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  • Bangladesh may ‘force’ 100,000 Rohingya to resettle on uninhabited island

    Fractured by diversity for decades, Bangladesh looks toward ending diversity the old fashioned way, namely by relocating the non-majority population to its own space. This shows us the first step in how societies deal with the repeated failure of diversity, which is to create Chinatowns. These only work until they become obviously less equal than the accommodations of the majority, at which point the diversity riot/revolt-in-progress breaks out again. Ultimately, the Rohingya need to be reunited with their Islamic brethren in Islamic countries. That makes Islam less powerful, because it loses a foothold in Bangladesh, but makes Bangladesh more stable and ends the constant conflict over diversity. More nations will adopt this parallel societies approach, or “balkanization,” until it becomes clear that even that does not solve the problem, at which point people will get serious about ending diversity through relocation.

  • Can a State Rewrite a Movie Script?

    Minnesota tried to compel Christian filmmakers to advocate gay marriage. The Left reveals that its endgame — what we might call 100% Leftism instead of the 60% Leftism of “moderate” Democrats — follows the Jacobin/Soviet model. It should surprise no one that the same runaway ideology that compelled Athenians to murder Socrates for “corrupting the minds of the youth” will repeat that same pattern when given power in another society. Leftism is the political arm of the philosophy of egalitarianism, which in turn is what happens when individualism demands the support of the masses. Our only solution here comes in the form of social order, which requires strong culture and hierarchy to restrain the masses just as it must restrain markets and government. As Leftism fails, people are realizing that the idea of having our cake and eating it too — the People being in power without the guidance of naturally talented genius leaders — does not work and will never work; it simply appeared to because everything else seemed worse. The mass defections of spirit are only beginning. The Berlin 1945 Moment for Leftism dawns.

  • Trump’s new Mexico envoy stirs hornet’s nest with Frida Kahlo jab

    Mexican Leftists freak out because American envoy says the obvious, which is that socialism fails everywhere it is tried and mixed-race artist Frida Kahlo was not considering the consequences of her actions when she advocated it. Like most people who thrive by currying favor with others, Kahlo drew attention to herself for her “radical” and “new” ideas, not mentioning that they are in fact ancient and consistently failing. This makes her a false hero, and not what Mexicans need as their guide, which is hard reality to lead them out of the delusion that has allowed them to make a prosperous landmass into another starving third world ruin of a nation.

  • In California, a buzzy campaign idea gets a test run

    Everyone loves the idea of free money. If we have some who are successful, and some who are not, we simply take the “extra” from the successful and give to the unsuccessful. This presents a few problems: first, we penalize success; next, we give money to those who have no concept of how to use it well; finally, we create an inverted social order where we no longer aim for great things, but to redistribute the production of the past. No doubt the free money buzz finds popularity wherever it goes, but popularity is a bad gauge of reality, since most people are not very good at understanding reality as we can see by their situation in life. If you want a thriving society, reward those who are good, not those who are merely good at earning money or merely human; however, this means that your society must focus on ensuring that those who are good are the ones who are succeeding, which is the opposite of the inverted society in which we now live, where whoever pleases the masses with the most lowest common denominator offerings gets all the reward. In our half-socialist society, we find ourselves with the choice of more socialism or less socialism, and as always, getting as far away from failed systems as possible is a good goal.

  • Brexit showdown: British lawmakers bid to block PM leaving EU with no deal

    A job happens when the system for doing work becomes more important than the work itself; democracy is a job, in that maintaining The System has become more important than what people want and need. For those in power, staying in the EU gives them the most access to money and power with the least amount of accountability, so their careerism leads them to want it. To anyone with a functional brain, the EU resembles the latest attempt at a human Utopian system, and is failing correspondingly as these inavirably do if given enough time and leeway. However, the will to leave is being thwarted by the needs of those vested in the System. It appears that the twenty-first century will reveal a battleground between The System and “the spirit of the people” as exhibited in their most intelligent, moral, and thoughtful candidates. Alert observers will not that when defending the System replaces aspiration toward the goals of that System, the System has failed, and now those who are in power are simply attempting to hold on to that power. We stand at the base of a sea change from the notion of utilitarianism, or the idea that whatever most people think is good is in fact good, to the return of talent, or the idea that some know better than others and we need them in charge or the herd will follow runaway ideologies and pleasant symbols to our collective doom.

  • Huawei accuses US of using cyberattacks, threats to disrupt business

    In the Chinese system, government controls corporations, which presents the opposite of fascism and libertarianism, where corporations control government as a means of making government responsive to market realities and therefore, underlying social and political realities instead of the pleasant symbols of ideology. China shows us ideology reaching its final form, a terrifying and tyrannical state, which not surprisingly is in denial of reality enough to want to take over the world as a means of making itself stable and mass mobilizing its people so that they do not overthrow it. Leftism is inherently unstable, and the Americans are doing the right thing by opposing its world takeover through the simple method of depriving it of income. Just like the sanctions against Iran and Russia, the soft war against China will beat down a true threat to humanity and not be noticed except in the deepest niches of historical interpretation.

  • Jewish leaders outraged as Belgium’s shechita ban goes into effect

    Europe wants to be European. For most of history, Europeans got along with Jews because Jews, having a strong culture, tended to keep to themselves. However, with representative democracy and financial systems run by our merchant caste instead of our aristocrats, the cultures began to clash more frequently. Now that Israel is restored, it is time for the two groups to go their separate ways because Europe needs to be for ethnic Europeans only. If we avoid heeding that rule, we lay the groundwork for future conflict which will be both unnecessary and mind-bogglingly stupid in the way that only intelligent people operating on false assumptions can be.

  • $250 fine for white woman who brandished gun at black couple

    Ordinary white woman feels threatened by black couple and draws a weapon, causing a token fine instead of the political crucifixion that the Left and its minority lackeys desired. Things have shifted in America; under Obama, this woman would have had her life destroyed as all parties tried to demonstrate that they were not “racist.” In post-diversity America, people recognize that ethnic conflict is a way of life and that incidents like this are going to accelerate simply because people like to be with their own religious, ethnic, cultural, and social class groups only. We have reached early stages of balkanization and the law will take time to catch up, but the Fourteenth Amendment and associated Civil Rights Acts (1866, 1957, and 1964) now are showing how they were always bad law, but we had to wait a century or so to see how ludicrous they always were.

  • Governor Ivey responds to calls for resignation after blackface controversy

    Fifty-two years ago, this governor may have participated in a blackface skit. The only reason to worry about this now comes if we believe that blackface skits mean that you are a diehard hater of African-Americans, when in fact people made fun of all sorts of stuff in costume, and that your opinions have not changed. In reality, this country is far more racially divided under civil rights than it was before civil rights became mainstream. Diversity does not work.

  • China’s Twitter Disinformation Ops Have Been Going on for Years

    It turns out that China has been manipulating mass opinion through social media for years, but despite having all the information before them, social media companies did nothing, and the Leftist media focused on Russia as a distraction. Is the American Left simply a Chinese project, an advance wave preceding an invasion? It certainly seems to behave that way.

  • Tattoos mark people as hasty and reckless, economists find

    Unless you are a sailor or heavy metal musician, tattoos show that you prioritize personal drama over solid thinking. No wonder employers discriminate against them; flighty employees are a disaster and lead to high turnover among other costs and poorer quality results. Perhaps the great pushback against society as an extended preschool where the goal is to “express yourself” while attending work as a social activity instead of some purposeful activity with an intended result has begun.

  • The American Consumer Keeps Beating Expectations

    All of the official sources agree with each other than the Trump Administration is the worst thing ever and that we should crash the economy on that basis alone. Consumers, however, respond to strong and realistic leadership better than they did to the latter half of the Obama regime; the early Obama years, like most Leftist plans, cruised on good feelings and promises, but as soon as policies were implemented, people realized that Obama — like Jacobins, Soviets, Khmer Rouge, and Red Guards — wanted to create an inverted society where the meek ruled over the strong. Such a society is dedicated to incompetence and parasitism, and they all fail despite being massively popular with the working classes, who by definition have no idea what they are doing with government or policy.

  • Texas gunman who killed seven had previously failed background check for firearm

    The Left wants to use this incident to demand more background checks and Red Flag laws, but in reality, existing background checks worked; the gunman simply routed around them. In Texas, which has a wide border with Mexico, it is possible to buy guns that have been stolen from ordinary citizens or smuggled across the border for as little as $100. Instead, the conversation we need to have here involves filtering out the insane from among us. Even if they cannot get guns, they will do nothing but ill; this is what “insane” means, and calling it “mental health” does not detract from the fact that those whose brains do not work right are going to be a wrecking ball to anything they encounter while we stay busy trying to be productive. We are going to have to be more aggressive about isolating, institutionalizing, or exiling these people.

  • #AmINext: Thousands sign petitions for death penalty, state of emergency in SA

    Ending apartheid not only removed white power, but the idea that the responsible should rule, and instead SA got a series of demagogues who were elected for their race and not their abilities. Consequently, SA has declined from bad government and the social fracture brought about by the infighting over power by its racial groups — white, Black, and “colored” — as the nation spirals into oblivion. With this example of diversity on our screens, we can perhaps choose to avoid the same fate for ourselves. It does not matter who the diversity are, simply that they are different. Nations with one group maintain unity; nations with multiple groups tear themselves apart with infighting.

  • Israel will soon have to choose between China and the US

    One cannot serve two masters in international politics, either. Israel has traditionally been an American ally, but found itself leaning toward China during the Bush-Obama years simply because America had abandoned its traditional support for the national state of Israel in favor of a universal doctrine of diversity, which will destroy Israel because it will be flooded with faster-breeding Semitic Muslims who will outvote and overwhelm the Jewish population. That in turn will defeat the point of Israel, which is a state for the Jews of the world where they can be safe from the pogroms and Holocausts that periodically arise when people note that diversity is destroying their nations just like South Africa.

  • KU faculty wants Chick-fil-A banned from campus for fears of ‘safety,’ ‘mental well being’

    Snowflakes are terrified of chicken sandwiches because the company that makes them has some traditional views. Instead of accepting that life is not a preschool where you go to socialize, and that people have different opinions because most of what humanity thinks is nonsense, the snowflakes want to make a “safe space” where they can indulge in their illusion and have the rest of us pay for it. Send them to the mines.

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