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  • Italy presents plan to accelerate expulsion of migrants

    After the far Right rose on an anti-immigration platform, the moderates adopted it:

    “I do not believe that redistributing migrants to other European countries is the final solution”, 5-Star leader and Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio told a news conference.

    Note: five years ago, there would have been a media panic over anyone using the term “final solution” in the context of immigration or diversity.

  • France IVF bill: Protests gather thousands in Paris

    People tire of the great push toward equality for everyone in clear denial of the obvious fact that we are not all equal. Gay people do not need children, nor do they need marriage; they are on a different path, one that is apparently linked to Apple products (note from 1992 me: I told you so). Poor people do not need welfare; they need affordable housing and lots of jobs they can flit between. All of our solutions — regulations, entitlements, censorship, bureaucracy — make everything worse, but since they make government more powerful and government protects the proles against the return of kings, the herd hive-mind wants us to support these non-working solutions.

  • Most illegal crossings in 12 years: Border Patrol took 851,000 into custody during fiscal 2019

    The Left signaled to immigrants to come just like they signaled support to the Viet Cong. Leftism means opposition to the natural hierarchy and order of your society, so that you can replace it with a motley tribe of misfits and others who did not succeed under that hierarchy. This shows us the primary challenge in transferring from hunter-gatherer nomadism to permanent agricultural civilization: where in the past, your ability to interface with nature determined whether you lived or died, now civilization does, and this sparks a never-ending neurotic bickering about rights, fairness, and inclusion. Hunter-gatherers had it easier because the competent ones just went their own way, leaving the insane, criminal, useless, and perverse to survive on their own. In the current year, Leftists have been encouraging migrants to come across, which is fortunate because it stirred a long-term smoldering problem into an active crisis.

  • Basketball’s NBA under fire in China, at home over HK protest tweet

    Intelligent businesspeople seek to be as apolitical as possible. Diversity makes that impossible. Consequently, they are all trying to appeal to whichever niche they think gives them the broadest audience. In this case, one NBA exec followed conventional wisdom (anything related to revolutions, hippies, or their modern equivalents is hip, young, and cool) and got smacked down because China already owns huge chunks of American industry. While Obama was busy giving away “free” stuff, he was also hastening the invasion, much like his mentors the Clintons did.

  • FBI Seeking Assistance Connecting Victims to Samuel Little’s Confessions

    People are focusing on this guy because we were told that all serial killers were young white guys who could not figure out how to interact with women enough to have sex. Now we have what the media reports as a Black man doing all these killings, but no one will point out the obvious: Samuel Little is an Obama. With blue-grey eyes and light skin, he is obviously the product of racial mixture, probably multiple times over generations. Perhaps we should look into how mixed-race and mixed-ethnic (like whites bred with The Irish) people are more prone to illness, including mental disease.

  • Prime Minister Johnson to raise Harry Dunn case with White House

    It looks like the wife of an American diplomat drove the wrong way down a stretch of road and killed a motorbike rider. She then hopped on a plane for the US, and the UK wants her returned to their court system. While the incident is appalling, we have diplomatic immunity for several reasons, one of which is that host nations can engineer car crashes; the other is that choice of punishment shows the degree of good faith in interactions between the nations. Keep the woman in America and let the case be brought here, then mete out punishment here. Involuntary manslaughter sounds about right, and that usually requires a prison sentence, as it should. While kings may slaughter proles, and obviously from history should have slaughtered more of them, diplomats are not kings but proles with titles, and they need to face both barrels of the law.

  • Ukraine president denies being pushed by Trump to investigate Biden

    If your country allows the Left to get away with the usual corruption, we should definitely not send you aid. As the impeachment drama wins up, the honest interest in it is winding down, which is a perfect formula for a media spectacle unrelated to reality, which will then in turn give the impression that Leftists are disconnected from reality. The next step involves recognizing that any group dedicated to a fantasy like “equality” is always going to be disconnected from reality, and this will make them both incompetent and tyrannical.

  • Turkey-Syria border: Kurds bitter as US troops withdraw

    Syria sided with Russia, and the Kurds seemed open to Syria, at the same time Washington wants better relations with Turkey. Consequently, the Americans are going to let Turkey invade Syria and subjugate the Kurds, who are the largest stateless ethnic group in the world, and probably simply need their own nation, much as diaspora Jews needed Israel.

  • China is producing billionaires faster than any other nation

    Leftists specialize in wealth booms created by mass mobilization; conservatives favor hierarchy and slower growth in order to minimize the inevitable crash when the need that created the boom is addressed and all of the production designed to address that need must stand down. Clinton minted many millionaires by relaxing the rules, allowing easy loans, and creating vast hype around certain industries. Decades later, that prosperity has collapsed for most except for the few who managed to concentrate wealth. The more one looks at it, the entire Leftist movement looks like a way for the middle classes to weaponize the poor and profit from the ensuing boom at the expense of civilization.

  • Average commute time reached a new record last year

    Humanity specializes in wasting time at this point in history. We cannot, because it would be politically incorrect, point out that we are all driving around ghettos because no one wants to live in a diverse neighborhood. Instead, we move further out, and waste more time on the road and produce more pollution.

  • Trump loses New York court fight to keep his tax returns secret

    The neurotic need for affirmation continues. Like impeachment, this will fail if it succeeds. As usual, Trump fights hardest for the things that he wants the Left to win, and casually slides into victory by doing other things that they cannot comprehend.

  • Girls are skipping school to avoid sharing gender neutral toilets with boys after being left to feel unsafe and ashamed

    A few transgender activists, who are highly vocal and coddled by the Left, bluffed schools into making unisex toilets which, per anti-gang rules, must be effectively open and have little privacy. Not surprisingly, people are finding these hard to use in reality although in theory they are the most inclusive option. A sane person would simply look at the numbers, realize that there are very few transgenders, and tell them to use the staff bathroom instead. However, we are bound by the illusion of equality, or “for me to be happy, everyone must be happy,” an ethos which originates in our glorious Simian heritage. A better idea: we are each responsible for our own happiness, and it is better than some live excellent lives than that all live mediocre ones. Weed out the weak.

  • Australia on track for new annual record for asylum seekers arriving by air

    Everywhere, people are fleeing the failing third world to come to the first world, and thus to make their lack of happiness our problem. We need to break away and live the good life, because most of humanity is always miserable, and this originates in its abilities and choices and is not our concern. Call it benevolent disinterest; intelligent people recognize that most of humanity is screwing up most of the time, and the best thing to do is to let them face the consequences of those actions.

  • Even High-Income Millennials Fear They’ll Need to Work Forever

    You missed out on the wealth bloom. Clinton policies meant that the nineties boomed and the oughts paid for it. Obama policies meant that the early 2010s boomed, but starting in 2014 or so, things went badly and now we will pay for it as we try to make up all that wealth that has been frittered away (as usual) by democracy. No wonder people want to “tax the rich”; they perceive that a great deal of money went to people who do not deserve it, especially those who made it through government. As usual, humanity wants to slam that barn door extra hard now that the horse has made it to a neighboring county. A better plan for the future involves getting rid of centralized/externalized authority entirely, and dispatching the entitlements-and-equality state, which allows the best to rise and gets the competent in power, since under postwar Leftist rule, we have steadily promoted savage incompetents and ignored our best people.

  • ‘Hundreds’ of young trans people seeking help to return to original sex

    Free government healthcare means that people do not think seriously about their own health decisions. Consequently, thousands of young people have decided to become the center of attention for fifteen seconds by mutilating themselves, and not surprisingly, many of them have come to realize that there are consequences for that decision. Enjoy your Darwin Awards, now that you are newly sterile. You are just more casualties of the Crowd as it pursues new novelties and Utopian dreams in order to distract itself from the failure of the old.

  • Arrests for Low-Level Crimes Are Plummeting, and the Experts Are Flummoxed

    After Ferguson, American police reversed their “broken windows” policies and instead opted for a general attitude that if society was going to call them racist and destroy them for arresting minorities, they would simply allow minorities to get away with more crime instead of aggressively intervening before it could happen. These aggressive policies enforced on minorities mostly save other minority lives, anyway. Since we cannot simply admit that diversity does not work, someone must be sacrificed any time a minority person feels harmed, which means that cops have stopped doing the arrests, interventions, and paperwork for minor crimes. Slowly people are realizing yet another insane Obama legacy that simply passed on costs to the middle classes, who are finding their bikes, phones, air conditioners, and car wheels are going missing more regularly these days.

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