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  • Tucson voters soundly reject ‘sanctuary city’ initiative

    71.4% of voters in Tucson decided not to participate in the symbolic resistance to those who want to prevent America from being overrun with illegal immigrants. Perhaps they realized that all of the sanctuary cities out there seem to be having massive problems.

  • Kansas City votes to remove King’s name from historic street

    Social status signaling government changed the name of a historic street to honor the fake civil rights leader, and now almost 70% of voters chose to move it back. The backlash against diversity guilt seems to be gaining steam.

  • In historic shift, The Salt Lake Tribune gets IRS approval to become a nonprofit

    “The current business model for local newspapers is broken and beyond repair,” said Huntsman, who also serves as The Tribune’s publisher. “We needed to find a way to sustain this vital community institution well beyond my ownership, and nonprofit status will help us do that.”

    Not the worst idea, since this means that newspapers will not pay out dividends to their owners nor be valuable as investments. Most likely, this simply defends against the market consolidation that is happening in the press right now as its audience shrinks thanks to the internet and declining faith in the news media.

  • Richard Spencer slurs Jews, blacks in leaked expletive-laden rant

    This sounds more like some kind of humorous rant than anything else, but it troubles many that Milo Yiannopoulos has leaked it:

    Later Spencer goes on to say: “Little f**king kikes. They get ruled by people like me. Little f**king octoroons … I f**king … my ancestors f**king enslaved those little pieces of f**king shit. I rule the f**king world. Those pieces of f**king shit get ruled by people like me. They look up and see a face like mine looking down at them. That’s how the f**king world works. We are going to destroy this f**king town.”

    In other news, the balance of power has shifted on the Alt-Right, which lives on as a generalized Dissident Right which is notable because it does not reject the Demographic Question (DQ). If the Dissident Right has a core, it is a rejection of equality, which allows us to look at people as biological entities which are self-interested, instead of as equally rational people acting for altruistic ends. In other words, the Dissident Right embraces realism instead of ideology. The only remaining question is whether it will survive the assault from white nationalists, who want to make it a clubhouse for generic whites, and the the Left, which wants to turn the Dissident Right into an anti-capitalist, anti-wealth movement. In reality, the Dissident Right opposes political elites who have made their money by preaching Leftism, not wealth and power themselves. Spencer understands these complexities and did a good job of navigating them, but while he has stepped mostly into the background, the newer generation finds itself struggling with the questions of “Are we simply white nationalists, or conservatives who endorse white survival?” and “How much Leftism can we accept?”

  • Millennials earn 20% less than baby boomers did—despite being better educated

    Two factors influence this outcome: first, “education” now is mostly worthless, unless you want little robots who can recite what they were taught or follow a procedure; second, the wealth went to the Baby Boomers because entitlements steal from tomorrow to pay for today, and this happened at the same time other disasters like the rise of the regulatory state, affirmative action, immigration, and women in the workforce happened. Workers today are trying to compete in a market with far more people, and since regulations have created massive bloat, companies like obedient replaceable people and dislike independent thinkers. This means that we prize the conformist over the competent, much as they did in the Soviet Union, and so anyone with talent has dropped out, which means that every level of management is most likely flamingly incompetent but knows the right thing to say in any public relations moment. This explains the rising anti-Boomer sentiment that seems to upset the Left because it interrupts their plan of continuing the great war against anyone more naturally intelligent, healthy, good-looking, powerful, important, or wealthy than your average chav prole slugging back scrumpy at his local after a long hard day of welfare collecting. In the meantime, the millennials have forgotten the reasons that Leftism self-destructs and therefore, are hoping to repeat the same bad ideas that from 1957-2016 dominated the West, which makes newer generations even more unsympathetic.

  • Thieves Ram Into Medieval French Cathedral, Making Off With Trove of Relics

    When you have a non-diverse society, you can have nice churches. When you have a diverse culture, people know that there is no uniform opposition to robbing a church and that they can find people who will help them melt down the loot and escape. Christianity has already died, in my view, because it became Leftist and therefore offered nothing that Leftism did not; who wants to go to a church to hear atheists preach about a symbolic god who wants you to follow social justice? As the churches declined, only the mentally unhealthy remained, so now the insane rule the churches. With the passage of time, these artifacts will be stolen across Europe. It is time to get them into secular museums now, before it is too late.

  • Delta responds to backlash over in-flight film censorship of ‘homosexual content’

    You must be subject to 24-7 civil rights propaganda or people might start defecting from the herd. In the meantime, Delta seems to hire people with mental problems, because the answer to controversial films is not to censor them but to decline to show them. It was obvious that this would not end well. Most likely, the films were censored not because of their white audience, but people from non-white countries whose culture finds men kissing each other to be abhorrent.

  • These Countries Have Some of the World’s Worst Emissions Gains

    Emissions rose 3.4% in the US, which corresponds to the 3.2% that is illegal immigrants (10.5m estimated illegals / 330m estimated total population). If we lost the illegal immigrants, we would have neutral or negative emissions gains.

  • Minnesota School District ‘Bursting at the Seams’ Due to Mass Immigration

    Property taxes drive up housing costs and thus, housing prices. What drives up property taxes? Mostly schools, to which the bulk of property taxes go. Who is driving the need to build new schools and hire lots of new staff? Illegal and legal immigrants. If they went away, what would go down? Housing costs.

  • We Are Running Out of Air

    Air pollution is rising worldwide. Not only does it eventually come here, but we lack enough open natural land for forests which filter it out. Further, since the West has decided to increase its population instead of allowing it to slightly diminish through falling demographics — something that reflects more the misery, futility, frustration, and existential void of modern life than any other factor — we are going to suffer the exact same problems since we are heading toward the same population density. Too many people plus too little land means pollution; fewer people plus more land equals survival.

  • French PM says France to ‘take back control’ on migration

    Rising popularity of the far-Right has the centrists (a fancy word for “fence-sitter”) nervous, so they are making gestures toward limiting immigration without making concrete commitments. How about for starters they end the “one toe” rule, that says that if a migrant makes it to your country, they are entitled to stay there? There is nothing wrong with placing them back out in the Mediterranean to find their way home, so long as you do not do it in a way that makes it likely that they will die.

  • Racist Video Apparently Made By East Bridgewater Students Posted on Social Media

    “Heartless,” said Kristen Hennessey, who has five biracial children. “I felt it was very racial, and I think that it was completely wrong. It’s gotten to the point that my two boys that are currently at the high school they no longer want to be at the high school anymore, they don’t feel comfortable, they don’t feel safe at all.”

    That is the point. White people have realized that diversity means white destruction. Therefore, they are doing their best to drive away the Other so that we do not have to take more extreme measures. This, while it seems clever, is a mistake; the right solution is to attack the legal and political policy of diversity itself and then support reparations-with-repatriation.

    Authorities have confirmed that diversity equals white genocide by suggesting that “it’s OK to be white” is either an illegal statement or not true and is definitely censorship worthy, which tells white people that they live under a double standard of civil rights where white people subsidize diversity so that white people can be replaced. This sets the ground for the next American civil war, following our last one in which coastal cities of “new Americans” — Irish, Italian, Polish, Jewish — supported a war against the old hierarchy of Anglo-America that existed in the South, despite the fact that slavery was a dead letter anyway owing to the rise of technology. Perhaps we will find that diversity is equally dead because of the rise of automation, and that the current sadistic insanity from the Left has arisen from their fear of losing when their new voting base becomes obsolete and departs.

  • GOP’s Bevin refuses to concede as Kentucky gubernatorial race goes down to the wire

    Tight margins mean contested races, in an echo of the 2000 presidential election. In the meantime, the Left continues to use absentee ballots to slot people into office. This shows us the future of America: two sides of similar numbers, fighting it out over procedure.

  • O’Keefe Bombshell: ABC Host Says Network Spiked Epstein Story in 2016

    Media collapse continues as it is revealed that a major network shelved a story in order to protect Bill Clinton. This means that new revelations will be coming forward, and that the “swamp” — the political elite who rule Washington, D.C. with the aid of well-connected donors like Jeffrey Epstein — is coming apart as its traditional protector, the media, loses ground.

  • How California Became America’s Housing Market Nightmare

    Regulations, taxes, unions, and immigration all played their part in this. America was built on the idea that ordinary people could apply themselves, earn money, and live normal happy lives, namely having a house in the suburbs and a decent retirement fund. Then we added the legal corruption of socialism through ideology of civil rights, and now we have a mandatory mordida or bribe of a third of the cost of everything added at all levels. Not surprisingly, people find that they cannot afford the good normal life anymore, but they can be proud that they are advancing the glorious people’s revolution of equality with their sacrifice!

  • Germans are the happiest they have been since 1989

    What I call “Brett’s law” states that whatever people have to tell you is not true (alternatively: if it must be explained, it ain’t so). Actual happiness manifests in people doing happy things. Countries which do not reproduce at replacement levels, where people hide out in their apartments, where they hunker down away from the public, and where people must constantly recite propaganda in order to feel good about themselves are not happy. They are faking it so that their benefits keep coming. This is the death cycle of socialism, in that no one is glad but everyone is terrified of losing what they have, so they keep supporting the insanity in the hopes that it will not fully collapse before they personally are in the ground.

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