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Pipe Meditations (November 3, 2019)

It is difficult to orient oneself when the ground keeps slipping beneath you. That might well describe this time, where political activity seems chaotic because it reflects a cultural battle that began long ago, in the 1990s.

During the previous decade, most of what had been happening with the culture wars went on hold. Carter screwed up badly and the media covered for him, since he was a True Believer like them, and then Reagan came in with a simple plan of Libertarianism, social conservatism, and beating the Reds.

The Left reprised their activities from the 1960s. Reagan became the new Hitler, despite having no Hitlerian attributes, and everyone who was “good” was mobilized — celebrities, academics, scientists, journalists — to constantly rail on how he was a nutcase who was going to end the world.

As it turned out, Reagan got the Soviets completely correctly, seeing them as an incompetent evil empire who could be goaded into self-destructing. Their weakness in the area of providing consumer goods plagued them because the entire world was living well on the industrial agriculture and manufacturing boom, but people in the Soviet Union could barely afford enough beets to make borscht. From a political standpoint, the worst aspect of this was that in theory, people would not need to fight over money in a Socialist paradise, but would simply get everything free in exchange for working.

Although there were political stumbles, ultimately what took the Soviets out happened when their citizens realized that they were living stone-age lifestyles compared to people in the West. Blue-jeans, Coca-Cola, rock ‘n roll, Hollywood, and McDonald’s became weapons of cultural warfare. Feeling like the kid in the corner who could not afford candy, the Soviet citizens became even more inclined toward low performance. Disasters like Chernobyl, which everyone knew about despite the news blackout, the uprising in Poland, the shooting down of KAL 007, and other crises which were muffled became elements of discontent. When Mathias Rust landed his small plane in Red Square, having flown in through the much-vaunted Soviet air defenses without detection, it seemed to announce the impotence of the old men trying to grind socialism into function through increasing militarism, espionage, and censorship.

On the surface, Reagan won. Stirring under the surface however the Leftist machine had gained total power. It unified an audience based on the idea that conservatives were intolerant, paralleling the civil rights struggle of the 1960s, and vaulted Bill Clinton into office with a promise to repair race relations in the style of LBJ, JFK, and FDR. He did this by establishing a new idea of not just tolerance but Black-first politics, essentially replacing American culture with Black culture in the eyes of the world. This resulted in the adoption of hip-hop by normal Americans, a loosening of social standards, and the formation of a party crew who wanted to smoke weed, have sex, and basically be libertine in the way they heard about on their gangsta rap records. Just as the Republicans skunked the Soviets with the more freedom and cool stuff in the West, the Left beat back the Right by portraying them as being intolerant of the ongoing party.

Things were good, back then. Cheap Chinese goods made everyday life more affordable, but even more, computers really kicked in, thanks mostly to Bill Gates standardizing desktop operating systems and the homebrew Linux operating system which took UNIX out of the mainframe lab and into embedded devices. Suddenly, we had even more consumer stuff, and it was good and cheap, and in the eyes of the Leftist base, this meant that we could stop doing all of that struggle and hardship we had during the Cold War and just let the good times roll. Clinton loosened lending, dumped money into the economy, issued tons of regulations that “created jobs,” and encouraged Silicon Valley to go hog wild, and this created a huge wealth boom that only ended when a government minority lending program tanked the housing market. That took the rest of the economy with it, but the real story is that the economy never really came back. The wealth had gone to China, taxes had risen across the board, and prosperity had left us to go into government and come out through those nice fat government checks.

People started to detect this, so they elected George W. Bush, who had a triumphant first term and then decided to fight a police action in a place that loves fighting, death, and destruction. While our armed forces performed well, there can be no victory when you take over a place and pledge to stay there until democracy works. The locals will sabotage it simply to have you keep footing the bills, going home after working for you in the daytime to shoot at you at night. The second Bush term produced a massive loss of confidence as a result, the sick economy never came back and had another hiccup, and in a tantrum the voters elected Obama. What got him elected was the Clinton machine, funded by China and internationalist NGOs, which again mobilized a massive cultural wave against the Right, this time using political correctness to style anything except total acceptance of civil rights, diversity, homosexuality, and drug use as not just the opposition but wrong, morally bad, evil, and Hitlerian. The Reagan-era Leftist playbook worked, and conservatives had not figured out a way to follow up to Reagan, so they tried to imitate him, which made no sense in the post-9/11 world.

Much as the cultural wave succeeded, however, in the late 1980s and 1990s a counter-protest began. These were people who were less political than concerned that modern society had become bad, simply because it was now wrapped in rules and red tape and revealed the raw ugliness of the mob. When people form a group, opinions devolve to the lowest common denominator, and people revert to the fear and libertine desires that one might expect from animals which have lost their way, and so are indulging in food, sex, revenge, theft, and laziness out of a panic at the inscrutable future. While most of society was reprising the 1970s and indulging in a consumer festival of epic proportions, the saner ones were objecting to how controlling and conformist society had become, not to mention that it was based on the illusion of accepting everyone, which basically means that we abolish standards and become mediocre. Immigrants poured into the country under Clinton and Bush under the excuse of being a boost to the economy as the Boomers retired, taking whatever they could seize and making huge amounts of money in the stock market with the dot-com booms. While on the surface everything was glorious, under the surface the people who were discontented were no longer stereotypical losers, but the bright and creative. They were excluded by the conformity, which now added political correctness to office politics and the sickeningly indulgent victim culture which had enwrapped the USA and Europe. It was suddenly not just acceptable to mention being raped, abused, or enslaved, but seen as a badge of courage, especially as we were celebrating the Black and homosexual experience, even as we covertly replaced Blacks with Mexicans in many areas.

That 1990s spirit carries on to today; in many ways, the world stopped developing in the 1990s, since our technology has not really done anything new, nor have we found anything other than the mix of liberal democracy, civil rights, and entitlements which became the standard in the early 1990s as the social conservatism of Reagan receded under the cultural wave. The big change involves the founding heritage Americans, who picked up on not just identity politics (sometimes called white nationalism or white supremacism) but the cultural wave, figuring that we could style the Left as the new Soviets and not be wrong. Now the revolutionaries of the 1960s and their ideological descendants were in control and making a mess of things, so it was time to mock their inflexible dogma and a narrative as blacked-out and lacking credibility as the Soviet attempts to hide Chernobyl. The Right had no idea where to go after Reagan, but now, it finally started getting its guts back with an anti-demographic replacement, social conservative, anti-entitlements, and anti-globalist platform. Essentially, most Americans woke up to find that the 1990s really had radically changed this country and Obama had wrecked the economy and our international strength, and that if we did not start undoing Leftist policy from the 1960s-1990s we were going to crash out hard.

This in turn prompted another offshoot, since the Right thrives on internal competition because it has no ideology and instead relies on gut instinct and realism, which wanted us to go back further. In the 1920s, many conservative writers sounded the alarm that WW1 was not a war, but a permanent state into which we had descended. The Civil War era push for civil rights was already transforming America, the government and urbanization had become too powerful, and all of our traditions and normal ways of life were being swallowed up and replaced by a plastic, anonymous, honorless, and nastily individualistic modern life. People became neurotic because there was a huge disconnect between the official message and what we experienced in daily life, consumerism made life ugly and brainless, and our leaders increasingly made symbolic gestures and gave out free stuff instead of attacking problems. WW2 made us get our act together, briefly, and we ended up on top of the world by having the only standing economy, but the rot was deep within. Modern life was morally, intellectually, spiritually, and existentially unsatisfying because nothing had a point except ideology and money, and neither of those resonated with the traditional American values of productivity, creativity, independent thought, and finding some kind of balance and peace with the universe by appreciating nature and the intensity of existence. Modernity in fact aimed to dull the intensity of existence, replacing it with everyday fears and worries, while the media kept us in a state of WW2-style militarization with wars on drugs, racism, Satanists, and global warming. Instead of the pioneer spirit, we lived in fear of stepping out of line, and political correctness took that to the next level.

For those of us who started writing back in the day, the big point was that modern society had inverted natural life and in its place erected a horror just as bad as Communism, National Socialism, or Fascism. The System™ had become more important than reality; the ideology had replaced common sense, logic, and any notion of continuity with what America had been. The Leftists revealed themselves to be the same fanatics who executed whole families after the French Revolution on the word of anonymous informants, and they had made it clear that their endgame was to keep society in the 1990s forever. We had been hoping that like the Cold War, the 1990s was a passing phase, simply because it made a vapid and soulless society which mirrored the accusations of Left against the Right in the 1980s. Now, finally, people are speaking out against this, using social conservatism — family, culture, genetics, caste, faith, customs, nature — as the basis of a new movement which aims to stop our ecocide, stop demographic replacement, and get us out of the crazy internationalist Leftist movement which includes globalism and diversity.

We are using the cultural wave, and it is changing things faster than expected. These are changes at the bottom of a pyramid of cause and effect, so they do not manifest directly in political, economic, and social changes, but more in the discarding of faith in the old way of life and a recognition that it is hollow and destructive. This means that big changes are afoot, and if we suffer now, it is from not dreaming big enough. When I look at the news, I see indicators like bits of bright wood floating in the surf, but there are massive forces churning below that remain invisible. These forces mostly consist of the reaction to the leading edge of failures by liberal democracy, not only in the markets, but in the existential discontent that has rocked the West since WW1 and finally come to a head. Not only is life miserable, but our societies openly hate on us who are descended from the founding groups, and this pushes too far against even the mildest-mannered person.

The people currently in charge of the Regime have no idea that this is coming, just like Brexit and Trump caught them by surprise, but this is always how it is with any group that has an agenda and narrative. They are focused on symbolic victory, not understanding reality, and reality consists of long arcs of cause and effect with many grades of nuance in the middle, all of which are oblivious to people thinking in 2D categorical imperatives like the Regime defenders. Their plans have failed, and they have no idea, because all of them live in cushy government jobs where they have enough money to scatter around to buy off the ghetto, taxes, rising costs, and increasingly dysfunctional services. Public healthcare terrible? Go to a specialist at the cash price. Neighborhood full of violence? Hire private security to keep your gated community safe.

This is how humans think, on the personal level: they want to personally avoid the crisis, rather than undertake the (relatively) minor changes required to avoid society falling apart. The people who end up in charge of a regime are always like this, because they may be vicious, but basically they are the same kids who sucked up to the teacher and got good grades even though the material was drivel. They are conformists, obedient, me-firsters above all else who understand that obedience means material reward to them, and this is the only kind of reward they recognize, since they are disordered minds leading to them barely having souls. Empty within, and grasping voraciously, they consume everything around them in their quest for power, and will never see change coming because they are too busy “succeeding” at their “careers” within the Regime.

We are in for a heck of a ride. Everything that people currently think is wise, is idiocy; much of what they consider to be insane, impossible, unlikely, implausible, and unreal is in fact real, but we have suppressed it under waves of democracy, media, and popular opinion (which like all things succumbs to entropy and tends toward the lowest common denominator) for a century. Just think: a century ago, WW1 was just ending; a century before that, the Napoleonic Wars had just ended, kicking off only eleven years after the Leftists assumed power, then ran that system into the ground too with high taxes and so much equality that no one did anything. The same sea change that the Left once wielded is now upon them; as they say, the problem with having a guillotine is that some day it comes for you. The axeman has come for the Left, and the hysterical screeching and bad behavior we see now in the media is the attempted manipulation by the entitled who have succeeded in this system and cannot conceive of it ending. Things will get nasty for awhile, and then we will get a chance to repatriate all the ethnic Other and then, to filter our own people by sending all of our Leftists, insane, criminal, perverse, and stupid/incompetent to Venezuela. The remaining 160m Americans will have a lovely time.

Anyway, on to the news, or “signs of the decline”:

  • Statement from Secretary DeVos on 2019 NAEP Results

    This country is in a student achievement crisis, and over the past decade it has continued to worsen, especially for our most vulnerable students.

    Two out of three of our nation’s children aren’t proficient readers. In fact, fourth grade reading declined in 17 states and eighth grade reading declined in 31. The gap between the highest and lowest performing students is widening, despite $1 trillion in Federal spending over 40 years designated specifically to help close it.

    By expanding education freedom, students can break out of the one-size-fits all system and learn in the ways that will unlock their full potential.

    Essentially, public education has failed because like everything else in America, it died on the cross of race and diversity. DeVos makes the only sane statement: allow white people — and anyone else with an IQ over 115 — to escape the failing public school system with school choice, then once no one uses the public schools but the impoverished and low-IQ, just turn them into the daycare that they already unofficially are and reduce costs by hiring security guards instead of teachers.

  • Nancy Pelosi Is Worried 2020 Candidates Are on Wrong Track

    You can see how well the Italian-Americans integrated when you look at the Democrats and see that the ones that are not outright non-white are mixed-whites like Irish, Italians, Jews, Poles, Russians, and lawyers. Pelosi points out gently that the Democrats are divided between the whites who want liberalism (60% Communism) and the non-whites who want Full Socialism (90% Communism). This is a change from the 1960s, when the moderate liberals (50% Communism) could get along with conservatives, since liberals were basically commonsense but wanted the social safety net. As it turns out, if your Communism percentage creeps above zero, you are on the path to Full Communism and will never be able to escape. Pelosi knows that the white vote no longer determines who will win in America, and that first, it will determine that the only people the Left puts forward are essentially Socialists. This in theory means that the Left will not win an election, but in reality, the white Leftists will get behind the Party as they always do, and then try to “negotiate” after the fact, just like Buckleyite conservatives did when the Left took over. It is not going to happen; civil war is inevitable now.

  • Box Office: ‘Terminator’ Bombs Again As ‘Dark Fate’ Nabs Apocalyptic $10.6 Million Friday

    New woke “Terminator” movie fails hard. This author points out rather sensibly that unless you want endless movies about a war between men and machines, the “Terminator” franchise really has nowhere to go and never has. The first sequel worked because it reprised the first movie using new special effects and a similar tense horror movie vibe; everything since has tried to be either sci-fi or a superhero movie and failed spectacularly. Now the movie industry brings out a new one with lots of Hispanic names on the marquee, which means that white audiences stayed home and minority audiences, who are less likely to dig epic stories and big concept sci-fi, also stayed home. Pretty much the only people in the movie theaters were Generation X looking at the audience and wondering how America got so destroyed so quickly.

  • Police searching for person who left flyers at OCU Law

    IOTBW flyers cause panic. Apparently, not wanting to be genocided is a hate crime now. Then again, most people do not realize that the goal of the Left was always to replace us; they are parasites who latch on to a successful society, demand that it recognize them because they are human too, and then start taking through taxes to fund their bureaucracy, law firms, and other pointless activities. The end goal is for them to transition from being wealthy to being Inner Party members in the Politburo with total control. Essentially, Leftism is what happens when the human ego rages out of control and everyone normal is “too busy” working at make-work jobs and filing out red tape paperwork to do anything about it. You voted for this; it was not as obvious as lifting a gun to your head, but the result will be the same.

  • Smugglers are sawing through the border wall but officials say it’s not an issue

    Trump understands that democracy moves slowly because people in groups are effectively mentally retarded. First you build the basic wall, then when the voters see that it is being counteracted easily, you build a better one. The voters pay twice for the obstruction from Congress, but what does Congress care? Government money is free money. Only the suckers pay taxes.

  • Microsoft Japan’s experiment with 3-day weekend boosts worker productivity by 40 percent

    Job time is free time too, for employers. They already have you there, and you are hired mainly as a redundancy anyway, so instead of just keeping you around to do what is necessary, they waste your time on lots of activities that look like important work. That way, your boss gets promoted; your boss’ boss keeps his job; the company can claim to be important; the government can claim productivity is boosted; more taxes can be collected. It is a giant waste of time. The productivity boost of the four-day work week comes mostly from fewer meetings.

  • Ronan Farrow: Bill Clinton ‘credibly accused of rape’ by Juanita Broaddrick

    Juanita Broaddrick is a more credible accuser than box wine sag princess Christine Blasey Ford or burnout Stormy Daniels. The Clintons just use people because the Clintons are little voids which suck in all life because they are empty inside. Look for the dead eyes. They always tell. Reptilians? Jews? No, just people who should be picking turnips because they have no mental organization, so their minds default to the lowest common denominator, which is to consume voraciously and accumulate wealth defensively. This is the psychology of the late stages of a civilization, and most of our upper middle classes consider this to be “wisdom” now, not noticing (apparently) that everyone in the third world thinks the same way. Do you want to be third world? Because this is how you make your civilization third world.

  • US white supremacist arrested in Norway

    In the land of Breivik and Vikernes, the police try to remove controversy before it can take effect. Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents has been arrested on some charge or another relating to not being conformist enough in his political views, therefore a public health nuisance hazard, or language to that effect. The authorities think that if they repeat “white supremacist” enough, it will browbeat the population into being afraid of being anything like a white supremacist, but really what they have done is make the white supremacists the same type of appealing outlaws that gangsta hip-hop artists were in the 1990s. That will go over real well with a population that at some point realizes that if it draws a swastika or posts an “It’s Okay To Be White” poster on every street corner, the police will become totally neutralized as they run around chasing down ghosts, and while they are distracted, power can be seized. Law enforcement used to attract athletic guys with a simple formula of banishing evil and supporting good, which goes 75% of the way, but does not include the final step of creating a structure that nurtures good. However, in the past, we had good guy cops; now, since the system is too insane to deal with, the police are mostly attracting grifters who want legal protection to steal and those nice fat government benefits. Just like in the third world!

  • Australia’s government wants to allow religious people to discriminate

    “Tolerance” is paradoxical because to be fully tolerant, you must accept everyone, which means that you can have no standards, culture, norms, or ideals. You must simply become passive and let everyone do whatever they want with no consequences, which we might call “anarcho-socialism” or some variant of that. If you tolerate Religion A, be prepared for the fact that they hate Religion B and for good reasons; these doctrinal differences reflect crucial splits in their philosophies. Now along comes Religion C which hates both. As you are dealing with that, here come the pedophiles marching down the street, the Nazis, the Hare Krishnas, the transgenders, the fundamentalists, and so on. You have created many conflicting special interest groups and your society will never have unity or function again. “Tolerance” is a hidden deathtrap.

  • Japan festival to show ‘comfort women’ film after backlash

    Step one in the Leftist playbook: induce guilt. This brings self-hatred, and with self-hatred comes a new for something new, and the Leftists always claim that their “anarchy with free stuff and yet magically functional institutions” dream is “new” when in fact it is just the oldest human illusion given new public relations. The grim fact is that Japanese forces raped and killed a lot of people. So did the Allies. It is time to stop our worship of WW2. One does not have to like Hitler to point out that it and the previous world war were moronic efforts set up by the quest for global liberal democracy, which is a Leftism aim and belongs to no other group. As always, remove Leftists, and you solve the problem. Leftists are probably the result of deleterious mutations anyway, since they are caste-jumpers who cannot accept that their role is picking turnips. If we remove all of them, we regain a great deal of genetic health. They would be happier in Asia, their ideological home, which might introduce some necessary variety into Chinese, Mongol, and Vietnamese genetics.

  • Denmark gives go-ahead for Nord Stream 2 Russian pipeline segment

    Denmark cannot stop itself from picking up the One Ring. Current “thinking” among Europeans is that the USA is the worst ever and partnering with Russia is better; they forget that behind Russia the hand of Asia has always moved. Someday when they are all speaking Chinese, they will wonder where they went wrong, but the people who sold them out will long ago have retired to South America and lived like kings.

  • Britain’s first city discovered as archaeologists say it was home of people who built Stonehenge

    Despite the efforts of politicized “science” to tame archaeology, it keeps revealing how different and unique the West is, which implies that maybe perhaps we ought not to erase it. That in turn implies that we ought to understand it, which will confuse everyone since the last few decades of Leftism has been dedicated to erasing our memory of what it is. It always goes this way in human populations: once they prosper, there are too many lesser people produced at the same time that people take society for granted and forget that it needs a goal. Then the many clueless people — like locusts voracious because of their inner void of organization and thus connection to life in a positive, affirmative, and creative sense — join together in Revenge of the Nerds or Napoleon Dynamite French Revolution styled mass revolt and take over, erase the past, destroy everything that is, and replace it with an order where uselessness is valued and realists are demonized. That is inversion, a form of class warfare, and it kills every human civilization. We would do better as Druids with space travel.

  • Germany expects drop in asylum applications for 2019

    The European bureaucrats hoped for a free ride from the migrants. They could bring them into the country and then tax them to pay for the benefits owed to the dying Boomers. However, that failed, because most of the migrants are on welfare or working hard at stacking blocks. The economic miracle of Europe, as it turns out, depends on Europeans! Consequently, the bureaucrats are starting to find more spelling errors in the triplicate forms and choking the flow, imitating (unconsciously) what Trump has done in the USA. Even our dense bureaucrats are figuring out that without stopping the flow, our societies fully self-destruct nearly instantly. The next stage will be admitting that diversity does not work at all, which sets up the conflict of the twenty-first century: Balkanization. We are going to spend centuries cleaning up the damage done by two centuries of democracy and, specifically, about a century of Leftism. Maybe we can weed out the genes that make people Leftist, but more likely, the desire to become egalitarian comes from a defensive individualism brought about by feelings of inferiority, as Kaczynski says. Who are we to second-guess them when they tell us that they are untermenschen? Just send them on to Venezuela or Mongolia. It is probably what our ancestors did, grouping all the genetic gunk in the lost wastes near Siberia, only to have it weaponize itself and attack a few centuries later.

  • 691,145 Californians left last year: What state did they go to?

    Texas got 86,164 Californians last year, and they are now wumping Texas by demanding the same sort of social safety net they got in California, not realizing that this will raise taxes and lower wages, replicating the exact same conditions they moved to escape. Humans are pathological unless someone from the 1% of the population that can think intervenes. Politics is more like daycare than leadership as a result. In other words, however, the constant flow of brainwashed zombie coastal people and greedy opportunistic illegal aliens has probably already turned Texas blue. The moronic white people in the cities, who care more about “succeeding” in their “careers” than what is true, have promptly turned around to cater to this new audience, not realizing that in the process they are sacrificing everything that makes Texas appealing.

  • Use of neonicotinoids on rice paddies linked to fishery collapse in Japan

    The twentieth century was a time of miracle technologies. It turns out that while those technically performed the role they were instructed to do, there were long-term secondary consequences which may doom us, sort of like how liberal democracy achieves its aims and in the process destroys civilizations. What do we do when we can no longer count on our miracle pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and soil conditioners? We can sit around and watch the entertaining resource wars play out, mainly. Be the first kid on your block to get an ear necklace!

  • ‘Vile and wicked’ members of Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for raping girls as young as 12

    Rape is a weapon of war. Stealing away your children for mass rape, ensuring that they will not make sensible reproductive decisions later, is another weapon of war. The point is to destroy you. Any immigrant group has to either conquer you or remain conquered, and this makes them hate their origins, since your method works better than theirs. As usual, they would prefer to tear down what is successful and go with what is mediocre because it flatters them personally to believe that they are in control, that they have all the answers, and that they have conquered, even if by doing so they have committed suicide. This is why the ancients cautioned against individualism, which they called hubris, since like ideology it replaces reality in the human mind.

  • Super-rich prepare to leave UK ‘within minutes’ if Labour wins election

    People should pay attention to the wealthy. While this offends the ballcap conservatives, the wealthy at least know how to manage money, and when they are fleeing high taxes that tells you how destructive of a death cycle the high taxes are. Little robots like Jeremy Corbyn, who are so broken and dysfunctional inside that they do what is popular without considering the consequences, apply zero thought of the future to their decisions. They always get caught unawares by the failure of their grand plans. You pay the price, since Corbyn will be on the plane to the same enclaves to which the rich have fled as soon as his crazy policies crater the country.

  • This is the blacklist Apple uses to censor the internet in China

    Steve Jobs saw the future of Idiocracy-West: people wanted easy to use products with massive advertising that were made as cheaply as possible, which is why he began outsourcing the manufacture of Macintosh computers in the mid-1980s. “Buy low, sell high” took on a new dimension and made his company massively profitable once he also learned that he could not be on the hook to specific chipsets (WDC, Motorola) but instead needed standard hardware. However, when Apple met China, they encountered a sneaky business partner who demanded loyalty in return. At this point, like the DNC, Apple are assets of the PRC.

  • Planeloads of Cash From Russia Have Been Shipped to Venezuela

    If the New Russia is not simply a re-branded Soviet Union, it sure is showing that in strange ways. Perhaps they are simply following the model of their masters the Chinese and adopting market socialism as a means of outlasting the wealth of capitalism so that they can take over in the end. This will not work for them for the same reason their past attempts at empire have failed, but because Asia and Eurasia have no purpose of their own, they will attempt it anyway, since every lost and empty human thinks that the solution is to find some external thing to fill his own void, when in fact that mental process is what caused him to have a void in the first place.

  • More non-Mexican migrants are being arrested at the border in San Diego than ever

    The Camp of the Saints comes to life: 90% of humanity lives in mud huts and eats bush meat because “poor people have poor ways,” namely relying on external things like talismans, superstitions, and socialism to lift them up when really what they need to do is change their thinking to change their behavior. Since thinking is hard, and change is scary, they will instead look toward some external source of good fortune, and look over the border or sea at the first world. If they can, all seven billion of them will come here and descend like locusts, eating up everything good and leaving a wasteland, at which point they will blame us for being stingy. The only solution is to (1) slam the door, and then (2) encourage strong nationalism so that they take pride in their own nations. “Racists” have it absolutely backward; we should be attacking diversity, not other groups. We all have a better future when people are proud to be Black, Asian/Hispanic, and so on. They will need to be relocated from our lands, but not sent back penniless, so that they can set up whatever type of society they need for their people. Stable societies have stable populations; only this way do we end ecocide.

  • Striped bass were once extinct in the St. Lawrence. Now they’re back

    Damaged ecosystems can be repaired. We can fix everything we have done wrong and bring forth a much better world. Do we have the will to do it? We can see a template here:

    However, the predatory fish with the tell-tale dark horizontal stripes on its metallic sides disappeared from the St. Lawrence for 40 years, due to overfishing and habitat destruction during the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the 1950s.

    Tougher environmental protection laws and fishing restrictions were the first steps in bringing the fish back.

    Striper restoration began in 2002, and just 10 years later, the species had bounced back sufficiently to go from being extirpated — or locally extinct — to endangered.

    Imagine a society as intolerant of pollution, overpopulation, immigration, wastefulness, and disposable products as our society is intolerant of “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “Islamophobia,” “classism,” and “elitism.” We could get somewhere instead of going in circles, destroying lives as we fight ourselves over symbols and ignore reality, as is the norm in late stage democracy.

  • As a Latino, I no longer feel safe in Trump’s America. So I’m leaving it.

    Latina self-deports. When there are no free things here and civil rights to guarantee that minorities are always first in line, they will move on to easier pastures. This should be our ongoing goal: remove civil rights, affirmative action, and entitlements. That is one half of the pincer, namely removing the benefit of being here. We then need to raise the cost of being here, and actually arrest minorities for all the crimes they do (right now, cops will bend over backwards to avoid this) and insist they pay their taxes correctly (Asians especially). Then they will see that life is in fact better back home. Those who have been here for a long time deserve a stipend and take any wealth they have accumulated with them. Ethnostates work; an ethnic Western Europeans only America will work. Anything else is suicide.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions from diesel vehicles cancelled out cuts from renewable energy

    “Environmentalism” is like all things modern an ersatz substitute for something better, which is a stable civilization, since such things tend to limit their populations and be conservationist, or keep huge swathes of land natural by excluding ordinary humans from intruding on them. The more people we have, the more we are going to generate various forms of pollution, and without a whole lot of land to absorb that and renew natural ecosystems, we will live in a giant park surrounded by concrete where you buy air at high prices to keep the taxes flowing that enables the ten billion underclass citizens to survive in their own dormitories, which they will burn down regularly when the subsidies are not generous enough.

  • Poland, Hungary broke EU laws by refusing to host migrants: court adviser

    No law should obligate self-destruction, so civil disobedience is necessary. Maybe the UK can learn from this: if you break enough laws and refuse to pay the fines, controlling tyrants like the EU have no choice except to throw you out, which is what you want anyway. NATO makes sense, in that we need a buffer for Europe against Chinese/Russian invasion, but the EU went from being a trade union — a good idea — to being a controlling internationalist Leftist empire in the mold of the Soviet Union. Escape from the void if you can, and it is best to do it by forcing them to throw you out, so that others follow and the tyranny evaporates, as it always does when challenged. Bullies are bullies, especially when they claim to be altruists.

  • Poll: Most Americans distrust at least some political polls

    Hysterical polls reveal that Americans distrust polls. Science has specialized in making arguments by cherry-picking data, and polls do the same, since they use a small sample size and filter out functional people as best they can. When you call people at ten in the morning on a Tuesday, you mostly get box wine dysfunctionals and daytime television watchers.

  • Historic British port known as the ‘Little White Town’ since 1855 because of the colour of its buildings changes its welcome signs following complaints it’s RACIST

    Diversity is a virus that consumes everything. You must re-arrange your entire existence to accommodate diversity, at which point you have abolished yourself. The only solution is to reject diversity and tell people to get used to being offended because it is good for them. It toughens people up to experience adversity, and it encourages them to solidify their own opinions. When you make society soft and weak, people get soft and weak, and then the Chinese overrun you and kill you.

  • Increase in Antarctic sea ice could have triggered an ice age, study finds

    People have a tendency to select symbols that are easy to understand instead of knotty realities. We know that ecocide is in progress and we have polluted the world, and we needed a symbol for that, so the neurotics seized in “climate change.” They may have gotten it right by getting it wrong, since possibly we are entering an ice age as nature attempts to kill off the extra humans. A world of a few million humans in a harsh environment would be forced to gain competence instead of bloating itself into Idiocracy, so in ten thousand years — if the Sweet Asteroid of Extinction does not hit first — we may have a chance at space travel again. Clearly this time we blew it. Or, we can simply start acting in a sane manner, exile the bloat to warm places, and get back on track. Which would you prefer?

  • Faces of Perth: Northern suburbs on struggle street as bills, falling house prices bite

    What is driving up the cost of living? The high taxes. Why does no one mention this? The voters are terrified of losing what they have in entitlements, even if cheaper living would mean that they can survive with their current jobs. On and on, around and around, South of Heaven.

  • ‘Lack of leadership’: Merkel under fire after far-right gains in regional German election

    Conservatives lose by winning. In order to get with the current mood, they become more Leftist, and end up being Leftists who like Jesus, guns, and big business. That eliminates their appeal to their base and they gradually find themselves less influential, to which they stammer out something about no circular firing squads. In reality, the best solution is simply to go to the farthest Right quartile and shoot everyone (metaphorically) to the Left of that. We do not need hybrid conservatives, whether neoliberals, neoconservatives, fascists, National Socialists, or libertarians. The root of conservatism is social conservatism and the idea of an organic body of a civilization adapting to nature and choosing the best options possible in pursuit of excellence (arete). Anything else just leads us back into the endless circular arguments of the egalitarians.

  • Police officer’s strike of South Dakota teen angers some

    Behave like savages, get treated like savages. Police are remarkably patient with citizens and try to avoid conflict, but entitled people always push things too far, and then more entitled people join in the protests/riots so that they can get free stuff.

  • China’s new moral guide elevates Xi over Mao, urges national pride over foreign influence

    China applies a crafty strategy that Asiatics have always used, which is to encourage your competition to do whatever is destructive to them while avoiding doing the same among your own people. Diversity is death, and therefore, China wants diversity to destroy us so that China can easily take over. Watch what they do, not what they say.

  • ‘Peak Car’ Is Holding Back the Global Economy

    The postwar economy relied on selling labor-saving devices to a rising middle class. When that ran out of steam, we came up with the welfare state to dump money on the underclass so that they would buy tons of products and drive up the numbers. Symbols mattered more than reality, we reasoned, because symbols can hold together the population in a facsimile of unity even when no actual unity exists, which happens when you start talking about freedom, equality, and other “me first and everyone else pays” types of logic. Now cars last for twenty years easily and people are more concerned with having long-term wealth to evade all those crazy taxes to keep the underclasses afloat. By using socialist logic in a capitalist system, we have doomed it, and a big crash is coming. Whichever nation is 100% self-sufficient when that happens will rule the world. Will it be the US, China, or the EU?

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