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  • Chinese theft of trade secrets on the rise, the US Justice Department warns

    Other groups come here to conquer, period. They have no choice: they must either reject their origins and hate themselves, or subconsciously hate us and work to conquer us. Benevolent xenophobia is the only sane policy toward other groups.

  • Police: Teens fatally assault man at Great Frederick Fair, may have been ‘knockout game’

    We hear a lot about white supremacist/nationalist terrorism, but very little about the constant race war through crime occurring on America’s streets. This involves all groups, and the media and police generally do their best to hide it when possible.

  • Israeli elections: Arab parties back Gantz to oust Netanyahu

    Israel is now occupied by a foreign ethnic group, just like Boston, Detroit, Newark, Houston, and Baltimore are. Now the foreign group will drain Israeli Jews of their tax money, use that money to promote their own breeding, and dominate the vote, eventually simply removing Jews from the population. This is The Great Replacement.

  • Florida man charged with making racist threats asks for bond

    The indictment says McMahon used his social media accounts to intimidate the activist and interfere with his campaign to run for a seat on the Charlottesville, Virginia, city council.

    He is being prosecuted for (1) being a white nationalist and (2) being on social media. This shows what government will do if given a blank cheque to deal with “white nationalist terrorism.”

  • Jharkhand Man Beaten To Death By Mob That Suspected He Sold Beef

    Diversity not working well anywhere. Hindus need a Hindu state, and Muslims need their own, although having them next door guarantees constant conflict. Maybe move the Muslims over a mountain range and so on, placing them in Arabia where their religion is consistent with local standards.

  • 洋妞撕文宣片段

    White woman tears down signs for Hong Kong protesters, says that it is more important to be “safe” than right. Maybe she is a paid agitator, or perhaps simply acting out the “Karen” script that many Western women do in order to feel “safe” about their own declining civilization. I suspect that this is The White Disease in action.

  • It will be a ‘disaster’ for Hong Kong if it ‘squanders’ its status as a financial center, China investor says

    Giving it to the PRC will do that. Hong Kong — like Singapore and Taiwan — is a window into Asia that is not controlled by the Communist-Consumerist hybrid of the People’s Republic of China. It is successful as a result, while mainland China seems to be floundering.

  • Call for 1m people to join UK’s biggest mass tree-planting campaign

    Trees are not the problem; forest is. You need unbroken natural land which is unmolested by humans. This requires setting aside land, and cannot be addressed by planting a bunch of trees in unused areas. Humans will simply clearcut those anyway when The Poor™ and immigrants need more housing, or people fleeing that group need luxury housing.

  • Disinformation sites generate over $200 million: study

    We see now the actual origin of “fake news”: it makes money from gullible Westerners. Right now, the Leftist media is highly critical of fake news from the Right, which seems to be run by devious foreigners, but few seem to mention the high degree of fake news from the Left, including accepted forms like Maddow and The New York Times.

  • Atalanta vs Fiorentina suspended for three minutes after racist abuse directed at defender Dalbert

    Why not have a local soccer team full of people who look like you? Diversity makes no one happy.

  • Thomas Cook collapse sparks largest peacetime repatriation mission in British history

    Funny how the idea of repatriation is back in the news. We should consider even larger efforts to end the misery of diversity for all groups involved.

  • Top British barrister says eating meat could become illegal

    You might be charged with ecocide for eating meat while the great globalist charade that sponsors worldwide population growth goes on. A more sensible policy would be to arrest population growth by stopping immigration, diversity, and entitlements. We are paying people to be useless. Reward the good, punish the bad, ignore everyone else (the grey area).

  • Survey finds ‘sextortion’ rife in Latin America, women worst hit

    “In some cases, when women are asked for a bribe, the currency changes from money to sexual favours,” the chair of Transparency International, Delia Ferreira, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

    Women often experience petty corruption in their daily lives at the hands of low-level civil servants who exploit mothers seeking social services, Ferreria said.

    How is this different than the much lauded Bonobos?

    In the heart of Africa, in a swamp forest near Lake Tumba in the Congo, a frolicking species of ape called the bonobo has long upset the Frazetta picture of our past. These apes, who, along with chimpanzees, share up to 98 percent of our DNA, confounded the first primatologists who observed them. Over time, they have created a colony far different from that of their intensely competitive, often violent, chimpanzee cousins. Bonobo society is based on cooperation and empathy; the culture is a matriarchy where competition is redirected into a communitarian sexual appetite. Bonobos also shocked these earliest scientists because they possessed a cheerful sense of general promiscuity, weaving wanton sex into their society, and they boasted a sexual repertoire once thought to be the exclusive property of Homo sapiens—deep kissing, foreplay, oral sex, homosexuality, and polyamory.

    At a basic level, we are animals, and animals find basic solutions to their problems. What we see as sexual abuse is — like subsistence level poverty, corruption, and tribal warfare — part of the basic human pattern of behavior. Those who suppress these rise above the basic level of human survival, but also take on the risk of instability. Instead of trying to enforce a universal standard of behavior on people, we to whom rising above makes sense should go our own way, and let others find their own path.

  • Historic 104-Year-old Battleship Close to Sinking

    Texas is now half-minority. The nu-Texans do not care about your old symbols of victory, white man, so they are not going to fund them, nor are they going to visit and pay expensive fees just to keep those symbols afloat. You can rave on about the Constitution and freedom, but at the end of the day, people are biologically wired to care about their group and not yours. If you were one of the people talking about assimilation, integration, and “culture” meaning political culture, welcome to your Darwin Award!

  • Germany on Recession’s Brink as Factories Slump

    German Leftists bet on the EU and China instead of the post-globalist world order as the populists advocate. Now they are seeing the consequence of an international order: when a major participant drops out, the whole thing fails. The threat of the UK leaving the EU has gutted the EU, and the US-China trade war has eliminated the major market for overpriced European goods. You can only sell BMWs as a luxury brand now because a Kia works just about as well. When incomes go down and prices go up, people in China stop buying them, and then Europe has to face a new reality in which it cannot afford its entitlements state, which is the whole reason they were betting on the EU/PRC instead of populism.

  • Five-year period ending 2019 set to be hottest on record

    What could cause such a rise? Looking at the UN’s fact sheet on urbanization:

    In 1970, Tokyo and New York were the only megacities.

    Cities contribute to up to 70 per cent of the total greenhouse gas emissions.

    Cities also generate a disproportionate amount of revenue for governments.

    Urban-based economic activities account for up to 55 per cent of gross national product (GNP) in low income countries, 73 per cent in middle-income countries and 85 per cent in high income countries.

    Consider how this maps to our pollution problem (of which CO2 is one of many pollutants) as the world population has moved to cities:

    Since 1950, the world’s urban population has risen almost six-fold, from 751 million to 4.2 billion in 2018.

    We bulldoze the forests, cover most of the surface in concrete that reflects water and sunlight, run engines constantly, and pack these places with people. Not surprisingly, they are emitting lots of heat, and that rises and displaces jet streams, causing chaos with world weather. It is not climate change that we are seeing, but people doing the same dumb stuff on enough of Earth’s surface to screw up its ecosystems.

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