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  • After deadly Frederick fair assault, Md. lawmaker wants to change hate crime law

    In this assault, an old white guy refused to give a dollar to two black teens, who promptly beat him and killed him. Instead of changing hate crime laws, how about we abolish them and the rest of civil rights, so that white people can live with whites and black live with black? That way, we do not have black people being shot by white cops or old white guys getting killed by black youth. We need parallel societies, and if we are smart, we will do that on different continents. Fair observation: democracy is the antithesis of “smart,” so it takes a tragedy for it to take notice.

  • China branded a ‘global disinformation superpower’ by new report

    No one will be particularly surprised by this. The Chinese are strategically more intelligent than Westerners, which both means that they often win and that they miss the bigger point about what makes life actually good. Like Genghis Khan, they can conquer, but then they make a mess of things and it all falls apart, a pattern mirrored by the West in its Leftist revolutions in France and Russia. We need to rigidly and fanatically decouple from China and let them face their own fate; we in the West need to go our own way.

  • Caught On Camera: Woman Goes On Racist Tirade Outside Eagle Rock CVS

    “I’m extremely surprised to see it in Eagle Rock, because there’s a whole bunch of all kinds of minorities here,” he said. “That’s all I can say, I’m surprised to see it here.”

    The first casualty of democracy is being able to connect cause and effect. The more diversity you have, the more people of all races will privately hate it but bleat-repeat “diversity is our strength” — we do not hear that as much these days — in public.

  • Have Online Reviews Lost All Value?

    “On the internet, nobody knows that you are a dog.” That simply means that all of the big companies — Amazon, Facebook, Reddit, Apple, Google, and Twitter — have been faking it all along. There is no legal consequence for boosting fake reviews, publishing fake information, and claiming erroneously high numbers of users by including banned, bot, spam, and deleted accounts. The whole thing was always fake, all the way down, but like credulous Boomers obeying the nice voice on the phone telling them to log in to their bank account, America just went along with assuming that “cyberspace” was a “new frontier” where information was at your fingertips. Information was, but it was mostly fake. You have been trolled.

  • Thousands of ships fitted with ‘cheat devices’ to divert poisonous pollution into sea

    We have protests everywhere demanding the socialist solution to “climate change,” namely that we send all our money to China and destroy our industry. Obviously both “climate change” and that solution are bunk, since the real problems are urbanization and overpopulation, and the real solution is to set aside half of all land for untouched nature as the aristocrats used to do with their “hunting preserves” (famous from Robin Hood and its locust-like proles). If we look too closely, we see that globalism is wrecking the environment, mainly because shipping stuff across the seas generates massive amounts of pollution. Were we serious about climate change, we could cut entitlements programs to stop reckless spending on junk, become autonomous in manufacturing and agriculture, set aside half of our land for nature, stop immigration of all forms, and begin ejecting useless people since every person has a price.

  • Los Angeles police investigate job ad on rightwing Breitbart website

    Someone trolls the pearl-clutching Leftists, but this somewhat backfires, since the Left uses these outrage events to keep its base together. On the other hand, the undecided masses get to see how hysterical and hypocritical the Left are, since they are panicking over an advertisement on a web site. That is not the type of calm and trustworthy behavior that is required for those who wish to rule.

  • Crossing a line in gang wars: Chicago gang members on trial for execution-style murder of 9-year-old

    Diversity causes instability so people join gangs. As those become more important in the vacuum left by failed social order and failed policing, the extremity increases. This reflects how diversity wrecks every life, including that of the minorities that it in theory protects.

  • Bodybuilder, 44, who was once crowned Britain’s Strongest Man is jailed for almost three years after smuggling 17 Albanian migrants into the UK on a catamaran

    Immigration provides instant fortunes. If each of those Albanians pays you $5k off the books, you can start building a nice nest egg at the expense of your country. Maybe we should consider a fair punishment for this guy: exile him to Albania.

  • Tesla violated labor laws by blocking union organizing, judge rules

    Most people do not realize this, but the unions took over America long ago. They are legally protected and have legions of “activist judges” (100% far-Left) who defend them and force companies to bow to them. This drove companies offshore and to hire illegal immigrants. All of our problems ultimately originate in the class warfare started by the workers, who by definition are Dunning-Kruger incapable of understanding how a business is run, leading them to demand more money above their market value, driving industry to automation, immigration, and globalism. The workers must be oppressed for society to avoid suicide.

  • Germany sees surge in weapon seizures from far right

    Liberal democracy refuses to address real problems and chases symbolic feel-good issues instead because ultimately, democracy is a popularity contest, and those are driven by appearance instead of reality. Consequently, people are getting armed and ready to deal with the collapse of order caused by liberal democracy. The powers that be fear this, and are hyping up the far-Right “threat” in order to drive the bourgeois sheep back into the arms of Mother Government and its Leftist ideology of universal acceptance in exchange for conformity. Bonus: a cache of historical arms to cause Leftists who cannot tell one gun from another to panic.

  • China urges ‘calm and rational’ resolution to U.S.-Sino trade war

    Asian cultures are known both for being impassive and “saving face.” These are two sides to the same coin. In the highly competitive societies in which they exist, mass manipulation is the norm, and so the appearance of being in power is more important than wielding that power well (hence their dependency on “sinecures,” as most of the third world does). As a result, when the Chinese start talking about calm and rationality, realize that this is camouflage for a deep and enduring panic. The free ride is over; now, they have to face the numerous design defects of the Communist-Consumerist hybrid they have cooked up.

  • Muslim of the Year nominee is probed by police after she was filmed telling a rally ‘jihad is the only solution’

    Diversity is just a punchline at this point. We should start referring to failing objects as having “diverse objectives,” as in, “My car had diverse objectives this morning — it both wanted to start and not start.”

  • Captured ISIS fighter wants to come home — but not if he will be judged by Canadian law

    Welcome to being a minority in a diverse nation; you will always have dual loyalties. When the rule of the land works for you, use it. If that fails, demand special privileges. Every time!

  • Stunned authorities find dozens of encrypted computers in alleged spy’s tiny home

    What kind of Anglo-Saxon name is “Ortis”? Dual loyalties, even among off-whites.

  • Tory MP boasts he blacked up, it was ‘fun’ and he’s not going to say sorry

    More diversity comedy. People dress in costumes. These both laud and mock many things, including other races, sexes, religions, and social classes. Comedy is a way of making the cruel into the absurd so that we can accept it instead of constantly pushing back against reality, which seems to be the pathologically self-destructive human modus operandi.

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