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  • Air pollution is now a ‘health emergency’, head of NHS England warns

    It turns out that our modern inventions — petrochemical motors, agricultural chemicals, and dense urban areas — are killing us. What should we do? We could go back to living in smaller communities, having tighter bonds, and using less stuff, or we could scapegoat tobacco and say nothing about diesel engines, which is more likely to kill you.

  • New bulletproof memorial to Emmett Till replaces vandalized sign in Mississippi

    People are tired of the race guilt. In the meantime, we should look at this example of how diversity goes wrong:

    Till was kidnapped, beaten and killed in 1955, hours after he was accused of whistling at a white woman. His body was found in a river days later. An all-white jury in Mississippi acquitted two white men of murder charges.

    When different groups are in conflict, you rarely get a nice clear battle. Instead, you get them doing nasty things to one another, and when groups retaliate, they usually pick innocent victims like Emmett Till. The only solution is to end diversity.

  • When government keeps the truth from you, what are they covering up?

    Somehow, democracy has gone all wrong. Governments hide some things because people are hamsters and will react in mass panic, not able to discern good from bad, but governments also hide important things because their ultimate agenda is total control. They are able to do this because we rely on the voters, an unreliable group prone to committee thinking, and since this group is easy to fool and in fact the system requires deceiving the voters in order to get power, democracy selects for manipulators and salesmen as our “leaders.” These in turn scheme toward having total control, not realizing how fragile that is as a system.

  • The road rage row that turned a Rochdale street into a battleground as mob set upon teenage tree surgeon… he had his hand severed by axe

    More ethnic violence. People do not understand yet that it does not matter which groups are involved in diversity; there are no “good” groups and “bad” groups. If you make a society diverse, the groups will fight, and usually through nasty criminal ways instead of outright warfare.

  • David Attenborough says humans have made ‘tragic, desperate mess’ of planet

    Skipping all the bloviation about climate change, we can focus on the bigger point, which is that we have made a mess of the planet. It is strewn with litter, has too many humans, is filled with pollutants, and we are seeing natural species die out. We have to do better. The first step is skipping the symbolic step of addressing climate change, and to look at the bigger picture.

  • As US withdraws, Jerusalem spooked by Moscow’s growing control over Middle East

    Trump pointed out that the USA can no longer be world police. We are broke thanks to our socialist-style entitlements, impoverished thanks to immigration, and helpless because globalism made our economy co-dependent with China and the European Union. As he breaks away from this order, lots of places that have benefited from American military intervention will now become chaotic, but this in turn means that our enemies will be expending their own money, lives, and time on maintaining control over bad guys. Let them wear themselves down; we will lead as we always have, through increased productivity and order, which requires getting out of the role as world police and instead, forcing other nations to take up the burden that they should naturally shoulder.

  • Multiple deaths in Chile as people riot over income inequality

    The Left loves chaos. Thanks to riots breaking out in Hong Kong, Leftists elsewhere are using this as a chance to be perceived as legitimate in their demands, which has led to an attempt at a violent Communist takeover in Chile. This mess could upset one of the few productive regions in South America, which will cause a domino effect as others adjust to the new minimum. In Lebanon, riots against the existing government are intended to gain permanent citizenship for two million Syrian emigres, permanently slanting the Lebanese elections toward Islamic theocracy and threatening one of the few functional places in the middle east. The Hong Kongers may have a point, even if they are twenty years too late, but ultimately these other revolutions will do bad things.

  • Greens surge in Swiss election as climate change worries come to the fore

    The great media blitz about climate change serves mostly to get Leftist politicians into power. They will then undertake symbolic acts which have little if any real-world consequence, and solidify their power. The voters self-defeat again. If you want actual green policy, set aside half of the land for nature in a way that ensures that humans will not interfere with it at all; you can then ban things that are destructive like big car engines, international shipping, air travel, and the like. Even better, just eliminate all unnecessary activity. Combine greenism with laziness and Germanic efficiency. This model, along with the idea of nature-only spaces, reduces human impact to the point where we can live well and coexist with nature. The ideas of the greens destroy the living well part and do not go far enough to reduce our impact to maintainable levels.

  • The lost river

    The US dams the Colorado river at the border for a number of reasons. Leftists now agitate for opening it up, mainly because they know this weakens American border security and introduces reasons for Mexico to complain about the quality of water flowing through, despite Mexico being massively more polluted than America.

  • Showered in blaze of bullets, upscale Mexican neighborhood in shock after cartel assault

    Speaking of Mexico, the wealthier people there have finally been forced to confront the high cost of lack of social order. The cleverer among us can always run away from problems, work around them, make good lives for themselves, and then congratulate themselves on being clever, assuming that because they live in expensive gated communities that they have won. Like libertarian thinking, this denies the need for civilization by focusing solely on the individual, fitting with the individualism that is the core of all egalitarian theories.

    This is not our war.

    But you’re part of this world! Aren’t you?!

  • ‘Everybody hates us’: on Sofia’s streets, Roma face racism every day

    Diversity works nowhere, and with no groups does it succeed. Therefore, the problem is diversity, even if groups have additional problems like the Roma, who are known mostly for petty crime and squatting.

  • Northern Ireland prepares for momentous abortion, same-sex marriage changes

    Human social groups focus on the negative because the only threat to a group is the perception that someone has been left out or wronged, which makes groups into nannies who encourage everyone to get along instead of focusing on what the group should be doing with its time. This allows “reforms” to get thrust through which make these little bickering groups happy, although they are never really happy because new reforms are always needed. We should take note of these changes, and come back in seventy years to see their effects, before adopting them anywhere else. Two generations, roughly seventy years, is the minimum time needed to see the first round of effects. One generation must expire before they become normal, and the next generation demonstrates the application of these changes, at which point we see how that generation does and how its offspring do. It will take a few centuries to fully understand whether these were good or bad changes. Do you think anyone in democracy is paying attention?

  • Meghan Markle is ‘existing, not living’ and Prince Harry ‘wants to leave the UK entirely’

    Act against what your nation needs, and even as an aristocrat you find yourself hating life. English people need ethnically English aristocrats, and by marrying outside the tribe, Harry made himself an outsider. The right thing to do now is for him to renounce his title, take a stipend, and relocate to Los Angeles.

  • What happens if your mind lives for ever on the internet?

    Imagine an infinite sentence of spam, woo, and endless complaining. Most people have no idea what to do with the time in their mortal lives, so making them immortal would just produce highly embittered, alienated people. Not to mention that living in a digital box would deprive life of many of its joys.

  • Online Influencers Tell You What to Buy, Advertisers Wonder Who’s Listening

    Slowly the internet hype dies. The whole thing is fake, just symbols on screens, and it has been relentlessly manipulated. Now that the initial bloom is over, and we see how hollow it is, people are fleeing it just like they did daytime television, starting with investors. Look for the economy to struggle with this loss of “on paper” wealth. They will try to blame it on the trade wars, but those have in fact strengthened America through autonomy; we now take raw materials, make them into products, and receive all of the benefits of that instead of sharing with China, or at least would if our unions, trial lawyers, bureaucrats, and taxmen got out of the way.

  • Rich Chinese outnumber wealthy Americans for first time

    Hey voters, great work on that globalism thing that we kicked off under the Clinton years. First it made everyone rich, then it made us less rich. How could that be? We were promised permanent wealth. It turns out that politicians lie and voters are gullible. The “wealth transfer” worked, and now you find that your own membership in America is less valuable and therefore you are less wealthy, secure, and stable. It is something to remember the next time someone comes up with an ideological (emotions of “doing the right thing” at your own expense) plan to replace those old realistic (“we do our thing, they do theirs”) notions that made this nation great. No wonder people fled from HRC and her plan to double down on this, possibly simply because she was bought by China decades ago.

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