves because it is no longer interesting. At that point, the deplorables gather elsewhere and develop their own thinking and coordination further, at which point they get stronger. Let us hope that Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram ban all the conservatives and implode in repetition. As that happens, the baton of being cutting edge and new in response to a dying System/Regime passes to a new group:

    “The biggest problem we have as a culture is that we can’t define who the establishment is,” Mr. Tavana said. “Is the establishment the woke media people who own 99 percent of the keyboards in the country, or is it the old, canceled guys in media? Who’s the punk rock band and who’s the corporate rock band?”

    We all know at this point that the aging hippies who rule media and their lackeys are The Establishment. The rest of us are the people insisting that we all just pay attention to reality instead and have fun with life instead of turning everything into a tool for global Leftism.

  • The ethics of the 4 day work week. It’s not just about the hours

    Everyone knows that jobs are moronic, but no one will speak up and point out that this destroys our souls and wastes time that we will never get back. Michel Houellebecq made this the centerpiece of his 1995 book, Whatever, which showed how jobs instill an empty nihilism in our souls and make us desperate in our personal lives. We cannot rid ourselves from a need for work, but we can remove the pointless activities and reduce the hours that we spend. Conservatives should hop on this because it is an area ripe for exploration which can immediately make life better for citizens.

  • Sharp 80% rise in liver cancer deaths in UK

    Modern lifestyles are killing us. In addition, diversity is driving up the stats:

    A number of factors are linked to a higher risk of liver cancer, including older age, having HIV or Aids, having a family history of the disease, and also ethnicity, with liver cancer being more common in black and Asian people.

    Some argue that Nordic-Germanics were the original human race, and that other offshoots are the result of genetic breakdown. Still others say that living in tropical climates, while exposed to tropical diseases, resulted in different health patterns. Regardless, what has worked for us may not work for others.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings: Workers fired over skin color reseat bid

    Apparently no one has explained to the oblivious voters what civil rights law actually means. You no longer have freedom of association, you can no longer refuse service for any reason, and you must cater to any group with less perceived power than you have. If you fail to comply, the government will ruin your life.

  • In A Remote Arctic Outpost, Norway Keeps Watch On Russia’s Military Buildup

    Russia builds its military while China flexes its muscles in the South China Sea. Among other thoughts, the idea from Red Storm Rising floats to the top, which is that Russia and China may want to seize more of the oil supply upon which the world is dependent, or may simply be coordinating an attack so that Europe would have to fight a two-front war. Either way, we have two sagging empires with economic problems and a history of mass mobilization in order to keep unity in the face of economic collapse. Wonder how long until tanks hit the Fulda Gap.

  • Inferiority Complex: 8 In 10 Millennials Believe They Aren’t ‘Good Enough’

    Leftism causes feelings of inferiority by insisting that people are equal and have the same rationality, which means that if you do not get that top-paying job, gated community condo, and fancy car, the problem is that you are mentally deficient or lazy. This makes people lie awake at night wondering if they actually are equal. A better solution might involve the conservative idea of “an unequal place for everyone,” instead of mass mobilization where everyone competes for the same places and most are rejected and feel insufficient.

  • If You Can Manage a Waffle House, You Can Manage Anything

    When you remove all nonsense from the workplace, people become functional again and can actually become more mentally organized and proud of themselves. Most people just float around offices doing a whole lot of nothing, and our laws and labor market enforce this as well, which means that we end up with office zombies in a state of perpetual boredom, confusion, and hollowness.

  • Climate impact from loss of tropical forests 600% higher than thought

    This headline comes from the genre that you must flip around: if loss of our forests was more devastating than expected, adding forest will also be more helpful than expected. However, they fear reporting that because adding forest means subtracting land from humanity, which means that not everyone gets an equal chance at a suburban home.

  • Groups threaten to sue U. of California over SAT, ACT use

    Diversity continues its rampage, tearing society apart because different ethnic groups do not have equal abilities when our theory of egalitarianism says that they should:

    The groups behind the letter say the SAT and ACT are poor predictors of academic success and instead reflect wealth and race, favoring students whose families can afford tutors and costly test preparation, while adding obstacles for those who can’t.

    An SAT study book still costs $40. You cannot have a functional society if anyone who shows up finds themselves disadvantaged, so everything must be dumbed down. Soon, everyone will go to college, and college will be worthless, especially since all you will need to get in is a standardized test on matching shapes to outlines and an essay on why diversity is our strength.

  • Charge dropped against teacher seen on video punching student who called him racial slur

    In diversity Amerika, it is perfectly acceptable to pummel a 14-year-old boy if he says words that trigger you. We must do anything — everything — in order to keep the illusion of diversity as functional afloat, even making a mockery of our laws. This teacher needs to be in jail for a violent assault of a student, just like any other teacher would be for beating on a student.

  • Data analysis suggests medical pot ineffective against mental ills

    Yet again what “everybody knows” to be true turns out to be not just wrong, but dangerously wrong:

    Medical pot might even make matters worse, the study authors said. Those adverse events can include worsening the occurrence of depression, anxiety and psychotic symptoms, the researchers found.

    We found this out about sugar a few years ago. Wait until we discover the same of democracy, diversity, and equality.

  • Spy chief says right-wing radicalism spreads in Germany

    William S. Burroughs understood the polarity of control. Take a human, shame him, manipulate him with guilt, tell him that he is bad, and use that as the basis for your control over him, and he will obey you like a slave until any part of your “narrative” cracks, at which point he will simply reject that part. He will reject the whole thing, and turn on you like a bait dog set free at a meth house. We warned them; they did not listen. Now the overthrow of democracy begins again in earnest.

  • Investigation: Lead in some Canadian water worse than Flint

    For the last thirty years, Western liberal democracies have been investing all of their time, money, and energy into diversity programs instead of maintaining infrastructure. Citizens, accustomed to the complete parasitic waste of time that is inefficient government, have just worked around the problem, mainly by installing water filters and purchasing private services instead of using public institutions. Now, however, we are slowly coming out of the stupor of the diversity frenzy, and realizing that everything has fallen apart around us and it may really make us sick. I know of exactly zero people in North America who would willingly drink tap water.

  • Global credit union movement surpasses 274 million members

    It could be that culture works around government. “People over profits” means exiting the competitive industries regulated by government, and instead setting up independent entities which form bonds more like those found in culture. What we call “capitalism” now is in fact a hybrid, designed by governments to maximize taxes and currency value, and heavily patched by administrative agencies, lawsuits, unions, and ideological agendas. If we can escape this system entirely, people may be able to live reasonably well again. The real problem is that taxes are still due.

  • Venezuela kept afloat thanks to $315 million in cash sent from Russia, customs records suggest

    If the USSR did not simply rebrand itself as “Russia” and carry on, they are doing a great job of fooling us. More likely, the USSR pursued the same goals as Russia because of the Russian character and way of seeing the world, not to mention its need for world conquest lest it fall into the shadow of Western Europe yet again and consequently, be taken over by its allies in China.

  • Mouth cancer rates reach record high: Is oral sex to blame?

    More likely, casual sex is to blame, since now everyone is carrying around the parasite load of the 640 people they have had sex with by age 25. If you place your mouth on that, you will be lucky if mouth cancer is the only thing that you get.

  • The Trump administration’s obsession with an ancient Persian emperor

    Everyone loves the image of the ancient emperor who approved of the Tower of Babel. He sweeps in, establishes tolerance for all religions and a public culture of pluralism, then leaves behind a dying empire, but it happens slowly enough that people have no idea how devastating it is. Today, the territory of this emperor is held by insane low-IQ religious fanatics who have ignored improving their nations in order to wage hopeless and futile wars. How well did religious tolerance really work out, on the only time scale that matters?

  • California’s Prop 47 leads to rise in shoplifting, thefts, criminal activity across state

    Another well-intentioned “compassionate” law that had the voters swooning turns out to have unintended consequences which are only a mystery because no one bothered to think through the likely effects of the law, only the likely effects of announcing the law on the swooning armchair voters who are desperate for anything to make them think that the System is still working. Instead of helping the innocent poor, the new shoplifting bill has effectively legalized theft, which means that everyone will pay higher prices and receive lower wages. Another democracy success story!

  • I Got Access to My Secret Consumer Score. Now You Can Get Yours, Too.

    All those online services you signed up to, it turns out, have sold all of your activity — not just the stuff you entered when you registered, but the messages you sent and things you looked at — to marketers who have now given you a score determining your consumer value. Soon this will determine whether you can rent that luxury apartment, get that home loan, or even make it into that high-paying job. Rest assured that they are filtering not just for politically incorrect language, but a lack of politically correct language. Obey, citizen.

  • Mollie Tibbetts’ accused killer not properly read Miranda rights: court docs .

    Remember that time when Mollie Tibbits went jogging in the tight outfit. Well, a charming, hard-working, and naturally Conservative piece of diversity turned her into the human equivalent of 30-30-30. Now it comes out that the officers who took him into custody for all the hard physical labor involved in that composting job played fast and loose with Mirandizing the evil bastard.

    Prosecutors admitted that an officer “inadvertently” failed to tell Cristhian Bahena Rivera that anything he said could be used against him when he was busted for murder around 11:30 p.m. on Aug. 20 of last year, according to court filings reported by the Des Moines Register.

    We don’t know yet whether Mr. Rivera will be free to go, and be able sign that handy, sharp machete back out of the evidence room. Hey, if the glove don’t fit….Just don’t try that crap if you are ever accused of that sort of thing while being White.

    If small-town lynching ever returns to Amerika, crap like this guy taking a machete to Mollie Tibbits, having traces of her blood on his car, and then taking a walk because of some bureaucratic screw-up during the arrest will be the sort of thing that makes “Alt-Justice” become a thing. Someone remind me why he needed to even be here again. When the Managerial State doesn’t care enough to manage, someone a lot less pleasant than Jesus is ready to take the wheel.

  • Democrats in 2020 Senate races snubbed by Wall Street donors over Warren’s attacks: report

    Wall Street likes to extort. They pimp-slap the gubbermint, not vice-versa. Jokeahontus expects her cut of the swag the way a politically empowered Imam expects his dhimmitude. The self-annointing masters of the universe on Wall Street are the Mafia. They don’t take orders from someone who wouldn’t be made if she hadn’t faked her ethnicity to get a job 30 IQ points above her fundamental level of competence. There’a a DMV in some Middle-Western backwater deprived of a pickle-faced and utterly rude bureaucrat by The United States Senate and Harvard University.

    Expect “Chuckles” Schumer to have a pow-wow with Noble Jokeahontus and expect an “understanding” to be reached. That, or Vinny “The Freezer” Morbito will have a nice, pleasant chat with Senator Chuckles. He isn’t quite as friendly as he sounds when he walks up to you and says “How you doin’?

  • Behar Advises 2020 Dems: ‘Don’t Tell…Wait Until You Get Elected Then Take Guns Away’

    According to the media, we now know why Beto O’Rourke is Nacho President. You can’t tell the idiots what you intend to do to them. Just get their votes, screw ’em good and hard, and then feed ’em to the rotifers. “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” That’s the spirit. If you are sophisticated like Joy Behar, you have an eternal license to lie.

    That’s when her co-host Joy Behar earnestly cut in to say what O’Rourke’s real problem was: he gave away too much of the Democrats’ agenda:

    “They should not tell everything they’re going to do! If you are going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected and then take them away. Don’t tell them ahead of time!” she gushed.

  • The Union Routs Students in Chicago

    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union on Thursday struck an agreement to end an 11-day strike, and by the looks of it the union was bargaining with itself. The mayor is touting the new contract as the most generous in Chicago history, and she’s right. Even before the strike, the city had given in to most of the union demands.

    The teachers have taught somebody a lesson. It hasn’t been the kids for a couple of weeks, but Mayor Lightfoot is finally listening. She has no choice. When somebody runs the racket on you, life is a long, unpleasant string of pop quizzes. Well, of course, Mayor Lightfoot is in no position to say no to her employers. Without public unions, Mayor Lightfoot has no job. People with no job, or the credible threat thereof; are typically in a very poor bargaining position.

    I can’t offer first-hand testimony regarding Mayor Lightfoot’s personality. She does leave this situation looking like a female canine walked on a leash by this Teacher’s Union. This is a reason why you don’t want a union electing the political leadership. The unstoppable strike is coming in 3,2,1,….. It’s just touching what Leftists are willing to do for the children.

  • MORMON BLOODBATH Sonora massacre – Babies ‘burned alive and kids shot in back’ as Mexican cartel murder nine US Mormons in ‘targeted’ hit

    Here’s what you miss out on if you are a !RACIST! and want to build the wall or something.

    Seventeen members of the LeBaron and Langford families were travelling in three cars when gunmen sprayed their vehicles with bullets. Some of the victims – including babies – were then reportedly burned alive amid fears female victims were raped, reports
    Alex LeBaron, who said he lost family members in the attack, told CNN: “Women and children were massacred, burnt alive. Mothers were screaming for the fire to stop.”

    I guess that makes me an e-vil, fire-breathing !RACIST! I think Hadrian really had a point. Not just about the Scots, but diversity in general.

  • In decision certain to draw fire, journal will publish heavily criticized paper on gender differences in physics

    In a move likely to attract criticism, a peer-reviewed journal has agreed to publish an Italian physicist’s highly contested analysis of publications, which concludes that female physicists don’t face more career obstacles than their male colleagues. The journal says it will also simultaneously publish critiques of the paper, which one member of the journal’s editorial board says is “flawed” and contains “unsubstantiated claims.” Last year, physicist Alessandro Strumia received widespread criticism after presenting a talk at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland, where he was a guest professor. During the presentation, he asserted that physics was built and invented by men, and stated on a slide that “Physics is not sexist against women.” Thousands of physicists signed a letter voicing concerns about Strumia’s views and some researchers published detailed critiques of his findings and methods, which focused on published papers in the field of “fundamental physics” that includes theoretical and experimental studies of fundamental particles, cosmology, and astrophysics. Some of Strumia’s critics have argued that such literature analyses are not sufficient to support his claims. Both CERN and Strumia’s employer, the University of Pisa in Italy, launched investigations. Earlier this year, CERN cut all ties with Strumia and the university released a statement condemning his comments.

    When truth disagrees with narrative it can’t be published. “Scientists” like the ones who criticize Dr. Strumia, are the same sorry futhermuckers who wanted to hang Copernicus. The ignorance never died with The Enlightenment. The Dark Ages are only one missed power bill away…

  • Trump’s pure, brazen contempt for Congress is on full display

    So when was the FY20 budget brought to President Trump’s desk for signature? Oh wait… The HOR (House of Representatives) primarily exists to set the budget for The United States Government. That is its primary Constitutional source of power and number one purpose. How frequently has this happened since 2000? Between 2000 and 2018 The GAO says never.

    In all but 4 of the last 40 years, Congress has passed continuing resolutions (CR) to keep agencies running between budgets. Without appropriations or a CR, the government may partially shut down. We testified that CRs, possible shutdowns, or both create uncertainty and inefficiency for agencies. For example, our past work found that agencies have reported delays and rework in contracts, grants, and hiring.

    Donald Trump should tell Congress to go blow itself out of its own cloaca. People who have effectively tried to do their appointed duty once or twice since 1995 are belching and farting about impeaching and removing Donald Trump from office. I’d laugh if the absurd was not also real.

  • Wall Street jobs data ‘experts’ are failing big time

    All experts are bought and paid for. They are not paid to be perfect, they are paid to echo the person who pays them. Experts are hired to pretend to be smarter and more objective than the paymaster while totally agreeing with the paymaster. An expert is a rubberstamp. They frequently have no more morality than pain pill clinics that write “Sackler Skittles” scripts for anyone that wants to get stoned.

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