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  • New Zealand ranked the most ‘Islamic country in the world’ in annual index

    In the 2019 Islamicity index, released earlier this year, New Zealand is ranked first overall, followed by Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark and Ireland. The top Muslim-majority country is United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 44.

    People have become so frustrated by democracy, equality, socialism, and diversity that they are embracing third world anarchy.

  • Orthodox priest shot at church in France

    The priest, a Greek citizen, is in a local hospital with life-threatening injuries after being hit in the abdomen, a police official told The Associated Press. The attacker was alone and fired from a hunting rifle, said the official, who was not authorized to be publicly named.

    The clash of civilizations continues, except that we imported it so now it is fought within our lands, not outside of them.

    When our response is diligent cucking, we have to expect that the rest of the world will see us as weak and invade us for the free stuff we offer, figuring that we are mentally obese morons:

    Local media said the teacher gave students the opportunity to look down as they were shown one of the cartoons previously published by the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

    The newspaper Derniere Heure reported that the education authorities have launched disciplinary proceedings against the teacher.

    A spokesperson for the Molenbeek’s mayor said the punitive action was taken due to the explicit nature of the cartoon and not specifically because caricature of Islam’s founder was shown.

    There are always lots of excuses to avoid reality. Speaking of RealityLand, here we recognize that if you hand out free school lunches, public education, subsidized housing, socialized medicine, retirement funds, affirmative action, and welfare, lots of people will show up with their hands out. Cut these government freebies — which destroy civilization by transfering wealth from the productive to the absorptive — and our diversity problem goes away.

  • Add vitamin D to bread and milk to help fight Covid, urge scientists

    Up to half the UK population has a vitamin D deficiency, and government guidance that people should take supplements is not working, according to a group convened by Dr Gareth Davies, a medical physics researcher.

    The high consequences of a bread-based diet and indoor sedentary lifestyle reveal themselves. Modernity is killing us physically as well as morally, intellectually, and spiritually.

    It turns out that Vitamin D may be the key to COVID-19:

    The researchers found that 82 per cent of the hospitalized COVID-19 patients (who were not taking supplements) were vitamin D deficient, while 47 per cent of the control group had the same deficiency.

    The study also noted that vitamin D levels were “especially lower” in men with COVID-19 compared to women.

    Stuck in front of computer screens, we wither away. If everyone had a homestead, and spent half of their workday tending to crops, animals, and buildings, this situation would not be so severe.

  • Amazon says it now has more than 1 million employees said it now has about 1 million employees after hiring 250,000 workers in the third quarter, part of a growth spurt driven by booming ecommerce sales during the coronavirus pandemic and a milestone for a company founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezos as an online bookseller.

    When social order breaks down, humans form civilizations in a purely oligarchic or libertarian style, creating city-states run by corporations or guilds (the older form of corporation). Amazon is now big as many governments, and SpaceX plans its own autonomous nation on Mars:

    “For services provided on Mars, or in transit to Mars via Starship or other colonization spacecraft, the parties recognize Mars as a free planet and that no Earth-based government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities,” the governing law section states. “Accordingly, disputes will be settled through self-governing principles, established in good faith, at the time of Martian settlement.” Space systems engineer Erwan Beauvois said SpaceX’s position was reminiscent of a declaration put forward by the Earthlight Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to preparing for the expansion of humanity beyond Earth. The Declaration of the Rights and Responsibilities of Humanity in the Universe states that space should be “considered free, by all, for all and to all.”

    “Free” means that whoever owns the oxygen, reactors, and spacecraft makes the rules. In reality, these will consist of protection for the settlement, and will implement a policy long unseen in the West: exile. Instead of trying to save everyone, these city-states will keep those who are useful and eject the rest.

  • Q3 earnings find Apple and Google looking to the future for hardware rebounds

    The arrival of 5G on the iPhone was really as much about future-proofing this year’s models as anything. Consumers are holding onto phones longer, and in the three or four years before it’s time for another upgrade, the 5G maps will look very different.

    Industry needs 5G because all of its new technologies have aged and now people no longer want to pay for fat profit margins. Using planned obsolesence, these dinosaur companies want to extract more money from the consumer base, most of it coming from money received or displaced by government benefits like social security. Why save for retirement when government provides cradle-to-grave so long as you keep plugging away at your pointless job? This tells us something more important however: Big Tech existed in a bubble created by Clinton-era entitlements expansion, and cannot provide us with future wealth. Also on the dot-com 3.0 death vigil seem to be the social media companies, who are finding mass defections in light of recent censorship.

    It seems as if the bell has tolled for Facebook:

    In the U.S. and Canada, Facebook’s user base fell to 196 million daily active users from 198 million a quarter earlier. The company said its U.S. and Canada user base had been elevated during the second quarter due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company cautioned that it expects its user base in the U.S. and Canada to remain flat or decrease in the fourth quarter.

    And Twitter:

    Twitter grew its total mDAUs by just 1 million from last quarter to 187 million, falling shy of analysts’ expectations of 195 million mDAUs for the third quarter.

    This shows that these companies are surviving on a “long tail”: not the cutting-edge users, but the imitators and followers, who are flocking to what was hip a decade ago in an attempt to be current and relevant.

    These Big Tech companies manage to hang on mainly because they are already big, therefore can spend their way to prominence:

    The ability to spend like crazy — because Big Tech has money and hardly anyone questions how the companies spend it — is one of the secrets to why the tech industry giants are so difficult to unseat.

    A few examples: Amazon hired 250,000 full- and part-time employees — on average roughly 2,800 each day in the 90 days that ended in September — and then about 100,000 more people in October, the company said. Google has spent nearly $17 billion this year on things like hulking computer equipment — that’s about the same as Exxon’s comparable spending figure for digging oil and gas out of the ground.

  • Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90

    “He defined an era and a style. The wit and charm he portrayed on screen could be measured in megawatts; he helped create the modern blockbuster.

    “He will continue to influence actors and film-makers alike for years to come. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

    Perhaps this death, although sad, comes at a fortuitous time, as the world needs to be reminded of the contributions of Euripids and how these will go away when we do. This may slow down their desire to bankrupt, conquer, and replace us for a few days.

  • US and UK citizens are world’s biggest sources of plastic waste – study

    The analysis also shows the US produces the most plastic waste in total and that its citizens may rank as high as third in the world in contributing to plastic pollution in the oceans. Previous work had suggested Asian countries dominated marine plastic pollution and placed the US in 20th place, but this did not account for US waste exports or illegal dumping within the country.

    Now we have dueling studies. Most likely, the third world produces a lot more than the USA, and most of the waste involves the people we have added over the last thirty-five years. Cutting our population to 150 million WASPs would massively zap the environmental consequences of America.

  • To Prevent Future Pandemics, Protect Nature

    The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 likely originated in an animal, but which species and where will be hard to confirm, reported David Cyranoski for Nature in June. No matter the origin, it’s not the only deadly virus that’s jumped from wildlife to humans. Humans contracted HIV from chimps, which likely got it from other monkeys; wild and domesticated birds have been targeted a culprits of the 1918 flu pandemic; and Nipah virus was transmitted from fruit bats to domesticated animals to humans.

    The Covid-19 pandemic is the sixth pandemic since the influenza outbreak in 1918, all of which have been “entirely driven by human activities,” the IPBES panel says in a press release.

    “The risk of pandemics is increasing rapidly, with more than five new diseases emerging in people every year, any one of which has the potential to become pandemic,” the report states. It suggests that 70 percent of emerging diseases are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmissible from non-human animals to humans.

    When humans push nature into crowded quarters, the system breaks down, and what was once gradual accelerates.

  • Anti-Asian hate crime incidents rose by 878% compared to last year, Vancouver police report says

    According to the Vancouver Police Department’s third key performance indicator report for the year, which looks at crime statistics for the first nine months of 2020, there’s been a 116 per cent increase in hate crime incidents compared to the same time period in 2019. More specifically, anti-Asian hate crime incidents have seen an 878 per cent increase.

    People are tired of diversity, not specific groups. They act out against whatever group is dominant, whether that be Asiatics, Negroes, or mixed-Whites like Irish or Jews. To get on top of this problem, we have to recognize that diversity itself is the cause, and that without diversity, we have no measurable racism, genocide, or ethnic warfare.

  • ‘Who thought this was a good idea?’ U.S. health official gives COVID-19 update in clown costume

    “The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping how Oregonians celebrate holidays, and that includes Halloween,” said Sharief. “But it doesn’t mean Halloween can’t still be spooky and fun this year.”

    Leftists are tone-deaf, meaning oblivious to the world outside symbolism and social appearance. In this case, it looks like they wanted to deliver a Halloween-themed update and find themselves surprised that some people find that inappropriate for a pandemic report. Clown world status: confirmed.

  • The great divergence: U.S. COVID-19 economy has delivered luxury houses for some, evictions for others

    Professionals like Kullman are thriving, thanks in part to pandemic-induced policies by the Federal Reserve that have buoyed the stock market and fueled industries such as real estate with record-low interest rates.

    For many lower-wage workers, meanwhile, the crisis has delivered a cruel shove, toppling families like the McGees who were already living on the financial edge. Nationwide, millions of people including hotel workers, retail clerks, waiters, bartenders, airline employees and other service workers have lost jobs as COVID-19 fears crushed consumer demand.

    Societies die by control. They seek to create Systems to replace nature where everyone is equal and anyone can win, provided that they obey the control. This means that those who go through the schools, choke down the lies, and dedicate their entire waking lives to their jobs do fine, where everyone else lives marginally and depends on government, which conveniently turns them into permanent Leftist voters.

  • In Tibet, China preaches the material over the spiritual

    China is pushing to transform the mindsets and values of Tibetans to bring them into the country’s modern mainstream, which includes urging the region’s devout Buddhists to focus less on religion and more on material prosperity.

    “Tibet has some bad old habits, mainly due to the negative influence of religion that emphasises the afterlife and weakens the urge to pursue happiness in the current life,” said Che Dhala, chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

    They have a point about dualism — living for another world to the exclusion of the physical world — but they unknowingly issue the modern ideal: give up on what is right and true in your soul, and focus on making more disposable garbage so other people can buy it and we can keep subsidizing the poor, insane, broken, and foreign. This happens when societies give up not so much on spirituality, but on themselves, and stop believing that life is good and should be enjoyable.

  • Malema defends use of white lawyers, saying some black lawyers fail in court

    “We were losing cases with black lawyers failing to submit a simple thing as one page. And then we must use the same services [and] lose cases so that we can be projected as the most disorganised organisation with no direction? To hell with all of you,” Malema said on Thursday .

    He denied the EFF is a non-white party and insisted it is a nonracial organisation.

    The capitalists will sell you the rope you use to hang them… actually, anyone will. This is the nature of Systems.

  • With Justice Barrett, Is the End Near for Racial Preferences?

    In its earliest iteration, affirmative action in practice meant outreach to low-income blacks. It was argued that the policy was necessary to compensate for past injustices and would one day no longer be necessary. Over time, however, quotas and set-asides replaced simple outreach, and racial double-standards in college admissions were defended on grounds that they enhanced “diversity” on campus.

    The “progress toward equality for black Americans didn’t begin in 1965,” write Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam and his co-author, Shaylyn Romney Garrett, in their new book, “The Upswing.” “By many measures, blacks were moving toward parity with whites well before the victories of the Civil Rights revolution, despite the limitations imposed by Jim Crow.” Moreover, “after the Civil Rights movement, that longstanding trend toward racial equality slowed, stopped, and even reversed.”

    Affirmative action rewards people for their racial categories, not achievement. This in turn makes them unwilling to shoot for productivity, but instead likely to settle for half-hearted participation. This results in a do-nothing dependency culture. In the long term, racial equality — and any other kind of “equality,” the opposite of quality — is simply a bad program. In the short term, setting ourselves free from mandatory quotas that absorb up to a third of all wealth would be a wise move.

  • Spy agency ducks questions about ‘back doors’ in tech products

    The continuing quest for hidden access comes as governments in the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere seek laws that would require tech companies to let governments see unencrypted traffic. Defenders of strong encryption say the NSA’s sometimes-botched efforts to install back doors in commercial products show the dangers of such requirements.

    Without constant spying, we would all die of diversity terrorism. For this reason, no one dares touch the various spy agencies that prevent us from being under constant attack. Maybe we should simply admit that diversity and globalism — the same idea, racial equality — have failed, and we should instead shut our borders, become self-sufficient, and stop demanding constant “growth” in order to keep the steady flow of free stuff from grubmint going?

  • Prickly business: the hedgehog highway that knits a village together

    Hedgehogs need space to create territories, forage and find mates. The compartmentalisation of land into private gardens is one of the causes of their disappearance from our landscape – they have declined by 90% since the second world war. More than 12,000 hedgehog holes have been created as part of the UK’s hedgehog highway network, and Kirtlington has one of the most creative routes on the map. Miniature ramps and staircases thread between gardens in this higgledy-piggledy place, with its 13th-century church and notices about cake sales and “cricketers wanted”.

    Powles’s eureka moment came in 2016 when he saw hedgehog faeces in his garden. He started putting down food and then realised his hedgehogs needed somewhere to go other than on to the road, so he knocked a hole in the wall (and made miniature stairs) so they could get into his neighbour’s garden.

    Not all of the good has left the world of men yet. Finding joy in the beauty of life, including nature and the divine, serves a better goal than mere productivity so we can keep the free stuff State in operation.

  • Is Macron moving to the far-right for political survival?

    According to recent polls, Macron is in a virtual tie with Le Pen, ringing alarm bells for the French president.

    “He (Paty) was killed because Islamists want our future. They will never have it,” Macron claimed, staking his claim to a traditionally far-right narrative. For a long time, far-right movements across the world have claimed that Muslims, with their growing populations, will eventually replace them.

    More likely, he sees the dawning of the end of the age of equality, and a new age of realism and hierarchy emerging in which identity will be more important than symbolic ideology. Modernity has died. The savvy politicians are steadily shifting to the Right, or at least toward realism, as they watch the collapse of the Tower of Babel made of equality (the human statement that we, as individuals, are more important than nature, logic, history, and the divine).

  • How to avert a post-election nightmare

    But in June, an organization called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) convened a group of more than 100 bipartisan experts to simulate what might happen the day after Election Day — running a kind of political “war game” where veteran Democrats role-played as the Biden campaign and veteran Republicans acted as the Trump team.

    They simulated four scenarios: a big Biden victory, a narrow Biden win, an indeterminate result à la the 2000 election, and a narrow Trump victory. In every scenario but a massive Biden blowout, things went south.

    The Leftist threat of riots are a bluff: vote for us, or we destroy your country. The Right will only engage in violence if they perceive that the election has been stolen. If the Left wins, they go hard-Left and make “fundamental transformations” — demographic replacement, censorship, IRS investigations, RussiaGate style activities — that ensure no future Right-wing victories, which kicks the Right into full insurrection mode. In other words, for the Left the only win comes with a clean win, and they have already ensured that this will not happen with four months of riots, crashing the economy with a plandemic, spying, Big Tech censorship, and media refusal to carry the Hunter Biden pedo-China laptop story. This means that, contrary to these war games, the only solution to avoid mass chaos is a clear Trump victory.

  • 79% of Americans think the news media is politically biased

    The poll, conducted in February and March, shows that as many as 79 percent of Americans think news organizations are biased toward one side in the political and ideological schism. This is an increase of 7 percentage points compared to just a year before.

    Broken down along partisan lines, this data shows that 91 percent of Republicans and those described as Republican-leaning don’t think that news coverage of political and social topics is fair, while 69 percent of Democrats and those Democrat-leaning share that opinion.

    This spells doom for the Left, since their base responds most of all to a perception of fairness, and perceiving their side has turned against that makes them sense a lack of legitimacy, which in turn makes them see revealed the dying Leftist empire which has held power for generations without making the Utopian changes it has promised. It also spells doom for the media, which is already in the process of getting replaced by social media, since thanks to the “press release style” pioneered in the 1990s, people only really need to read the headlines of most articles to know the content anyway.

  • 18 ATM Machines ‘Blown Apart’ in Two Nights of Philadelphia Riots

    Fox29 Philadelphia reporter Steve Keeley tweeted police reports showing multiple ATM machines being “blown apart” by looters attempting to steal cash from the machines. The reports indicate the destruction of 18 ATM machines throughout the Philadelphia area during two nights of rioting and looting.

    At its core, the Left stands for wealth transfer and class warfare, which means the unproductive stealing from the productive. This situation comes about when the unproductive have easy lives and can then aspire to more without being at risk, but also without taking the steps to achieve those. “Equality” is theft.

  • Media Multitasking Disrupts Memory, Even in Young Adults

    A new study published today in Nature supports the concern. The research suggests that “media multitasking”—or engaging with multiple forms of digital or screen-based media simultaneously, whether they are television, texting or Instagram—may impair attention in young adults, worsening their ability to later recall specific situations or experiences.

    Multitasking was a 1990s trope. We wanted to believe that we could live in these streams of activity as a way of feeling relevant, important, and valued. Instead, it turns out, this simply makes zombies. A mass exodus from internet and entertainment culture waits on the horizon as people realize that social media is a future-killer.

  • Drop in leisure driving stalls global recovery in fuel demand

    Thompson would have driven more than 500 miles (805 km) to see the game and go tailgating, where thousands of fans arrive hours early to sit in the parking lot and eat and drink. Across the country, fans of many sports would have made similar journeys.

    The System promotes a reactive life: choose the best product, obey the educational commands, follow the work procedure, and consume entertainment and media propaganda. This makes people aimless and prone to useless activity. As it dies in COVID-19, people may discover that there is more to life than modernity would have ever revealed to them.

  • Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight suspension from Labour Party over response to antisemitism report

    The row erupted when Mr Corbyn gave his reaction to a damning report from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, which has been running an investigation for over a year.

    The watchdog found Labour had broken the law with its handling of antisemitism complaints during the period when Mr Corbyn was in charge.

    As long as we have diversity, you will never have the right to be less than affirming of that diversity. This will split the Left, as is already happening, between the pro-diversity and pro-socialism forces, much as it did in the USSR.

  • ‘They’re chasing people out of the city’: New property tax report shocks Cook County treasurer, residents

    Since 2000, the cost of living has gone up 36.3% and wages have gone up 56.8%. Meanwhile, in suburban Cook County, residential and commercial property taxes have gone up on average 87.1%. In the city, they have gone up 114.8%.

    At the upper end of that average is a modest house on West Cortland in Bucktown. Where, since 2000 property taxes have increased. From about $2800 to more than 19,000. That is a 573% increase.

    Here we see the socialism death spiral. The more benefits are given, the more people want more benefits; this increases the burden on the productive while reducing the burden on the unproductive, producing more of the latter. Why work sixty-hour weeks when you can work a zero-hour week and have roughly the same lifestyle?

  • Mailing lists are resistant to censorship

    A mailing list also provides every maintainer, contributor, and onlooker a copy of everything which has happened on it. Like git distributes repositories to anyone working on them, mailing lists distribute a complete archive of the list to everyone who is subscribed to them. Taking this archive somewhere else and carrying on is effortless.

    As said here before: re-decentralize the net to escape these controlling companies and governments. A centralized net, as happens when everyone uses Google and Facebook, means one that will be controlled, because that amount of mass propaganda makes it a valuable property to seize.

  • U.S. GDP booms at 33.1% rate in Q3, better than expected

    Third-quarter gross domestic product, a measure of the total goods and services produced in the July-to-September period, expanded at a 33.1% annualized pace, according to the department’s initial estimate for the period.

    The Trump policy of ending globalism and becoming self-sufficient instead shows its fangs. For this wealth to “trickle down,” we have to end the COVID-19 lockdowns.

  • Ex-Malaysia PM: Muslims have right to ‘kill millions of French people’

    The former prime minister of Malaysia said Muslims have “a right to be angry and kill millions of French people” just hours after an attacker yelling “Allahu akbar!” beheaded one woman and killed two others in a church in France.

    The incendiary comments were part of a tweetstorm from Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who railed against Western culture and French President Emmanuel Macron for refusing to denounce the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad that have sparked three attacks in two months in France.

    What happens in France should not concern Muslims, but under diversity, it does. Europe wants to hold to the first world tradition of open thought, which predates the Enlightenment,™ but the third world wants its traditional systems of total control.

  • South African white farmers, Black protesters face off over farm murder

    The farmers outside the courthouse in the town of Senekal accused the government of failing to protect them from violent crime. Their opponents, from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), complained about what they see as the continued domination of South Africa’s economy by whites, while many Black South Africans remain as poor as they did under apartheid.

    They will only be happy when everyone is equally poor, because identity matters more than pragmatism. The fight against apartheid was never a fight against oppression, but against White people. It makes sense to bring the Boers to Texas and let history do what it will with South Africa.

  • UK Dog Meat Ban Reversed For Being Too ‘Culturally Insensitive’

    After Gove ordered a ban on eating dogs in the UK, where the practice is rarely seen, if at all, justice officials reversed the measure, claiming it was culturally insensitive to residents who come from countries where eating dog is not only legal, but celebrated.

    Diversity destroys culture and replaces it with anti-culture which serves as an envelope to protect all of the special interest diverse cultures, creating a rush to the lowest common denominator in the classic utilitarian style. The only way out is to reverse diversity.

  • CNN Contributor and Former Trump Admin Official Miles Taylor Denied Being “Anonymous” on CNN

    Miles Taylor, the former Chief of Staff to former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, came out Wednesday as the writer behind “The New York Times” article authored by “Anonymous.” Taylor, who is being called a former senior Trump official was not chief of staff at the time the opinion piece was written.

    As predicted here, a minor official, not the bigwig promised by those peddling this conspiracy theory.


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