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Periscope (October 31, 2018)

Happy Halloween! Since Leftists in media have no-platformed Gab and are busy doing the same to the Alt-Lite, it makes sense to offer up a list of interesting news links here since sharing them on social media has become a dubious proposition.

  • More than 420 Rotherham grooming gang suspects being investigated in ‘unprecedented’ operation

    We are starting to see the diversity crisis unfold. When you place multiple groups in the same area, they war for dominance, because whoever dominates will not be dominated by the other groups, including the majority. This warfare takes multiple forms, with rape being one of the most common methods.

  • Younger Europeans are more critical of how the news media covers immigration

    People know that they are not getting anything close to the full story. In our Leftist-dominated time, anyone who is not supportive of unlimited immigration gets called a fascist, white supremacist, Nazi, far-Right, anti-Semite, or some combination of the above. That means that official information and that of the mainstream media is not trustworthy, and when people see things in real life that clash with The Narrative, they become suspicious of both the narrative and the thoughtless people bleating out support of it through their printing presses and web sites.

  • Dems Are Hypocrites About Violent Political Rhetoric

    Leftists — Democrats are a variety of these — know how to double down on their message. They always attack because they perceive themselves as victims. They are blaming Trump for the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, even though he never encouraged any such thing. In fact, he encouraged the opposite, which is changing laws and policies instead of murdering people. The Left are trying to deflect from their long history of encouraging people to kill the rich, the white, and the Right, and no one is buying it anymore, so they are ramping up the rhetoric to get their base to chatter about it, figuring that if they bury the useful idiots in propaganda the herd will start to panic and stampede its way into Washington.

  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Turns 200

    Was this book about the French Revolution, technology, or as Moby-Dick warned us, the human desire to be in total control? Either way, it remains influential because it describes how a liberal scientist, in the grips of misery over mortality, creates something that he perceives as beautiful which turns into a monster which takes revenge upon him. Come to think of it, it may simply describe Leftism as a variety of the human hubris found in Moby-Dick, The Odyssey, the Garden of Eden mythos, and much of the rest of literature.

  • Total immigration to U.S. ties all-time record

    Immigrants are coming here for benefits and easy jobs that are guaranteed to them. They know that the more of them are here, the less any other group will be able to take those jobs and benefits. When the country shows weakness, such as through internal division, they all show up to take advantage of the chaos. The Left owns this one.

  • Cultural appropriation turns Halloween into a nightmare

    No… diversity turns everything into a nightmare. Without a single standard, every ethnic and religious group becomes a special interest group, warring it out for dominance. This encourages them to get offended about just about anything. That in turn means that members of other groups become targets, offense is used as a weapon, and people just stay home instead of getting caught in the fracas. America has chosen diversity as its hill to die upon, and the war on Christmas, Halloween, and soon just being non-minority is just beginning.

  • Facebook faces weak revenue growth

    In the name of including everyone, Facebook has alienated its core audience of middle class white Americans and Europeans. As a result, it finds itself having slow growth as people leave its contentious shores to go to direct chat messaging where there is less censorship. Who wants to spend time on a service making connections to people, only to find that all of that effort is deleted at a keystroke by some Leftist dropout getting paid $8/hour to police the internet?

  • Chinese cities are launching a scoring system for dog owners where anyone found failing to care for their pets could be forced to pay a fine – or even have their dog confiscated.

    When societies get wealthy, they respond to complaints. People complain about all sorts of stuff, mainly because people like to complain, and when you cram them all in together, you have all sorts of problems which basically boil down to people not having enough space to be free from each other. These complaints lead to totalitarianism of the most banal variety.

  • Protesters march after Freiburg gang rape

    Another diversity rape crisis. Diversity creates social chaos.

  • EU prepares for a no-deal Brexit amid lack of progress on talks

    The EU tried to strongarm Britain, figuring that it could induce enough useful idiots (formerly: serfs, drones, peasants, plebes, helots, proles) to flood the streets and protest, forcing the government to hold another vote or otherwise allow the Left to game the system. Instead, Britain is prepared to walk, and the grifters at the neo-Communist EU are freaking out.

  • Facebook loses a million European users in three months

    Facebook lost a million European users, Americans teens are quitting it, but worldwide it has risen to having more than 2.2bn people using it. This is the MySpace cycle: the interesting people make a site have value, then the site decides to let in everyone, at which point the interesting people leave, and soon the site loses value. Facebook now specializes in the elderly, unemployed, disabled, low-value employees with lots of time, and third world users.

  • Last bookshop in Hong Kong selling titles banned by Communist Party on mainland has closed

    The Left doing what they always do: shut down dissent to manufacture the appearance of consensus, then on that basis, attack anyone who fails to join in with the herd for offending a social standard. As predicted, when the British handed over Hong Kong, they handed it to the Reds.

  • Migrants from EU boosting the German economy: study

    More fake data from the Left. If they cannot get in the third world now, they will import a whole bunch of Eastern Europeans, and then when that shatters any sense of national pride, they will resume importing the third world. Their goal is to have total control of the country without limits, and to do that, they need voters who will always vote for free stuff. If they had any actual brains, they would find a way to have a dictatorship, because as Brazil shows us, even Leftist ethnic floods can sometimes be forced out by the vote. Perhaps the next stage in the EUSSR is to make it illegal to vote Right-wing as they tried to after WW2.

  • Feds charge Chinese intel officers with stealing U.S. plane technology

    China has been at war with the West since 1949. In the past two decades, they have infiltrated everything with the help of their bought politicians, the Clintons and Obamas. Everyone gets rich when a foreign power wants to take over.

  • Jamaica resorts facing a ‘historic’ sexual assault problem

    Everywhere diversity is tried, rape follows. When this kills Jamaican tourism, there will be a vast push by Leftists to take up money for the poor starving people, and then the aid workers will get raped too.

  • Sinn Fein chat group called IRA victims ‘wasters with sob stories’

    The British fought against these people for a good reason: they are every bit as much scapegoaters as people who blame The Jews™ or The Rich™ (or even The Whites™) for their own problems. Ireland has always had a problem keeping social order and its religious conflicts are an outpouring of that.

  • Austria will follow the United States and Hungary in backing out of a United Nations pact on migration over concerns that it will blur the line between legal and illegal migration, the right-wing government told media on Wednesday.

    The UN immigration compact essentially forces countries to admit migrants, which removes their ability as sovereign nations to limit immigration or have preferences for immigration other than third world people. As in America, the EU has picked diversity as its hill to die upon.

  • Dutch language besieged by English at university

    Everywhere, replacement of national culture occurs as people bow down to international markets instead of becoming self-sufficient. Why do they hate self-sufficiency? Not everyone could participate in the jobs lottery that would possibly enable them to have more money. The cost of that however is constant growth, and this destroys nations over time.

  • Sweden closer to election as Lofven drops bid to form government

    Sweden’s political parties have joined arms to keep the anti-immigration party from joining the coalition. This has paralyzed Swedish government, and now they are trying to avoid a vote in which more of Sweden may stand up and say that diversity is actually horrible.

  • Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned to appear before MPs from both the UK and Canadian parliaments, as the fallout from Facebook’s data scandals continue.

    People are slowly figuring out that social media is the new town square and it needs protection from, among other things, the incompetence of the bloated companies that are all that remain of the people who invented it. Not only are they leaking data, but they are stifling conversation, which says that they are not particularly reliable.

  • Poverty threatens nearly one in five in Germany

    Poverty happens two ways: they import third world people who live in squalor, or they tax-and-spend so much that they raise the cost of living for normal people. With the wealth it generates, Germany could have zero poor people, or it could admit that poverty is part of the state of nature and that it is not a problem, so no welfare state is needed.

  • European Commission rolls back Brussels glyphosate ban

    Government depends on industry for its tax base and to pay salaries that it can then tax, so it will fight tooth and nail to avoid removing dangerous toxins that happen to make it a lot of money.

  • Number of typhus patients in Los Angeles surpasses 100

    Maybe the California problem will solve itself.

  • Google CEO: we need to “take a much harder line on inappropriate behavior”

    For the Left, equality is the highest and only good. For that reason, anyone who dissents is bad, and their opinions are a form of bad behavior. This is how we get the nanny state even in private companies.

  • Steve Bannon is pushing anti-immigrant policies at an upcoming tech conference

    Bannon is criticizing H-1Bs for taking jobs that — in theory — Americans of all races might take. In reality, as everyone recognizes, these companies are simply importing foreign labor because it is cheaper, and this mostly displaces white Americans.

  • China will ‘take military action’ if Taiwan declares independence

    China hates the fact that the Nationalist Chinese have their own island, especially since Taiwan outperforms China on a per capita basis.

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